BDO Kabayan Maintaining Balance

Updated May 22, 2014:

As of today, May 22, 2014, the maintaining balance for your BDO Kabayan savings account is still ZERO. But you need to make at least one remittance from abroad per year or per 12 months to your Kabayan account.  

What happens when 12 months pass and your account has no foreign remittance?

After a year passes and your Kabayan account has not received any remittance from abroad, BDO will convert your Kabayan into a REGULAR passbook savings account.  This regular passbook account requires a monthly average daily maintaining balance of 10,000 pesos.  Dati, 5,000 pesos lang; starting May 1, 2014, naging 10,000 pesos na.

If your Kabayan has been converted, and you are not able to maintain the 10k maintaining balance for two consecutive months, your account will automatically be debited with 300 pesos at the last day of the 2nd month, and then every month thereafter that your account is below the 10k maintaining balance requirement. Puedeng maubos ang balance mo kung hindi mo mawidro ang natitirang balance o kung hindi mo ma-restore to the 10k monthly average daily balance.

Note: Somebody commented here that his BDO Kabayan account was closed after 6 months of no remittance.  So before you remit to your Kabayan account, ask your family to test your BDO account if it’s still active by making a Balance Inquiry at a BDO ATM.  Or better, call the BDO call center and ask if your account is still active.

BDO Hotline:   631 8000

Monthly Average Maintaining Balances for Other BDO Accounts:

Passbook Peso Savings Account
(with or without ATM)   —   10,000 pesos

ATM Peso Savings Account (No passbook) — 2,000 pesos

Junior Savers Club  —  100 pesos

Power Teens Club  —  2,000 pesos

Peso Prime Savers — 2,000 pesos

Personal Optimum Savings Account — 30,000 pesos

Personal Smart Checking Account  —  15,000 pesos

US Dollar Savings Account  —  500 US dollars

US Dollar Prime Savers — 200 US dollars

Direct Deposit for US Pensioners — None


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  1. Hi…gud day! Ask ko lng my kabayang savings acct n po ako at ung asawa ko ang na reremit ng pera s acct ko kng halimbawa n pa change status ko ba ung acct ko kc inopen ko pa po un nung single p ako so ngun po d po mg conflict o hal coming n kc this week ung remittance nya d po pa mag ka problema un? Darating parn ba s acct ko kht nag pa change status ako this week?

  2. Hi Mary grace, if remittance is done through deposit to bank account, it’s important that your name on your husband’s remittance receipt and your name on your bank account are exactly the same. So you should agree with your husband about what name to use before you change your account name. Ask also BDO if it’s easier to open a new account in your married name than to change status (marriage certificate will be required).

  3. Hi maryshayne, yes, it’s still zero. But there’s a condition — it’s zero only if you remit to your Kabayan from abroad at least once every 12 months.

  4. Is my BDO kabayan saving account still active? It’s been 15 months since I opened it with 50 pesos and I haven’t remitted to it. Can it receive if I send to it now?

  5. I had my atm kabayan saving sent here to saudi. where or which atm can i make balance inquiry here in ksa? I want to deposit to my atm. Will there be no problem as my pasbook is in the Phils. pls reply asap

  6. Hi julius, does your atm card have a Mastercard logo? Was your atm card validated in the Phils? I mean… did someone in the Phils changed your default PIN and validated your atm card? If yes, find an atm machine there with Mastercard logo and make balance inquiry. Charge is 1 to 1.50 US dollars. You can deposit to your Kabayan account by sending money through a BDO remittance partner there. Use the account no. written in your passbook. Here’s a list of BDO remittance partners in Saudi

  7. Gud pm. I Just want to ask if my kabayan account will be still active since after 6 months of getting my account no remittance given yet.. Tnx

  8. Hi Jeffrey, yes, your account should still be active as you’re still in the middle the 12-month period for making at least 1 foreign remittance.

  9. What if i open my account on march 2014 but until now i dont have any remittance can i still send money to my account?

  10. Hi good day. how about if my last deposit to my account is june 2014. then after that when i came back here in dubai I withdrew all, so zero balance since october 2014 until this january. then yesterday, I deposited, then until now my deposit is still not credited to my account. should i wait for more days or start worrying? Thanks

  11. Hi jessie, how did you know your remittance is not yet credited to your account? Through your BDO online banking? or atm balance inquiry there? Because if you were able to use any of these, then it means that your account is still active. I hope your remittance is already credited to your account by tomorrow.

  12. My sister open kabayan account in doha. It is SOP that someone will verify from BDO phils. Then will call again for confirmation. She registered bdoonline banking.tnx

  13. Hi lina, what I know is that the validation process for online banking enrollment is through a BDO atm machine in the Philippines, or if abroad, by sending the acknowledgment page by postal mail to BDO. There’s an instruction while or after registering online.

  14. Hi! If my Kabayan atm doesn’t have a mastercard or visa logo, can I still use it and withdraw money here in Riyadh? Thanks! :)

  15. Hello. Good day. I had my kabayan account and I opened it here in UAE. The last time I remitted to it was december 2013. After that I never remitted and from that time, i think the balance was 700php. Is my account already closed? Or still active? Can’t check here. If already closed, can I open another kabayan account with bdo?

  16. Hi angel, I think your account is already closed. Yes, you can open another BDO Kabayan there at a BDO remittance partner company.

  17. Hello.i have a bdo kabayan savings account i am working here dubai i made two remittances to my acct. Then when i went to pinas for a vacation i tried to withdraw but then it was in a wrong pincode i wont able to make it i am going to change my pincode here abroad? And i how to know if my account is still active? Thanks.

  18. Hi! I have ATM that has not received a deposit in more than 1 month. No remittance. It was opened by my spouse abroad. balance is less than 100php. Will the account close? Can it still receive remittance?

  19. Hi Germane, is your account a Kabayan account? If yes, it can receive remittance. But if your husband did not activate his atm card here in the Philippines and did not change atm PIN, you won’t be able to withdraw. Have you tried making a balance inquiry at a BDO atm? Check first your atm card before asking your spouse to remit to it.

  20. Gud pm. What can I do, my bag was stolen, and all my papers including my bdo kabayan passbook and my ids.It’s difficult transacting with BDO as I have no IDs. I got my last remittance before I lost my IDs last july. I just asked my husband to send money to me directly. My question is that my husband wants to apply for a loan through bdo asenso kabayan personal loan. Should I open a new account with BDO? I was told we need to have an account with BDO to have our loan approved. My husband will come home this march and will return april to apply for a loan at bdo for a franchise we’re planning to start. can we apply for a loan? Thanks a lot

  21. Hi Vinci, BDO requires a collateral for its Asenso Kabayan loan. The collateral is your deposit. You can borrow up to 90% of your deposit. BDO will hold your deposit (cannot be withdrawn) until you’re able to pay your loan. Since you have no IDs yet, your husband can open an account when he comes home since he has IDs, deposit a big amount, and then apply for a loan. More info here at BDO website:

  22. Hi Jordan, BDO usually do not reactivate closed accounts. Besides, if in case reactivation is allowed, you will need to pay below-maintenance fees, so it would be better to open a new account.

  23. Hi almost 1 year that I did not remit to my kabayan savings account. last time I remitted from uae was april 2014. Is it still active? Planning to remit to it this month. Thanks po

  24. What if I’m not aware that my account is already closed and I remitted money to the account? Will the money get posted to the account? Another question, why does the bank close accounts without informing us through email. The remittance company told me the money was credited into the account. Please help.

  25. Hi Hidelisa, if your account is already closed, then your money will not get posted to your account. Your money will be put on hold. You can go to your remittance company and amend your remittance details. You can change it to CASH PICKUP over the counter at BDO by your family, or you can ask the money to be returned to you there. There’ll be an amendment fee. About the bank not informing depositors about closure: I think it’s an additional cost to them. Sad to say, banks are more on profits and not so much on genuine customer service.

  26. Gud day! can i ask,what if my kabayan savings acct. will never receiving remittances from abroad anymore? should i change my bdo savings acct. to local savings acct.?

  27. Hi leslie, yes, if you cannot maintain the 10,000-peso maintaining balance of a Kabayan passbook account that does not receive a foreign remittance, close this account, and open an atm savings account. Or first open an atm savings account and then close your Kabayan. The maintaining balance requirement for a BDO atm savings account is 2,000 pesos.

  28. Good day. What happens if my sister is not able to remit to her kabayan savings because there’s no bdo in the area where she’s working? Before she left, she opened a kabayan saving, and she activated it. What she plans is she’ll send money through pera padala like cebuana then I’ll deposit the money to her kabayan savings. Is that valid? Thanks

  29. Hello. Want to ask, what’s the difference between “FAST TRACK” and “Bank to Bank” remittance to BDO Kabayan? Which option is the better one? From Abu Dhabi. Thanks po.

  30. Hi tess, compare the remittance fees for Fast Track and Bank to Bank. And if Bank to bank is cheaper, and if your receiver can wait 1 or 2 days, then choose Bank to Bank. If you’re sending to BDO, use BDO remittance partners.

  31. Hi Sheryl, yes, your sister can send you money and you deposit it to her Kabayan, but she also needs to send money from abroad directly to her Kabayan at least once in 12 months so that her account remains Kabayan and remains a zero-maintaining-balance account. Tell me Where your sister is working so I can check if there are BDO remittance partners in her place of work.

  32. gud am po Why can’t I remit/deposit to my account when I’ve been depositing to it monthly. even just checking balance cannot be done. sorry is always the response. from dubai and saudi were the monthly remittances, so it can’t be the reason why the account cannot be accessed.

  33. Hi Geraldine, it seems that BDO is doing some maintenance on their website. Try again after an hour. They now have a warning post on a fake BDO website and a genuine BDO website.

  34. hi may i ask ,, my wallet was stolen last aug. 2014, including my bdo kabayan account,, i immediately reported it to bdo then they put it in hot card list,, may i still get another kabayan atm card? with just payaing 150 pesos just like before?

  35. Hi JANE, if you have maintained your Kabayan account, yes, you can ask and pay for a replacement card

  36. What if my bdo kabayan account never receive a remittance within a year, will it automatically closed?

  37. Hi jelly, it will most likely close at the end of the 14th month. After the 12th month without foreign remittance, the account is automatically converted into a regular passbook account, which requires a 10k-maintaining balance.

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