Continuing SSS Membership Contributions for Overseas Filipinos

Continuing SSS Membership Contributions in the Philippines for Overseas Filipinos, Filipino Immigrants Abroad — Does It Make Financial Sense?

If you’re a Filipino who has become an immigrant or permanent resident abroad, does it make sense if you continue paying your SSS membership contributions in the Philippines as a Voluntary Member?

According to the SSS rules, you can get a lifetime pension if you’ve paid at least 10 years or 120 monthly premiums before your semester of retirement, which is either at age 60 when one has retired from work, or at age 65 when retirement is compulsory.

If the number of your monthly contributions is less than 120, you get a lump sum.

Now, if you’re a permanent resident or immigrant abroad, and you have less than 120 monthly contributions, does it make sense continuing as an SSS voluntary member and completing the required 120 monthly contributions?

On the other hand, if you already have at least 120 monthly contributions, does it make sense continuing as a voluntary member and increasing the number of monthly contributions in the hope that the monthly pension would become higher?

To get a better answer to the above questions, let’s see how SSS computes the retirement benefit or the monthly pension:

A.   For those who have paid less than 120 monthly contributions, the retirement benefit is a lump sum. The amount is equal to the total contributions paid by the member and by his/her employer plus interest.

B.   For those who have paid at least 120 monthly contributions, the monthly pension would be the highest of the following three computations:

1.  40 percent of the average monthly salary credit

2.  300 pesos
plus 20 percent of the average monthly salary credit
plus 2 percent of the average monthly salary credit for each credited year of service in
excess of 10 years

3.   1,200 pesos when the credited years of service is 10 or more but less than 20, or
2,000 pesos when the credited years of service is 20 or more

For formulas Nos. 1 and 2 of letter B, take note that it says average monthly salary credit. (The salary credits are seen in the SSS Contribution Schedule) If you continue as a voluntary member, can you maintain paying the high monthly contributions that you and your previous employers previously paid? Does the plus-2-percent add value if you increase your number of years in excess of 10?

The best answer really is for you to:

  • request for a copy of your SSS contributions (the SSS online inquiry can display only 20 years of contributions),
  • and then compute your retirement benefit according to the SSS formula using your actual contributions and salary credits,
  • and then compute using a projected or additional monthly contributions and salary credits,
  • and then compare.


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  1. For ofw sss, is the sss paid at poea before they can get the oec for the whole year? because if it’s only for 1 month and we need to pay for the next month, then there would be a problem. We thought that’s for one year.

  2. Hi Jennifer, were you asked to pay SSS at POEA before you were allowed to get your OEC? Because what I know is that it’s only OWWA (1 year), Philhealth (1 year) and Pag-ibig (1 month) that are mandatory to pay.

  3. ms. pls help me. I want to continue paying my SSS contributions. My problem is there’s no payment facility here in China. I plan to have my sibling pay for me there in the Phils. My problem is I previously worked for a company there in the Phils. and they paid for me. I don’t know if I can continue paying. What should I do? I have an OFW form here but there’s no way to submit it here. I went to the embassy here to inquire but they said they have no SSS service.

  4. Hi Haregia, it’s sad that the embassy there does not offer SSS service. Yes, you can continue paying your SSS. If you like to continue asap, you can pay as Voluntary through your kapatid here in the Phils. Just give your SSS no. and amount to pay. She checks Voluntary as member category in the meantime. Ask her to pay initially at SSS using RS5 form so you can get the transaction no. and you can enroll at so you can track your contributions. Enroll during nighttime here in the Phils as the SSS website gets so busy at daytime. To change your status to OFW (so you can save with Flexi-Fund, if you like, and so your payment deadlines are more flexible), you can scan your filled-up OW1 form and then email it to When approved, your kapatid can check OFW as your member category when paying. She should follow Voluntary payment deadlines so she does not have to prove you’re OFW.

  5. I already start paying my sss only 1 question is can I continue to pay to same amount even many years past im not paying

  6. Hi Salvacion, there’s a new table of SSS contributions. Check the table and then look for the amount nearest what you paid before. You can pay that amount, or you can increase by 2 levels. You can increase by 2 levels from month to month until you reach the amount you prefer. If you like to increase by more than 2 levels, fill up the income portion of the SSS RS5 form. By the way, did you register as self-employed? Did you file RS1 form before you made your first contribution? If you’re OFW, it’s easier, just download this SSS OW1 form and then send by postal mail to the address in the form.

  7. Dear Nors, I changed from ofw to voluntary contribution. I’m going back abroad together with my family. I want to pay as ofw. Is it allowed? Thanks a lot! Roland

  8. Hi Rolando, yes, you can revert back to paying as OFW. I hope you’ve already registered for your online SSS account so you can track your payments online.

  9. hi, I’m married here in US I’ve been paying my SSS since 1995,and it was stopped when our company was down and i still owed there as i remember more than 2,000 pesos from the last SSS loan that i got, my question can I still able to get my retirement fee in the future? What certain steps that i need to do? Please help me in this matter. I highly appreciate your response.

  10. Hi Corazon, yes, if you’ve accumulated at least 120 contributions when you turn 60, you qualify for pension. But you should pay your loan balance asap so the interests/penalties will not reduce or wipe out your pension. You can email SSS and ask your loan balance and no. of contributions. You can also register at so you can check your records online. But you need a recent transaction no. to register — you can ask someone here in the Phils to pay 1 contribution at SSS for you and ask for the transaction no. Register at non-peak time, such as midnight or dawn here in the Phils.

  11. Hi, I just got my australian citizenship recently. Can I still continue my sss payments eventhough I stopped paying my contributions for a few years now? If I can, do I need to register again even if I’ve been paying sss already before I moved overseas?

  12. Hi Gigi, yes, you can continue paying. You don’t need to register again as long as your first contributions were remitted properly (meaning your previous employer remitted to SSS for you). Register to get your online SSS account so you can track your payments and records. Register at non-peak time (about midnight or dawn here in the Phils). Check if you have a Date of Coverage — this is important for benefit claim filing later on.

  13. I live abroad permanent resident in Canada, I have been receiving small SSS pension since 2005, it was terminated recently but reinstated when I sent required document of my present status around 2013…

  14. Hi garycruz, thanks for sharing info. Yes, SSS checks or verifies the status of its pensioners yearly.

  15. Hi nora. I’m registered at my.SSS. Previously I could see my records. Recently I can no longer log-in, always denied/”ACCOUNT IS BLOCKED”. Why did that happen and how can I unblock? thanks

  16. Hi tina, SSS password should be changed every 6 months. This SSS’s advice for blocked accounts: for online account assistance, email Ms. Farrah Lachica at Write your concern/request, complete name, 10-digit SSS number, date of birth, name of employer as reference. Attach scanned or screenshots of valid IDs.

  17. Hi Ms. Nora I want to continue my SSS but unfortunately I lost my ID and don’t have any records. Is it possible to continue the same contribution or do I need to register for a new one? If yes, can you please guide me on how to do it. I’m an OFW now for about 10 years and I have stopped paying my contribution since then. Thank you.

  18. Good day! Ms.Nora, where in Sydney Australia can I pay SSS? I’m new here.I hope you can help me. Thanks

  19. Hi Andy, sorry I missed this question of yours. Yes, you can continue paying SSS. Do you mean you don’t know your SSS no.? No, you are prohibited from getting a new SSS no. Everyone is allowed to have only one SSS no. Email SSS at with Subject: SSS No. Verification. Write your complete name, date and place of birth, names of parents, gender, the home address you most likely wrote when you registered and current Philippine address. Scan or photograph your IDs and attach it to your email.

  20. Hi I’m an ofw here in jeddah. I’ve been here two months. Can I continue paying my sss? I have paid month of may. thank you

  21. Hi Ma. cecilia, yes, you can continue paying your SSS. Payment deadlines for OFWs are more flexible, so you can pay for any month/months of the current year during the current year. To save on remittance fees, pay for several months in a single remittance. You can pay for June to Dec this month or in July or in Aug or in Dec. You can pay through Skyfreight or IRemit or Ventaja partners.

  22. Good day. I want to ask about continuing payment for SSS for my mom as OFW who is living with me now here in Spain. We have remittance centers here which accepts payments. She said that the last payments she was paying was Php 200, what she wants to increase it, is is possible? Can she do that automatically without any problem or without any paper work to do in the Philippines? Thanks a lot po in advance!

  23. Hi Lyn, if your mom was previously an employed SSS member in the Phils, yes, your mom can continue her SSS payments without filing any paperwork. If she was self-employed, and did not file RS-1, it’s better if she emails to SSS an accomplished OW-1 form with scans of her IDs. If she was previously an employed member, and she wants to increase her contributions to maximum or near maximum, she needs to email SSS a scan of signed SSS Contributions Payment form (sign the DECLARATION OF EARNINGS OF INDIVIDUAL PAYOR portion) and a scan of her contribution payment/remittance receipt. If she prefers not doing the paperwork, she can increase her contributions from month to month by up to 2 levels only, starting from 500 pesos (since she’s OFW). Next will be 660, then 770 and so on. If she’s 55 and older, she should increase by only 1 level after reaching 1,100.

  24. Hi, good day! I live in US. I want to continue my sss contribution, what form should i use? And i would like to change my beneficiaries too. Could you help me what to do? Thanks for your help…

  25. Hi Gigi, if you were an employed SSS member before in the Philippines, you can continue paying without doing any paperwork. You just continue to pay. You can pay online through or About beneficiary change: Download this SSS Member Data Change Request Form, fill up, then scan and email it to together with a scan of 2 valid photo IDs/passport. You’re not ofw, but this email address gives priority to overseas Filipinos.

  26. Hello .. I’m here abroad and I’ve tried to register online.. Where can I find the Otc # or Sbr number? Should I fill up first the sr5 form to change the type of Payor So I can get the required number ?? Thanks a lot in advance

  27. Hi Jen, try entering 6 digits from any transaction no. that appears on your remittance receipt. Use a receipt for contributions you think are already posted by SSS. If your tries are not successful, ask someone in the Phils to pay one contribution for you using the Contributions Payment Form at an SSS branch, and ask for the SBR no.

  28. hi! i would like to ask if i can continue paying my sss contribution as ofw even if im not ofw anymore?

  29. Hi marilou, you can, but it’s better that you now write Voluntary — members get the same benefits, whether they’re OFW or non-OFW. The only advantage of being an OFW is the more flexible payment deadlines for OFWs. If you saved with SSS Flexi-Fund as OFW, you can continue paying to Flexi even if you’re no longer OFW.

  30. Hi Mrs Nora, Would like to ask a question for my aunt who is an 87 year old US citizen and is retired and living in the US. Regarding the Annual Confirmation of Pensioner (ACOP), she found out that her pensions for the years 2012 to 2014 has been recalled from her SSS account in the philippines. We searched for the requirements to reinstate her sss pension. However, one of the requirement is that she has to submit a copy of her philippine sss id and a copy of her passport. What should we do if she lost her philippine SSS ID? Thank you very much for the help. Joseph

  31. Hi Joseph, the new ACOP advisory says that if there’s no SSS ID, the pensioner can present a Certificate of Appearance issued by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate, plus, if confined or staying in an institution, a certification of confinement from the retirement home or similar institution. She can email scans of these to, including scans of the accomplished ACOP form and available photo IDs. I think, if she’s not in an institution, she can instead include a medical certificate (see back of ACOP form). She’s not ofw, but this email address can be used by overseas Pinoys to get faster response.

  32. Hi, I’m US immigrant, my mother is continue paying my SSS in the Phil. is there any way I can pay it online? My mom is old and I don’t want her to go to SSS office every month she having trouble walking.

  33. Dear Ms Nora,. I am OfW, before I left,I manage to have my sss number but I failed to pay my first payment in Philippines,. Is it possible I can pay my first payment here in UAE? If im going to pay it here are they going to provide me Otc # or Sbr number? for I know this is the requirements for regestering online. thank you

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