Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala Rates Within the Philippines


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  1. Hi Noemilyn, yes, you can use your postal ID. Bring other IDs or bills, in case they look for other IDs if you’re claiming a bigger amount of money.

  2. My money amounting to 1500 was not given to me by cebuana. It was sent to me by my dadi yesterday. When I was claiming it, they said it was not there. They did not check if the reference no. was wrong, as there was a name. My daddy has gone onboard, how can I verify the reference no. The amount is small, and I need it badly. Why did cebuana not remedy it?

  3. Hi Andi, go to another cebuana branch, and hope the employees there are kinder. Fill up the claim form and present your ID. If they can’t find your reference no., text or email your papa to check again the reference no. on his receipt. It’s Cebuana’s policy to give money only to the right claimant with a valid ID who gives the correct reference no. and correct amount.

  4. My name is Wilfredo. But my Pakistan friend from riyadh send money to me as Willfredo. Can I receive the money.

  5. Hi Wilfredo, it depends on the Cebuana teller. To me, the spelling error does not make the names very different. And if you know the amount sent, the code, the name of the sender, country where it was sent and probable date it was sent, I think the teller should give it to you. I hope you find a more understanding Cebuana teller.
    It depends on the amount also. If it’s a big amount, they might instruct you to ask your sender to go back to the remittance company and change the spelling.

  6. Hi Abby! Pag sa province lang, mas mura ang rate nila. Pwede mo makita rates nila –

  7. Hi Rhean, it’s from abroad, so maybe the control no. of the remittance company is only 9 digits. But you can try asking your sender via Facebook private message or email; ask her/him to double-check the control no.

  8. It’s only now I’ve read this very helpful thread for OFWs. What if the address written by the sender lacks one letter, can it be received if complete requirements? Can the sender write incomplete address like (city and province) so the sender does not have to write a long address and not get confused with the spelling? Thanks

  9. Hi Cia, yes, the receiver can claim the money from Cebuana, as long as the name of the receiver and the tracking code are correct. Money now from Cebuana can be claimed at any branch, so they no longer require the address of the receiver. But of course, if you send money from abroad, the remittance company there requires an address. You can shorten the address if you like, just write the important things.

  10. hi. my girlfriend just sent money from japan using IREMITANCE. how can she refund the money? I can’t claim the money because cebuana requires another ID aside from the company id.

  11. Hi marco, your girlfriend can go back to where she remitted the money and ask to have the money returned to her. There will be a charge. ANother option: you can ask Cebuana if they will accept your company ID and and your postal ID. It’s easy to get a postal ID — present birth cert, barangay certificate and ID picture (usually they want to shoot your ID picture so they get additional income) and a fee of around 500 pesos. Usually Cebuana and banks require 2 IDs if the remittance amount is bigger than the usual remittance amounts.

  12. I sent money to my friend, ” Acquino, Lady” is what I wrote, then there’s control #, but the problem is, I realized it should be “Aquino”. Would it be still possible for my friend to claim? as long as my friend can write correctly the sender’s name and control #.

  13. Hi Claire, if the money is not too big, Cebuana might give the money to your friend, since the difference is only one letter. But if it’s a big amount, Cebuana might refuse to give the money. I hope your friend gets the money. If not, you have to go back to where you sent the money and make the correction. Or tell your friend, just in case they refuse, to ask if you can call them to verify the surname.

  14. im from Singapore and send money to my wife amounting to 51,960 pesos, but cebuana said they cannot release the money because it is above the limit? but my remittance center here accepts that amount. how can my wife gets the money. she needs this very soon

  15. Hi aries, you’re right, the remittance center should know the maximum limits for recipients. Cebuana should also publish on their website their limits. They might be strict now due to money laundering issues. I remember my brother was able to claim more than 100k from Cebuana last year or the other year. Go back to the remittance center and amend your remittance. Ask them how to resolve the problem. I think the faster options will be these: You can amend your remittance by splitting the amount and make 2 remittances to your wife so she can claim them in 2 days (2 control nos.) or send to 2 recipients: your wife and another recipient (your adult child or another trusted family member with 2 valid IDs). Wells Fargo’s info on maximum limits posted that recipients can receive from the U.S. through Cebuana up to $1,000 per day, and a maximum of $12,500 per month, so Cebuana’s maximum limit per day per recipient must be $1,000.

  16. Is there limit claiming the remittance for recipients in philippines? I would like to send 80k. Will my receiver claim 80k in one day?

  17. Hi Linette, based on some comments, Cebuana now has a maximum limit. Based on Wells Fargo (partner of Cebuana in the U.S.), the maximum limit per day is US$1,000, up to $12,500 per month (but needs further client info). So split your remittance to 40k and 40k (2 control nos.) so your recipient can claim it in 2 days. Banks have much higher maximum limits. Your 80k can be picked up over the counter at a BDO branch.

  18. Hi Sara mae, yes, you will use Moneygram. You can also send money to Dubai through Western Union. It might be good to ask their money transfer fees (Moneygran and Western Union) to Dubai and then compare.

  19. Hi meredith, yes, puede pa after one week. Dati, within 30 days yong policy nila, pero ngayon yata aantayin na yong instructions from the sender bago return to sender.

  20. Nandito po ako ngaun sa saudi. Kakapadala ko lang po ng pera sa kapatid ko large amount po sya. Kaso po walang ibang id kapatid ko TIN lang at company id. Ano pa po ba pwede nya ipakita n supporting documents pra mabigay sknya ung pera. Thank you

  21. Hi John, tingnan mo yong list of valid IDs na idinagdag ko sa post sa taas, as of today yang list. Nakita ko sa Cebuana website. Para sure, ask your kapatid to go and ask Cebuana kung ano ang preferred nilang additional ID to support her company ID and TIN. Yong barangay certificate, madali lang kunin yon, ask niya kung puede na ba yon? Police clearance, madali ring kunin.
    Yong postal ID, photo ID na siya, so it might take days, at 450+ pesos ang payment. To apply for postal ID, your sibling needs need to present birth cert and barangay clearance or any proof of residence.

  22. Hi pwede ko po bang ma.claim yung pinadalang pera ng kapatid ko kahit hindi ako yung receiver? kahit may valid ids ako ng real receiver? need help asap

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