Secured BPI Credit Cards for OFWs


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  1. Hi Romel, yes, nonsense if the purpose is primarily for big purchases, but it makes sense for those who need credit cards for building credit history but who cannot get cards through regular means (for those without ITR, cert of local employment, landline phone no.).

  2. Secured credit card is non sense.. you should deposit bigger amount to avail higher credit limits usually 80% of your deposit money. if don’t have bigger deposit you cannot get any purchases you want…

  3. Hi NoRa! thanks for the info. is there a minimum deposit to my current BPI account so I can apply for a secured credit card? tia

  4. Hi Rafael, I think they’ll still require you to apply for a secured credit card. Maintain a bigger time deposit with BPI for several years, and they’ll most likely offer you a card. I think the banks are concerned about the short or unstable contracts of OFWs, based on experiences with cards issued to OFWs in previous years.

  5. Hi i am a ofw more than 2 years depositor of bpi international. Am I qualified to apply regular credit card?

  6. Hi jennifer, regular credit card application needs ITR and income documents (local employment or local business). OFWs can only apply if they are long-time time deposit clients or if they apply for a secured credit card.

  7. i am an ofw how can i avail a credit card if i have no deposit in bpi?is it possible that they can give me one?

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