BDO Kabayan Maintaining Balance

Updated February 8, 2016:

In May 2014, the maintaining balance for a regular BDO passbook account was increased from 5,000 pesos to 10,000 pesos.  

If you fail to maintain your account for 2 straight months, you will be charged 300 pesos starting from the second month and every month thereafter until you restore your account or until your account is automatically closed.

If your BDO passbook account is a BDO Kabayan savings account, your maintaining balance requirement is still ZERO. But you need to make at least one remittance from abroad every 12 months to your Kabayan account.  

What happens when 12 months have passed and your account had no foreign remittance?

After 12 months have passed and your Kabayan account has not received any remittance from abroad, your Kabayan account will be converted into a REGULAR passbook savings account.  This regular passbook account requires a monthly average daily balance of 10,000 pesos.  Previously, it was only 5,000 pesos; since May 1, 2014, it has been 10,000 pesos.

If your Kabayan has been converted, and you are not able to maintain the 10,000-peso maintaining balance for two straight months, your account will automatically be debited with 300 pesos at the last day of the 2nd month, and then every month thereafter that your account is below the 10k maintaining balance requirement. Puedeng maubos ang balance mo kung hindi mo mawidro ang natitirang balance o kung hindi mo ma-restore ang account mo to the 10k monthly average daily balance agad. 


Note: Somebody commented here that his BDO Kabayan account was closed after 6 months of no remittance.  So before you remit to your Kabayan account, ask your family to test your BDO account if it’s still active by making a Balance Inquiry at a BDO ATM.  Or better, call the BDO call center and ask if your account is still active.

BDO Hotline:   631 8000

Monthly Average Maintaining Balances for Other BDO Accounts:

Passbook Peso Savings Account
(with or without ATM)   —   10,000 pesos

ATM Peso Savings Account (No passbook) — 2,000 pesos

Junior Savers Club  —  100 pesos

Power Teens Club  —  2,000 pesos

Peso Prime Savers — 2,000 pesos

Personal Optimum Savings Account — 30,000 pesos

Personal Smart Checking Account  —  15,000 pesos

US Dollar Savings Account  —  500 US dollars

US Dollar Prime Savers — 200 US dollars

Direct Deposit for US Pensioners — None


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  1. Hi po what does this mean — does not exist — when I tried using my card at the atm machine po?

  2. Hi Fatima, did you press Savings as type of account? or Cash card if your card is cash card? Is your atm card new and you have just changed your PIN? Try again after 24 hours from the time you changed your PIN.

  3. good day. just want to ask what if the account didnt receive remittance, instead the agency just deposited the money directly to the account. what will happen to his account? are they still going to deduct the 300 pesos every month?

  4. Hi lirio, if your spouse/sender is a seaman, and his salary is transferred directly or deposited over the counter by his agency here in the Philippines, BDO Kabayan is not a good account, unless you can maintain 10,000 pesos in your account. Kabayan is zero-maintenance ONLY if it receives a foreign remittance at least once a year. Have 14 months passed since he opened his Kabayan? If 14 months have passed, and no foreign remittance was credited, and 10k pesos was not maintained, his account will be charged 300 pesos on the last day of the 14th month, and again on the 15th month, and so on.
    Suggestion: maintain 10k in the Kabayan account, and when your spouse gets back to the Phils, he opens another account with a 1k or 2k maintaining balance, and maintain that 1k or 2k in the account.

  5. What if i forgot my pin and i’m still out of the country? How can i retrieve my pin to be able to withdraw from my atm card abroad?

  6. Hi Gerlie, if you can no longer remember your PIN, sorry, you have to apply for a replacement card in person at your BDO branch. PINs are no longer retrievable; this is for security purposes.

  7. hi miss nora, ask ko lang po,my kabayan account is zero balance, kaka open ko lang po 2 weeks ago, worried lang po ako kasi sabe sa akin kelangan ng atleast 100 pesos maintaining balance..pwede pa po ba ito ma padalhan ng pera from abroad? kahit wala ng 100pesos na maintaining balance?

  8. Hi epie, did you apply for Kabayan diyan sa abroad? At nasa iyo na ang passbook and atm? Pag meron ka nang passbook, oo puede na padalhan ng pera ang account mo. Initial deposit lang yong 100 pesos. Zero maintaining ang Kabayan pero dapat merong at least one remittance from abroad every 12 months. Pag wala, 10k ang maintaining at there will be a 300-peso penalty every month if not maintained.

  9. dito po ako nag open sa pinas ng kabayan , bali boy friend ko from sweden ang mag papadala..yon nga po ang tanong ko pano kung wala syan initial deposit ng 100pesos. pde prin po ba yon mpadalhan..kc by this weekend palang mag papadal e

  10. Hi epie, yes, ok lang kasi pinayagan ka namang mag-open na walang initial deposit. Zero maintenance naman kasi yan. Para ma-sure mo na active ang account mo, try making a balance inquiry at a BDO atm. Kapag nakapag-balance inquiry ka at makita mo sa screen na 0.00 ang balance mo, yan active ang account mo, at puedeng padalhan ng boyfriend mo.

  11. hi nora ask ko lang how many days bago ma receive ang remittance from sweden through a kabayan savings

  12. Hi ask ko lang po panu malalaman if active pa ang kabayan saving accounts ko kase more than 1 year na siya di nahuhulogan ?

  13. Hello po.
    Dito po ako s kuwait, nagdeposit po ako s kabayan account ko this month. But upon checking my balance via atm dito rin s kuwait kulang po yung balance nya ng nsa kulang 15 thousand pesos.
    San po ako pwedeng magtanong. Nandito po kc atm tsaka passbook ko.

  14. Hello po!tanong ko po jung active pa kabayan saving account ko.isang beses ko lng nahulugan last year.gusto ko po sana hulugan bago ako umuwi ng pinas.sana po masagot ninyo agad tanong ko.ngayon october po uwi ko.maraming salamat

  15. Hi ayen, you need to call BDO kasi hindi sila nag-eentertain kapag ibang tao ang magtatanong ng balance; dapat ikaw mismo. Call BDO: Tll-free from landline there: Kuwait’s International Access Code-800-8-6318000. Pag cell phone, you use 00 + 63 + 2 + 631 8000, with phone charges na ito.

  16. Hello po,tanong ko lang po kung active pa ung kabayan saving account ko,last year june po last na nahulugan..may balance po na 667 pesos.gusto kung hulugan ulit..

  17. Hi Ms. Nora, itatanong ko lang po kung pwede ako mag open ng kabayan saving account at doon yung boyfriend ko from states yung mag papadala? And ano po mga requirements ang kailangan?

  18. Hi Angelie, yes. To open a BDO Kabayan account, present 2 valid IDs, two ID pictures, a copy of receipt of remittance from abroad and 100 pesos.

  19. Hi Marie, active pa yon palagay ko, pero malamang nabawasan na ng 300 pesos for below-maintaining-balance penalty. It’s no longer a Kabayan account; it has been converted into a regular account that requires a 10k maintaining balance. You can choose to close it and open a 2k maintaining account, or you can continue but you need to maintain 10k in your account. To be sure if it’s active, you can call BDO International Access Code-800-8-6318000 or you can ask your family to deposit 100 pesos to your account to test if your account is still active. If the deposit is accepted, then your account is still active.

  20. Hi, i just wanted to clarify. What is the use of the passbook? I’m so confused kasi nag initial deposit ako ng 2500. So they printed my initial deposit na 2500. So uhm, pag dating kasi ng card ko mag wiwithdraw lang ako and hindi ako mag dedeposit kasi yung family ko from abroad ang mag dedeposit. Do they need the passbook?

  21. Hi Narlo, the passbook will be a record of remittances sent and your withdrawals. Puede mong ipa-update sa branch anytime, or maybe every 3 or 6 or 12 months para ma-print ang mga remittances and withdrawals sa passbook. No, your family abroad does not need the passbook to be able to send. You just send them your bank name, bank branch and account no.

  22. Hello po. Ask ko lang po if ok pa na mg deposit sa kabayan acct ko kht mtgal na etong hnd nadedepositan lets say more than 2 years. Then now ko lng ulit plan mg deposit. How much is needed to activate it again.thank you..

  23. Hi Dindin, naku most likely na-closed yong Kabayan mo on the 13th month na hindi nahulugan. BDO does not reactivate closed accounts. At ikaw mismo ayaw mo nang ireactivate, if for example reactivation is allowed, kasi costly na yong penalties — mga 300 pesos x 11 months or more. Mag-open ka na lang uli when you take your next vacation.

  24. Hi Ms. Nora, Ask ko lang po sana if active pa po kaya yung account ko. I opened my account last January 14,2015. Nagpaplan po kasi akong maghulog sa account ko kaso bka di na sya active. I tried to call BDO hotline but i cant reach them. Is their any way to know that my account still active?
    Thanks in advance if you can answer my question. Godbless You!

  25. Hi miss Nora, Ask q lng po if active pa bah ung kabayan savings q last year may 2015 ang last withdraw q.then hindi q na ulit na hulugan taz ngaun gusto q e continue ang kabayan savings q active pa bah un?pki answer na lng poh maraming salamat..

  26. Hi ms nora, i just opened my kabayan peso savings account, sabi ko sa teller im not sure if gagamitin ko tong inopen ko na account pang receive ko ng pera na ipapadala ng husband ko pro sabi nya atleast once a year lang. So sabi ko okay. Pro if hindi 10k ang maintaining bal diba? Ang tanong ko mababawasan ba ung 10k ko? Kung if wlang remitance ng 1 year? Thanks i hope u will answer my question.

  27. Hi Aimee, most likely your Kabayan account is already closed; closed on the 13th month. BDO converts Kabayan into a regular passbook account after 12 months without remittance, and closes it automatically at the end of the 13th month if the balance is less than 300 pesos. Just open another account when you take your vacation. God bless you too.

  28. Ms Nora ask ko lang po pwedi po bang mgdeposit sa kabayan savings galing philippines mismo?, kht active pa po sya as kabayan savings pls reply

  29. Hi Cynthia, yes, puedeng mag-deposit sa Kabayan account over the counter at BDO. There’s a charge of 100 pesos if deposit is made at a branch outside your branch’s region or phone area code.

  30. Hi ms. Nora.. ask ko lang if pwd ba akong makapag check deposit sa bdo kabayan account ko…. ang cheke nass pinas.. under metro bank.. then gusto ko siya i deposit sa account sa bdo kabayan savings ko… pwd po ba yon??

  31. Hi John, did you open your Kabayan account in the Philippines? If opened in the Phils, yes, you can deposit any peso check to your BDO account. If opened abroad, just ask your representative to try depositing. I have read that some Kabayan accounts opened abroad are marked not ready to accept check deposits, maybe because of identification questions.

  32. Hi Ms.Nora,Nag open ako dito sa Bahrain after one month na received ko na ang atm at passbook ko. Balak ko mag deposit monthly sa account ko, pano ko malaman ang maintenance balance ko?

  33. Hi nora. Nag open ako ng kabayan account pero ang sabi sakin dapat daw taga buwan ay dapat mapadalhan ng pera galing abroad?

  34. Hi ask q lang if mas maganda na dalhin q passbook at atm q papunta dubai or iwan na lang ang atm q sa pamilya q.gusto q kc mag save talaga pero iniisip q kc baka pag nag deposit aq may charge sa dubai.. at least kung nasa pinas ang atm q isang charge na lang ang mangyayari tama po ba?salamat po

  35. hi miss nora ask ko lang po pde banakommaf deposit sa al ansari exc. panu po yun mam direct na po ba yun na papasok sa acct ko .. pag nagdeposit ako kelangan ko ba ibgay din ang acc. #

  36. Hello…ask ko lang po..pwede po ba mag open ng kabayan savings..tapos ako na po mag deposit ng pera here s hnd po alam ng bf ko kung saan ihulog ang pera don sa germany na connected s bdo kabayan accnt ko..

  37. Hello po. I have questions po. Nandito po ako sa UAE ngayon & around June 2015 po nag-open ako ng BDO Kabayan Savings, tapos nakuha ko po yung ATM & passbook around Sept. 2015 kaso di pa raw po sya active as per the instructions na kasama nung card. Di pa po kasi ako makakauwi so pwede po kayang yung nanay ko po ang mag-activate? Or kelangang ako po talaga? Is there any other way to activate it like online? Also, safe po bang magdeposit kahit di pa sya activated? Medyo hesitant po kasi ako baka di po sya mapunta sa account ko. As for online banking po, pwede po ba kong magregister dun kahit di pa activated ang account just to track the balance? Hoping for an answer po since mag-12 months na yung account e kelangan ko pong habulin if ever para magstay sya as Kabayan Savings account. Thank you po in advance~ God bless! 🙂

  38. Hi po nghulog po mr.ko sa atm kbyan savings account remittance 500:usd ang lki po ng charge.kla ko po wlng charge.nanghinyang po ako na mlki ang tym plng po nhulugan ng mr.ko.tnx po.

  39. Hi Josephine, sad to say na ganyan nga ang BDO. I also experienced it. From then on, hindi na ako nagparemit sa BDO account from dollars to peso. Ask your husband to remit an exact amount in pesos from abroad. Yong doon na sa abroad ang palitan ng dollar to peso. Halimbawa, he likes to send 20,000 pesos. He then asks the remitter how much dollars he will pay so that 20,000 pesos will be the amount exactly credited to your account. Nagtataka nga ako na parang konti lang ang nagrereklamo.

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