Continuing SSS Membership Contributions for Overseas Filipinos

Continuing SSS Membership Contributions in the Philippines for Overseas Filipinos, Filipino Immigrants Abroad — Does It Make Financial Sense?

If you’re a Filipino who has become an immigrant or permanent resident abroad, does it make sense if you continue paying your SSS membership contributions in the Philippines as a Voluntary Member?

According to the SSS rules, you can get a lifetime pension if you’ve paid at least 10 years or 120 monthly premiums before your semester of retirement, which is either at age 60 when one has retired from work, or at age 65 when retirement is compulsory.

If the number of your monthly contributions is less than 120, you get a lump sum.

Now, if you’re a permanent resident or immigrant abroad, and you have less than 120 monthly contributions, does it make sense continuing as an SSS voluntary member and completing the required 120 monthly contributions?

On the other hand, if you already have at least 120 monthly contributions, does it make sense continuing as a voluntary member and increasing the number of monthly contributions in the hope that the monthly pension would become higher?

To get a better answer to the above questions, let’s see how SSS computes the retirement benefit or the monthly pension:

A.   For those who have paid less than 120 monthly contributions, the retirement benefit is a lump sum. The amount is equal to the total contributions paid by the member and by his/her employer plus interest.

B.   For those who have paid at least 120 monthly contributions, the monthly pension would be the highest of the following three computations:

1.  40 percent of the average monthly salary credit

2.  300 pesos
plus 20 percent of the average monthly salary credit
plus 2 percent of the average monthly salary credit for each credited year of service in
excess of 10 years

3.   1,200 pesos when the credited years of service is 10 or more but less than 20, or
2,000 pesos when the credited years of service is 20 or more

For formulas Nos. 1 and 2 of letter B, take note that it says average monthly salary credit. (The salary credits are seen in the SSS Contribution Schedule) If you continue as a voluntary member, can you maintain paying the high monthly contributions that you and your previous employers previously paid? Does the plus-2-percent add value if you increase your number of years in excess of 10?

The best answer really is for you to:

  • request for a copy of your SSS contributions (the SSS online inquiry can display only 20 years of contributions),
  • and then compute your retirement benefit according to the SSS formula using your actual contributions and salary credits,
  • and then compute using a projected or additional monthly contributions and salary credits,
  • and then compare.


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  1. Hi anna, yes, it’s okay. But if you like to have a bigger pension in your golden years, continue contributing — this will increase your number of credited years, which is part of the pension formula. But make sure that when you continue, pay the same or higher amount than your previous monthly contributions, not lower. A lower contribution will decrease your average salary credit. Another option is to save with Pag-ibig MP2 or SSS Flexi-Fund.

  2. how about immigrant pensioner?what they need to do in order for them to continue their pension because of the yearly acop?

  3. Ms. Nora, I have contributions through my employer in 2005 to 2006 (I supposed) and I want to continue it, is this okay?
    2nd, I’m here in another country as Permanent Resident and working. Which is better? pay as voluntary or Self-Employed? I plan to start a business in Pinas and I would just travel to and from Pinas. I read that it’s difficult to claim if voluntary payment and not self employed.
    3rd, when I return to Pinas, I’ll complete something I need as a doctor so I can work again in a hospital and it’s because of that most likely I’ll again have SSS, but will this be Employment based payment? can I revert? With possible scenarios, will these affect negatively my projected pension in the future?

  4. Hi, I am an sss member, i had 88 contributions as far as i know. Then i stopped working for years. Now i am about to go abroad to work in ksa as waiter. What should i do to convert my sss status for ofw? Where to pay the contribution abroad, and how much? My monthly salary is 17,000 php/mo. Does my agency can help about this? Hoping for your response.
    Thank you and have a good one.

  5. Hi lito, you can pay SSS through Skyfreight, IRemit and Ventaja partners in Saudi. But if you have time, open an account at a Bancnet-member bank so you can pay SSS online. After opening, enroll in online banking and activate it while here in the Phils. so you can check your account online abroad. The minimum contribution for OFWs is 550 pesos. Your salary is more than the highest SSS salary credit — you can choose from 550 to 1,760. If you pay your SSS abroad, SSS will automatically change your status to OFW. If through Bancnet, download this OW-1 form, fill it up, scan it, scan also 2 IDs, and email them to

  6. Hi Nora, I would like to ask how and where can I send SSS ACOP and what are the requirements as well like ID or authorization letter in order for my pension to continue? I am living in abroad and I have a little pension in SSS but I have never come back in our country ever since I left 2012. I just found out about the ACOP when I tried to research online that there is an implementation of yearly verification. And my pension was cut probably due to that ACOP requirements, knowing that you reply quickly than waiting for SSS to reply to my message, I took my chance living a comment in your blog thinking that you could find answers quickly for me.

  7. Hi Lyn, you can send your ACOP here to the email address devoted to overseas Filipinos: Write ACOP and your name as your Subject. Attach also a scan or photo of at least 2 valid photo IDs and a scan of any recent medical certificate or diagnostic report or medical consultation document. Yes, you send your ACOP yearly during your birthday month, or a week before your birthday month. In news sites, they mention only the ACOP form and at least 2 valid photo IDs, but in the ACOP form, it lists a medical document as required, so if you have, include it.

  8. Hi Nora

    If the estimate amount of monthly pension whom a retiree would receive when he retires will be at Php9,260. Would it mean he will receive this amount lifetime or just for about 37 months and beyond that the amount will be reduced base on SSS computation? Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  9. Hi Nora, My uncle is now a US citizen and he sends me money to make a payment for his SSS via voluntary contribution. Would there be any problem for him getting his pension if he is a US citizen?

  10. Hi Maria, yes, your uncle can claim his SSS pension when he turns 60 and stops working even as a US citizen. Mandatory retirement age is 65. The only problem is when he decides to claim, he must take a vacation to file his claim, since he has to sign forms and open a bank account for his pension, or by that time, maybe the process of retirement filing for Pinoys abroad will already be in place through the use of SPA and Visa debit card opening while abroad.
    Ask your uncle to register to have his online SSS account so he can track his records and see if there are errors. He needs 6 digits from your recent transaction receipt.

  11. Hi Ms. Nora! Just want to ask about my father’s contribution. He’s an OFW and wants 2 continue paying his monthly contribution, w/c had stopped a years ago. He asked me to pay it monthly, in the Phil. What are the steps that I need 2 do before I pay his contribution. Thanks.

  12. Hi Ameerah, if your father was an Employed member before, you can go ahead and continue paying his contributions without filing any document. The minimum for OFWs is 550 pesos.
    If your father is in his 50s but younger than 55, it’s better if he pays the maximum or near-maximum so his pension will be higher. If he’s older than 55, he should start paying the maximum because for those older than 55, they can increase their contributions by only one level per year.
    After paying (after about 3 days to allow for posting), ask him to enroll in online SSS, so he can track his SSS records. He needs 6 digits from your recent payment receipt.


  14. Hi Nora What if I change my citizenship to become a Singaporean, which means renouncing my Philippine citizenship. Would that affect my future claim for pension? Or will the government return to me all my contributions? Many thanks May

  15. Hi Nora, I just want to inquire regarding my SSS contribution, How and Where I can continue to pay my SSS contribution. I stop my payment of my SSS for almost 20 years. Since when I was working here in abroad and until now I still working here in Spain. I asked my Brother in law in Manila to checked the status of my SSS contribution according to SSS office in Manila i had a lacked payments of 2 yrs and 5 months. Is there any form\papers to fill up and sign to continue my payment and how much I can pay now? I could be able to pay 3K- up to 5K
    Best Regards, Albino

  16. Hi Nora, I want to inquire about the status of my SSS membership and contributions in the past. I’m already here in Canada and I want to continue my payment. My problem is I forgot my SSS number and it’s been approximately more than 20 years since my last contribution. How do I restart my payments and how much would it be? Can you please send me the link where I can check my status.
    Thanks, Rogelio

  17. Hi Rogelio, first you need to know your SSS no. Email SSS and ask your SSS no. and no. of contributions. Write your complete name, date of birth, place of birth and parents’ names. Scan your 2 valid photo IDs and paste or attach them to your email. After your SSS no. is sent to you, you can pay your contributions through IRemit or PNB Remittance. Since this is your first time to pay as Voluntary, you can pay the maximum 1,760 right away. You’ll get a higher pension if your last 60 payments prior to your semester of retirement are all or mostly maximum. Later on, you can enroll in the SSS online system so you can track your records.

  18. Hi i left my job last October po and i want to continue my contribution. is that possible if i will pay the last four months that I missed paying? I hope I can use it for maternity

  19. Hi there, I paid my SSS contribution for 340 months, my question is how will be my pension when I reach the age of 60. My latest contribution is 750.00. Can I continue paying the 1,760 maximum contribution for voluntary member to get the higher pension , im now 58 years old.

  20. Hi nora is that possible to pay my sss from ofw to voluntary ?im now living in australia i have no work just house wife .

  21. Hi Frecy, yes, that’s what’s being done. There’s no paperwork required to change. Just write Voluntary as your membership type. I hope you’ve enrolled to get your online SSS account so you can track your records.

  22. Hi Nora, would like to ask how I am gonna pay my sss since I am moving to Chile this year, is there any remmittance there that could remit?

  23. Hi Nora! Where can I remit my contributions here in U.A.E.?
    If i got sick here in abroad, how can i file my benefit? What sort of sickness is covered? Thanks

  24. Hi Chino, glad about your question. Your Credited No. of Years (CYS) is affected. One year = 12 months. For example, if you pay 6 months in 2015 and pay 6 months in 2016, the total CYS will not be 2 years, but 1 year. In the pension formula, the more you have extra years (in excess of 10 years), the higher your pension.

  25. hi nora i stop my sss pension about ten years ago but i’m a british citizen now,can i re-start paying even though i’m not a filipino anymore if yes what forms i need to complete.thanks!

  26. Hi jen, do you mean you stopped paying your SSS contributions ten years ago? If this is so, yes, you can continue paying even if you’re already a British citizen. You can re-start paying immediately through accredited SSS collectors there, like IRemit (632-706-9999 loc. 125), Ventaja and Lucky Money. If you’re younger than 55, you can choose any amount of monthly contributions higher than 550. This is the SSS table of contributions.
    But it’s also good if you verify your SSS no. and contributions first, so you can be sure about your SSS data. You can email Ms. Thelma V. Venturanza at (SSS office at the Phil Embassy in London) and request to verify your SSS no. and contributions. You write your complete name (your maiden name if you did not yet amend your SSS data), birth date and SSS no. Later on, after your first payment is posted, enroll in online SSS so you can track your payments and records.

  27. i am now residing here in Virginia Beach USA for almost 4 yrs now, since i got here i stop paying my SSS contribution but this year i want to continue paying my contribution. The question is where can i pay my SSS contribution as much as possible i would like to pay it online so its easy for me to do the transaction and no hassle for my part. Pls let me know where to pay my contribution and i want to pay it as soon as possible. And can i pay also the years that i have not been able to pay my contribution? How can i do that? I would be glad if you can email me back soon.

  28. hi ms. nora! my mum just finished her 120th contribution and she’s already filing her retirement claims. aside from all the forms she needed to fill up she needed to open a separate bank account from a bank of her choice for her pension claim. when she went to the bank to open for that kind of account, she was told to go back to sss office and ask for a form from them (duly notarised or some sort) since it was a mandatory requirement they say. so now my mum went back and ask for a that said form and was given one but she had to pay $200hkd for it. now i would just like to ask if that’s the case for everyone? I mean a fee needs to be paid for that form everywhere. even in the Philippines and if so, how much is it there? my mum is based in HK now. many thanks

  29. I left my employment in Dec 2000 and haven’t paid any SSS premiums since then. I also have a Salary Loan balance which I haven’t paid since 2002. I want to know how much I owe SSS todate and if I were to continue paying the monthly or quarterly or annual premiums how would I go about it? I am living in Canada so I appreciate if you could provide where and how to remit to SSS.


  30. Hi Aida, there’s a loan restructuring that was just launched, offered until May next year, if your family here lives in a calamity area. I’ll give you the link later. Enroll in SSS online, so you can check your loan balance and other data. But before enrolling, you need to have a recent contribution payment receipt so you can get a 6-digit reference no. You can ask your family here to pay for the month of June for you at an SSS branch so you can get a receipt no. quickly. But if you can wait, you can pay SSS in Canada through I-Remit, PNB and their partners. will be back for the links


  32. Hi Virginia, if you’re abroad, email and ask how you can replace your lost CBTC pension debit card. Include your name, SSS no., date of birth and attach a scan or photo of your IDs. Request them to send you the required forms, probably application form for replacement of lost CBTC Visa debit card for pension and an Affidavit of Loss.

  33. Hello Nora. I have been living and working in the United States since 2006. My regular SSS contributions started way back 1988 until I left the country 200 (18 years)
    How I can collect the lump sum from my contributions from 1988 – 2006. Thank you

  34. Hi Peter, sorry, SSS members are not allowed to withdraw or get back their contributions. Since you have contributed at least 120 contributions, your retirement benefit will automatically be a lifetime pension. You can file for your pension at age 60. You can file at an SSS desk office there if you’re near an SSS overseas office, or you can file through your representative with your SPA.

  35. Hi po good pm gusto ko ituloy ung pag hulog ko po ng sss ko natigil po kasi ito.ano po ba dapat kong gawin para makapaghulog uli ako.gusto ko rin po mapasok na isa benefeciaries ko ang husband ko.hindi ko po naipasok kasi napasok cia dati.ano po ba ang requirment para ma add ko cia?thanks

  36. Hi Marites, yes, you can continue paying. You can pay through SSS collectors there, or your family can pay for you here. Ilagay lang nila OFW ang member category mo. 550 pesos ang minimum for OFW. Puedeng higher to enjoy higher short-term benefits. Pag 54 years old na, dapat maximum (1,760 pesos) na ang bayaran mo to increase your pension amount. About your husband, download the SSS Member Data Change Request form, fill it up, scan it, then email I-attach mo itong Data Change form, scan ng IDs mo at scan ng marriage contract nio. When you take your vacation, visit SSS with your IDs and marriage cert (orig and xerox) and ask if your data change request was effected. Or if you decide so, puede mo namang gawin itong data change later on when you take your vacation, as SSS needs to see the original marriage cert.

  37. Hi ati nora. kami at ng usap usap dito my tanung sana kami. Kmi po ay marino so ng kabababa poh nmin ng barko di na kami ng babyd ng cntrbtion sa sss. kung aalis kmi dun na ulit maka cntrbte. So tanung poh kmi kung san mas maganda.. MAG BABAYAD BA KMI PAG NASA BAKASYON KAMI OR HINDI NA? SALAMT

  38. Hi jeff, ang desisyon ay nasa inyo. Sa akin, kung one or 2 months lang yong pahinga ninyo, puede namang hindi na. Pero kung palagay nio magtatagal ang bakasyon, it’s good to pay as voluntary. Puedeng the same amount as your last payment while at work, puede namang lower. Take note na kapag voluntary, bayaran rin nio yong share ng agency/employer nio. What happens ba if magcontribute or hindi? Ang effects ng payment while on vacation ay madadagdagan yong Credited Years of Service (CYS) nio, part ito sa pension computation formula (since 2002, kada 12 months of payments, meron kang additional 1 year sa CYS mo) at puede kayong mag-loan later on (kelangan kasi updated pag planong mag-salary loan, although dapat hindi naglo-loan pag hindi naman kelangan para walang utang, at puedeng maka-avail ng sickness benefits, although we hope to be always healthy.

  39. Hi.. im an immigrant here in philadelphia usa. Gusto ko sana e continue ang voluntary contribution ko. Kaya lang hindi ko alam kung paano. Thanks

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