Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala Rates Within the Philippines

Updated May 28, 2014

Competition is good for consumers. With plenty of remittance or money transfer services around, and more new Send-Money services opening, transfer fees are getting lower and lower.


Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala rates as of May 2014:

Amount to be Sent in Pesos Fees in Pesos Fees in Pesos
Luzon-Visayas Luzon-Mindanao
1  –  100 3 7
101  – 200 6 13
201  –  300 9 18
301  –  400 12 25
401  –  500 15 30
501  –  600 18 35
601  –  700 21 40
701  –  800 24 40
801  –  900 27 45
901  –  1,000 30 50
1,001  –  1,500 45 80
1,501  –  2,000 60 100
2,001  –  2,500 75 130
2,501  –  3,000 90 150
3,001  –  3,500 95 180
3,501  –  4,000 115 180
4,001 –  4,500 125 220
4,501 –  5,000 130 220
5,001 –  6,000 200 220
6,001 –  6,500 200 220
6,501 –  7,000 200 220
7,001 –  8,000 200 220
8,001 –  9,500 200 220
9,501 –  10,000 220 240
10,001 – 14,000 250 250
14,001 – 15,000 300 300
15,001 – 20,000 350 350
More than 20,000 Ask Cebuana


Pera Padala rates of Cebuana Lhuillier as of April 2011: 

Amount to be Sent in Pesos Fees in Pesos
1  –  100 8
101  –  200 15
201  –  300 20
301  –  500 30
501  –  700 40
701  –  1,000 50
1,001  –  1,500 95
1,501  –  2,000 110
2,001  –  2,500 150
2,501  –  3,000 160
3,001  –  5,000 220
5,001  –  10,000 240
10,001  –  15,000 360
15,001  –  20,000 480
20,001  –  30,000 720
30,0001  –  40,000 960
40,001  –  50,000 1,200

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  1. Hi Mark, puede na yang school ID mo, especially kung walang expiry date. Sabihin mo na yan lang ang ID mo dahil hindi ka pa graduate. Basta alam mo yong control no., sender’s name, and amount sent.

  2. paano po ba ako mag papadala ng pera sa sa other branches? ayw ko po kasi ibigay yung address ko eh

  3. paano po ba ako mag papadala ng pera sa sa other branches? ayw ko po kasi ibigay yung address ko eh yung Brach add

  4. hi goodmorning, yung sister ko po nagpadala ng pera from uae ?ast friday may 9, hnd ko pa po nakukuha until now but galing na po ako sa nearest cebuana yesterday and the teller told me na hnd ma trace ang 9dgts na control no. is that possible? kc po 9dgts lng ang bngay ng sister ko, then the teller asking me if what money remittance it can i know if ano money remittance ng pinadala ng sister ko.. then i want also to ask if my sister send the money last frday until when do i get the money? how many dayS? this is my first tym to get money in cebuana pls help me…

  5. Hi Jill, by this time, I hope nakuha mo na ang remittance mo. If your sister said you can get her remittance at Cebuana, then get it at Cebuana. Usually 16 to 18 digits ang control no. ng Cebuana. Ask your sister again, if you haven’t received your remittance.

  6. Hi Janine, isulat mo na lang ang incomplete address mo, no street no. and no street name.

  7. Hello! Minor po ako and ask ko lang po kung pwede ako yung magpadala and ang ipre-present kong I.D ay School I.D?

  8. Tanung ko lng po.. nagpadala po kz yung friend ko today ng pera sa cebuana makukuha ko dn po b yung pera agad ngaun pag naisent nya na?

  9. Hello po, pano po pag ako po yung mag papadala. pero wala po akong i.d ok lang po ba yun?

  10. Hi gervin, hahanapin nila ang ID mo, pero subukan mo rin. Puede siguro basta hindi malaking halaga.

  11. nandito ako sa saudi 9 digits lang rf number n binigay. tapos nung kinuha n sa pinas. wala daw. panu ko mkclaim.

  12. Hi adrian, your remittance might not have reached Cebuana yet, because it passes through a bank first. Try again today. Your recipient should tell Cebuana that the remittance is from abroad, so the reference no. has only 9 digits.

  13. Galing po ako ng cebuana ngayon… at Hindi po nmin nkuha ung pera na pdala samen galing new York kc kulang daw po reference pwede po pki check ung account

  14. May i ask… last night I sent money here from KSA, and the next day when my sibling went to get it, the staff said the money isn’t there yet. tnx.

  15. Hi boo, it depends on the remittance company that you used, and if there’s another remittance partner that the money will go through before it reaches Cebuana. If not yet received, your sibling should go again this morning. If sent locally, the recipient can get it from Cebuana immediately after the money is sent.

  16. Hi Orangepuff24, the Cebuana website says it’s 45 days for Moneygram remittances. For others, I’m not sure. But it should be there with Cebuana until you have time to get it (but of course not for many years). But get it as soon as you can. If it’s not possible for the recipient to get it, the sender can amend his remittance and change the name of the recipient

  17. Ask ko lang po bkt po hnd makuha ng friend ko ang pdala ko sbi nila wla dw po nlbas sa computer.. Ml po sya 15 digits po anu po ba ang 1st code ng ml. Dto po ako taiwan..slmat po

  18. Hi Pamela, their website says that minors are allowed to receive money if they have school ID and enrollment card, so I think minors’ sending of money with ID is also allowed. I hope your 15-year-old is confident about doing it alone and already knows the way to the nearest Cebuana. Cebuana phone: (02) 779-9800 (PLDT) / (02) 759-9800 (Globelines)
    Text: GLOBE 0917-8122737 / SMART 0918-8122737

  19. Hi what if the sender wrote the wrong location for the recipient? Sample send within metro manila but what was written was visayas? is there a conflict when the recipient gets it at a branch within metro manila? thanks

  20. Hi richard, Cebuana’s policy now is “receive anywhere”, so if your recipient writes the correct control number and amount and presents a valid ID, your recipient can get what you sent at any Cebuana branch in the Phils even if you wrote Visayas.

  21. Hi Yuri Anne, the recipient can get the money immediately. The sender texts the Control No. and amount to the recipient, and the recipient can get the money immediately at any Cebuana branch with a valid ID.

  22. hello. I have been sending money monthly. Why now they’re requiring 2 valid IDs when in the past 1 valid ID is okay? that’s so crazy. my recipient has been claiming my remittance for about a year.

  23. Hi Mr. R, ask your recipient to try another Cebuana branch. Usually, 1 valid ID is accepted but they ask for another ID if the amount is big. Ask your recipient to apply for a postal ID (it’s now digitized — requirements: 350 pesos, birth certificate and proof of address or barangay certificate)

  24. Ms, is there a fee for changing a name with Cebuana Lhuiller? What I sent to the sender was wrong spelling of the receiver’s name. Now I can’t claim the money. I need to ask the sender to change the spelling of the receiver’s name. Is there a fee? Thanks

  25. Hi gwynan, there might be a fee, as there will be another processing. It might be the same as the remittance fee. But I’m not sure.

  26. Can someone from japan send money here in digos city through western union without using gcash?

  27. Hi jaquelin, yes, your sender in Japan can send you money through Western Union even if you don’t have GCash. You just go to Western Union with at least 1 valid ID, your MTCN no. and amount remitted.

  28. Hi! I sent money last Jan. 11,2015 to a seller. then yesterday she told me that she can’t get the money because it’s the wrong code. I’m puzzled why it’s wrong code because I sent the receipt to her. Please help po, I don’t know what to do, what I sent her is a huge amount of money for me as a student.

  29. Hi Jenny, I’m puzzled that more than 2 months have passed and you let her go to Cebuana only yesterday! And I’m also puzzled that you sent her the receipt. Sending her a copy online should have been enough, or sending her the code and amount is enough. If you have a copy of your receipt, you go asap to Cebuana with your ID, and ask Cebuana if the money you sent was already picked up. If it turns out that this is a bad transaction, let yourself feel bad and feel angry, but only for a short time. Then tell yourself you will learn from this experience, you will earn back the money later on, and then move on. Next time, don’t trust people easily, specially online.

  30. Hi arlene, know the complete name of your Receiver (name should be the same name on his/her ID). Just fill up the Pera Padala form. Write your name (Sender) and your Receiver’s name and Amount. After you receive the receipt, text the Code to your Receiver. The Code is on the receipt, in bold letters. Example of Code: P18XHWEDKY. Bring your ID, in case they ask for your ID. Cebuana now is Claim Anywhere so they no longer ask for the address of the recipient. Make sure you’re texting the code to the right person.

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