BDO Kabayan Maintaining Balance

Updated May 22, 2014:

As of today, May 22, 2014, the maintaining balance for your BDO Kabayan savings account is still ZERO. But you need to make at least one remittance from abroad per year or per 12 months to your Kabayan account.  

What happens when 12 months pass and your account has no foreign remittance?

After a year passes and your Kabayan account has not received any remittance from abroad, BDO will convert your Kabayan into a REGULAR passbook savings account.  This regular passbook account requires a monthly average daily maintaining balance of 10,000 pesos.  Dati, 5,000 pesos lang; starting May 1, 2014, naging 10,000 pesos na.

If your Kabayan has been converted, and you are not able to maintain the 10k maintaining balance for two consecutive months, your account will automatically be debited with 300 pesos at the last day of the 2nd month, and then every month thereafter that your account is below the 10k maintaining balance requirement. Puedeng maubos ang balance mo kung hindi mo mawidro ang natitirang balance o kung hindi mo ma-restore to the 10k monthly average daily balance.

Note: Somebody commented here that his BDO Kabayan account was closed after 6 months of no remittance.  So before you remit to your Kabayan account, ask your family to test your BDO account if it’s still active by making a Balance Inquiry at a BDO ATM.  Or better, call the BDO call center and ask if your account is still active.

BDO Hotline:   631 8000

Monthly Average Maintaining Balances for Other BDO Accounts:

Passbook Peso Savings Account
(with or without ATM)   —   10,000 pesos

ATM Peso Savings Account (No passbook) — 2,000 pesos

Junior Savers Club  —  100 pesos

Power Teens Club  —  2,000 pesos

Peso Prime Savers — 2,000 pesos

Personal Optimum Savings Account — 30,000 pesos

Personal Smart Checking Account  —  15,000 pesos

US Dollar Savings Account  —  500 US dollars

US Dollar Prime Savers — 200 US dollars

Direct Deposit for US Pensioners — None


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  1. Hello! I opened my Kabayan Savings Account Dec 2014. I remitted the money to my acct for the first 2 months but to lessen the charge, I decided to ask my family to deposit the money to BDO directly once in a while. My family deposited twice. The fifth time I requested to update my acct. I was told that my BDO kabayan savings account turned into a regular account. Am I still able to change it back to Kabayan savings account? What should I do?

    Hoping for your reply. Tq

  2. Hi Jacq, I think you can no longer convert it back to Kabayan because it has already been converted to a regular account. If you like this account, you need to maintain 10,000 pesos or more in your account to avoid penalties. 300 pesos will be deducted at the end of the 2nd consecutive month that your account’s monthly average daily balance falls below 10k pesos, and also on the 3rd, 4th month, and so on, until you restore your account to the 10k level.
    If you prefer Kabayan, withdraw all your money and allow this account to close. Then ask your family to open a Kabayan account (receipt of foreign remittance addressed to the person opening the account is needed)

  3. hi ms Nora, hopefully you can answer my questions.
    1. is kabayan savings account needed a stable money remittance deposit per month?
    2. if i fail to deposit once, it will be cost a charges?
    3. the said that there is no maintaining balance, can i withdraw all the money and make it zero?
    4. how many percent ROI can we expected for benefit?
    5. is the percentage return per month or per annum?
    thanks pasensiya na sa mga tanong..

  4. Hi jay, 1. you do not need to send a remittance per month. You can miss some months. But you must make at least one foreign remittance per 12 months to maintain your Kabayan account.
    2. If you fail to deposit at least once per 12 months, you will lose your Kabayan free-maintaining-balance feature, and you will then need to maintain at least 10k in the account so that you won’t get the below-maintaining-balance penalty of 300 pesos per month
    3. Yes, you can make it zero, as long as you are sending at least once every 12 months to your Kabayan account from ABROAD. But to signify continued interest, leave a few pesos or 100 pesos.
    4. The interest rate for savings account is very low, only 0.25% per year. Savings accounts are good for saving, not really for investment. You save in your Kabayan and then when you have saved 50k or 100k, you put it in time deposit.
    5. The interest rate is per annum. Interest is credited after every quarter now, I think. Previously, it was credited every month.

  5. ah ok so you mean to say that from abroad im the one who deposit? Should it be foreign currencies? Can I just send to my parents, then they are the ones who can make a transaction? Is that ok? Are there no penalties? Yes im looking forward for an investment in the future. So i need to secure my money first before anything else.

  6. Is it okay if the beneficiary is the one that will open an account? and what if the beneficiary is still underage here in the philippines? I’m 16 btw

  7. Hi george, yes, try opening. BDO’s Power Teens account (2k maintaining-balance requirement) is for teens 13 to 19 years old. Minors can open a bank account as long as they have IDs. For Kabayan account, bring your school ID with registration card, NSO birth certificate, or barangay certificate, 2 ID pictures, 2 latest receipts of foreign remittance addressed to you and 100 pesos. Inform the bank officer politely but confidently that you need to open a Kabayan account so your parent/relative can send you money to your account from abroad.

  8. Hi jay, you can send money in foreign currency or peso to your Kabayan account. Yes, you can send money to your parents, and they’ll be the ones to deposit to your Kabayan account. There’ll be no penalty if you send money from abroad to your Kabayan account at least once in 12 months. If you don’t like to send money from abroad to your account, maintain 10k or more in your account before your account reaches its 12th month and onwards.

  9. can I just bring a xerox copy of my relative’s employment id in lieu of the receipts? and what is a registration card?

  10. Hi George, the registration card usually shows your school, name, course, subjects and semester dates — it can be any document that shows you are currently enrolled. Some bank officers want proof that your school ID is active or valid. I think your relative’s ID won’t show your connection to your relative, except if this ID is an overseas ID, and the one abroad is your parent (as shown in your birth certificate). What the bank wants to see is proof that you will receive remittance from abroad, as the Kabayan account was designed for OFWs or overseas Pinoys and their beneficiaries.

  11. Thank you Nora! I forgot to mention that my sister is the one working abroad. I’ll just bring our birth certificates to show that we have the same parents, to prove that I’m her brother. do you think that’s ok?

  12. hi i open a bdo kabayan account last day and i am confused how to deal with it my boyfriend want to save money in my account is it possible that he will be the one to deposit in my account?or i am the one who can deposit?and how can i get the money that he will send to me?

  13. Hi sheenalyn, anyone can deposit to your account, as long as they know your bank details, namely your name, your bank name, and bank account no. You and your boyfriend can deposit to your account, either over the counter at BDO or through remittance companies. How to get money sent to your account? If your boyfriend sends money to your account, you can withdraw it using your atm card at an atm machine.

  14. Hi po is the kabayan savings account of my brother still valid? It’s been 2 years it was not used. thanks

  15. Hi Ann, if his Kabayan account does not have a balance of 10k pesos, then his account is already closed. He can check it by making a balance inquiry at a BDO atm machine. Most likely, the response will be “account does not exist” or “account closed” or “account invalid”

  16. hi I went to bdo in pinas on may 2015 to withraw my kabayan savings account balance but I left 300 in the account and now I’m here in kuwait. I’ve sent to my account 2 times. Is my account active even if my balance on may 2015 was 300? but i sent again

  17. Hi Jackie, before you came home in may 2015, when did you last send to your Kabayan? I ask because your Kabayan does not need a maintaining balance as long as you send money from abroad to your account at least once in 12 months. If you complied to this rule, then your account is still active even if your balance is only 300 pesos for several months. You can make your inquiry here:

  18. Hi mark, yes, I’ve read comments online that BDO considers Paypal inward transfers as foreign remittance for Kabayan maintenance purposes.

  19. I opened a kabayan savings account this august. I don’t get very well their explanations. If they send thru western union, shall I receive it over the counter or can I withdraw it through the atm machine? And example what if emergency I need the money saved in my kabayan saving, can I withdraw using my atm? Please reply Ms. Nora

  20. Hi Shiena, if your sender will use Western Union, there are 2 ways your sender can send you money:
    1. Your sender can send you money through Western Union only. Your sender will email you a 10-digit MTCN code, and you will need to go to a Western Union outlet with your ID and the 10-digit code and receive your money.
    2. Or your sender can use Western Union to send money to your BDO Kabayan account. Usually the next day or within 2 days to 3 days, the money will be deposited in your Kabayan account. You can make a balance inquiry at a BDO atm to check if the money is already in your account. If already in your account, you can choose to withdraw all or some amount or choose to leave all the money in your account for future withdrawal.
    Kabayan account is a passbook with atm, so you can choose to withdraw through the atm machine, or over the counter using your passbook. Whatever you like. But it’s better that you withdraw through the atm machine if you withdraw smaller amounts.
    You can also go over the counter to request them to update your passbook, so the remittances will be posted in your passbook.
    Yes, you can leave your money in your account so you can save, and yes, for emergency, you can withdraw through the atm machine.

  21. hi Nora.. can i ask how fast can i receive the remittance of my family thru kabayan savings? if my family deposited my kabayan savings now from abroad thru remittance center, when can i withdraw it?should ill w8 for an hour?days? or maybe a week? how long?.. does sunday and saturday counted for the waiting time? sorry for my bad english..

  22. Hi po i wonder how come my bdo account online is inactive pa rin i already activated it kanina through atm machine ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin? Inenrol ko po kc sya through online banking for my boyfriend he want to check din po kc yung remittances nia from saudi. I enter my username and password ibut it stated their that my account is inactive. Please need your help thanks.

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