BDO Kabayan Maintaining Balance

Updated May 22, 2014:

As of today, May 22, 2014, the maintaining balance for your BDO Kabayan savings account is still ZERO. But you need to make at least one remittance from abroad per year or per 12 months to your Kabayan account.  

What happens when 12 months pass and your account has no foreign remittance?

After a year passes and your Kabayan account has not received any remittance from abroad, BDO will convert your Kabayan into a REGULAR passbook savings account.  This regular passbook account requires a monthly average daily maintaining balance of 10,000 pesos.  Dati, 5,000 pesos lang; starting May 1, 2014, naging 10,000 pesos na.

If your Kabayan has been converted, and you are not able to maintain the 10k maintaining balance for two consecutive months, your account will automatically be debited with 300 pesos at the last day of the 2nd month, and then every month thereafter that your account is below the 10k maintaining balance requirement. Puedeng maubos ang balance mo kung hindi mo mawidro ang natitirang balance o kung hindi mo ma-restore to the 10k monthly average daily balance.

Note: Somebody commented here that his BDO Kabayan account was closed after 6 months of no remittance.  So before you remit to your Kabayan account, ask your family to test your BDO account if it’s still active by making a Balance Inquiry at a BDO ATM.  Or better, call the BDO call center and ask if your account is still active.

BDO Hotline:   631 8000

Monthly Average Maintaining Balances for Other BDO Accounts:

Passbook Peso Savings Account
(with or without ATM)   —   10,000 pesos

ATM Peso Savings Account (No passbook) — 2,000 pesos

Junior Savers Club  —  100 pesos

Power Teens Club  —  2,000 pesos

Peso Prime Savers — 2,000 pesos

Personal Optimum Savings Account — 30,000 pesos

Personal Smart Checking Account  —  15,000 pesos

US Dollar Savings Account  —  500 US dollars

US Dollar Prime Savers — 200 US dollars

Direct Deposit for US Pensioners — None


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  1. Hi apolinario, no, your account won’t be closed because your balance is 12k, which is more than the required balance requirement for a regular passbook account (in case your Kabayan is converted into a regular passbook account after 12 months without receiving foreign remittance). List of BDO remittance partners in Qatar.

  2. hello po. regarding lng po sa pagdedeposit sa savings account kasi kada deposit ko po pag ipapalagay sa passbook required daw na iwan sa kanila un passbook after 1 month saka makkuha. itatanong ko lng po sana kung ganun talaga dito sa abroad! KABAYAN SAVINGS ACCOUNT un inapply ko pero jan sa manila ako kumuha.

  3. Hi Mildred, I think that’s an option for you if you like your passbook to be updated and if you trust the remittance company or bank there. It takes a month because they’ll send your passbook to Makati for updating. They cannot print anything on your passbook because they’re not BDO; they’re just remittance partners. Keep your remittance receipts. Sorry I cannot say if that process is safe or reliable. Ask those with similar experiences there. You can inquire here: BDO Contact Page or BDO Remit Inquiry

  4. Hi i just want to ask regarding my kabayan savings if there was deduction, as my last deposit of 5k was last 2012. is my account still active and can i withdraw it?

  5. Hi Joefry, what date in 2012 was that last deposit? Has 2 years passed? If 2 years have passed, your account is most likely dormant already, and has been put on hold. You must go to your branch with your valid IDs and reactivate it. If not yet dormant, and if your balance is less than 10k pesos, it’s better if you just withdraw all through the atm before you lose more to below-maintaining-balance penalties. The maintaining-balance for BDO passbook account has increased to 10k since May 1, 2014. If you’re abroad and your atm card has Mastercard logo, you can withdraw at a machine with Mastercard logo.

  6. Hi raven, yes, any person can deposit or remit to your Kabayan savings account. The account name and account no. should be correct, and the account should be active.

  7. Hi I have a sister at Guam. And she requested to apply fo an atm remittance. What are your requirements and fees.

  8. good afternoon.i send money to my account last sunday october 5 at 10am in one remittance center here in singapore. They told me it will be credited to my BDO account after 2 hours same day.since that was sunday and the following day was monday which is a holiday (hari raya haji) my wife decided to claim it tuesday but unfortunately the money was not there. i called the remittance office here and then they said that my account was already could my account got closed where in fact this is a kabayan ofw account which i opened in London last 2010 and every month (sometimes twice) i use to send money on this account aside from the fact that still it has balance on it. Please explain asap

  9. Hi Gerry, I hoped you’ve already called BDO about this. Sorry I wasn’t able to reply immediately. It’s likely that you have not remitted to this account within 12 months, so your account was converted into a regular passbook account with a 10k maintaining balance requirement, and after 2 months, it was charged with below-maintaining balance penalty and then was closed. But of course I hope you have resolved this already.

  10. Hi Nora, my kabayan savings acct has a balance of only 300+. i’m on a vacation right now. Hopefully next month i’ll be back abroad and next month I’ll be able to remit to it. Will it not be converted into regular savings acct once the balance goes below 300? thanks.

  11. Hi kristine, when was the last time you remitted to your Kabayan from abroad? If it’s more than 12 months ago, then your Kabayan will most likely be converted soon. If you won’t be able to maintain the 10k maintaining balance requirement, then it might be better if you withdraw your 300 pesos. If you last remitted to it from abroad about 10 months or less ago, then your Kabayan won’t be converted yet.

  12. My last remittance was last august this year, actually i’ remitting monthly to my account. it’s only now that i haven’t because I’m on a vacation(2 months). I’m just worried. thanks for the reply :)

  13. hi nora i have a kabayan savings account. I applied in pilipinas last dec. 5, 2013. Have not remitted since since january. if ever i remit to my account this november, do i need to deposit 10k? or can I deposit less than 10k? thanks. how much is the minimum deposit for the following month? thanks

  14. Hi princess, since you have not reached the 12-month limit, you can still deposit less than 10k this month and the following month. There’s no minimum deposit requirement. Their only rule is that if you want your account to remain Kabayan, you should remit from abroad at least once every 12 months. In case your account gets converted into a regular account, you need to maintain 10k pesos in your account. To be sure, go to this BDO Contact page and ask if your account is still active.

  15. Hi! Mam. My brother remitted money from dubai, uae. I checked my balance a while ago and it was still 100 pesos. my kabayan saving account was opened last month.

  16. Hello.. I have a BDO kabayan ATM, and I guess the last remmitance I received was 7 or 8 months… I inquire my balance just today and its working but I tried to register in mobile apps for mobile banking and it was successful my concern is when i open it in my mobile it says my account is inactive is it just inactive in my mobile or the whole thing of my ATM account?

  17. May I ask about my bdo remitance saving account. My account is less than a year but it’s almost 12 months before I remitted to it. Is it still a remittance savings? How can we inquire abroad as I brought my atm and passbook with me. Thanks

  18. Hi Jan, I think your mobile account is the one that is not active. Before you can activate your mobile banking, register first in BDO’s Internet banking.

  19. Hi Doland, I think your Kabayan is still a Kabayan account if you’re sure you remitted to it before 12 months passed. Did you change your ATM PIN when you were here? And does your ATM card have a Mastercard logo? If yes, then you can make a balance inquiry (1 US dollar fee) at an atm machine there with a Mastercard logo. If none, you can make your inquiry here:

  20. Good day, My kabayan account has been debited 300 for the month of September and October of this year. I think my account was converted to the regular peso savings. I just recently sent a remittance to my account in order to maintain the 10k maintaining. My question is, can my account go back to Kabayan savings account without a maintaining balance? I felt displeasured because the bank where I opened that account didn’t explained to me the pro’s and con’s.

  21. HELLO Is it okay that I haven’t remitted to my KABAYAN SAVINGS in 2 years? My balance is more than 12 THOUSAND PeSOS. Will that amount not disappear? I’m here in SAUDI and I have not activated it in PINAS. Can I get my money in PINAS OR will there be no PROBLEM? THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS

  22. Ms. NORA. It’s been 2 YEARS that I’ve not remitted to my savings account. And I have not activated it because I’m here in Saudi Arabia. Will there be no problem when I get home in Pinas? Will my savings of 15K still there? Thanks

  23. Hi Johnrie, if you’re sure your balance in your Kabayan is more than 10k pesos, there’s no problem. I should say, only a little problem — meaning your account is already dormant, and it’s on hold because it had no deposit or withdrawal within 2 years. If there’s more than 10k pesos in your account, your money will be there when you get home. You just need to appear at your branch with your 2 valid IDs. To be sure, ask BDO about the status of your account. Call BDO or inquire here:

  24. Hello, I opened a kabayan savings before I got back abroad. I did not send any remittance until now; it’s been 5 months. Is my account still active? thanks and God bless

  25. Hello, How can I check through online balance inquiry if the money I sent to my account is already credited. I always request for a balance statement and many times this takes 1 week so I like to check online. thanks.

  26. hello, Can I deposit to my husband’s kabayan account instead of him remitting from abroad? If it’s him, then he would pay double since I also have my Kabayan where he has been remitting to, and not to his own account. Can his account be closed is the deposit is from here?

  27. Hello. i havent used my bdo kabayan account for more than a year and half. But u stated above that it was just started last may of 2014. The 12 mnths no remittance period will start on that date or it will start after my last remittance 18 months ago? I havent received any mails from bdo that it will converted to minimum maintaining balance of 10k. Pls advise thank you

  28. Hi Angelito, register your Kabayan account to BDO online banking. Go to and click “ebanking”, “Go online”, “Enroll now”. If you’re abroad, check “I don’t have access to a BDO Atm machine” or something similar, and you’ll need to send through postal mail a printout of the acknowledgment page of your enrollment to activate your enrollment. If in the Phils, you’ll activate your enrollment at a BDO atm machine.

  29. Hi josephus, the 12-month period for making at least 1 foreign remittance every 12 months has been the rule ever since. What changed since May 2014 was the maintaining balance for regular passbook accounts — it increased from 5k to 10k. How much is your balance? You said you haven’t remitted to it 18 months ago, it’s most likely that your Kabayan was changed to a regular passbook account 5 months ago, and if your balance is less than 10k, then it’s possible that your account has been deducted with 300 every month since June or July. But if your balance is 10k or more, then your balance is intact. If there’s no deposit or withdrawal within 2 years, it will become dormant, and you will need to reactivate it in person. The 300 penalty will continue even if dormant if the balance is less than 10k. Call BDO or inquire here:

  30. Hi Jennifer, yes you can deposit to his account. But if he does not deposit from abroad to his account for at least once every 12 months, his account will be converted into a regular passbook account, and you will need to maintain 10k pesos or more in his account to avoid below-maintaining-balance penalty of 300 pesos per month.

  31. Hello, good day! May I ask if my account is still active? I opened my ofw kabayan atm and bankbook at edsa poea i deposit 1 time 8 months ago. I can not check if my remittance was credited because I was not able to activate my atm in pinas. I need to know so I can continue remitting to my ofw kbayan savings account. Thank you

  32. Thanks for ur reply maam. I only have less than 10PhP in my account. Theres nothing there to deduct 300 for penalty. Are there any ways to revert it back to zero maintaining?

  33. Hi mam gud day,i have applied for kabayan savings at pinas last 3 months ago but i was not able activate it by changing my atm pin code there. Now im here in saudi and i want to deposit. Is there any way to activate my accnt and change my atm pin code here mam?thanks

  34. Hi A.#, I think no. You can open a new account, specify a passbook account (this has a maintaining balance requirement of 10k).

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