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  1. Ms Nora, I am 52 years old male and presently working in a bpo company, last year I had a heart attack and now I still have hypertension and i am on medication for my coronary heart disease. Because of the nature the business of the bpo, we have different work schedules every week so we wake up at different times, adding to our stress, as sometimes we lack sleep due to the environment in the house. It’s made worse for someone like me with heart condition. Our company’s policy of prohibiting bathroom breaks — we cannot just go to relieve ourselves — I feel is giving me uncomfortable situation and pushing up my blood pressure. Lately I got absent but not consecutive. Lately my company is implementing a policy related to disciplinary measures for transgressions in which one is employee adherence aside from performance etc. For every transgressions, one earns demerit points up to 4 but you can earn it back if your status is perfect every month. if im not mistaken. in my case, I got absent for 2 days considered critical days so I earned 4 points which resulted in written warning. even if you submit a medical cert they dont honor it, you’re still absent, unless you’re confined in a hospital. Since I can’t be sure if I can work without getting abset due to my illness, I’ve been planning to resign this december. My sss contribution po has exceeded the required minimum sss contribution to be eligible for pension. My questions:
    1. If I’m no longer working, can I avail of the benefits while an inactive member.
    2. I’ll still have my sss loan balance until next year, what if I can no longer pay it as I no longer have a job and have made my health now more important
    3. I plan to go back to our province and sell whatever I can earn from. Can I be a voluntary member even if there’s no certain source of income.
    4. My retirement age is still years away, is there a way I can benefit from what I worked hard for? I am single and alone here in manila. I hope you can answer my questions and give me advice for my own good. Thanks a lot. I hope you don’t get tired of answering questions from your fellowmen. Sincerely, Julius H.

  2. Hi yu arerreh, you’re right that your health is more important. Have you tried looking for a job that’s less stressful than your BPO job? The advantage of having a job is your HMO, Philhealth, SSS and Pag-ibig. Living in the province is a good option only if you can be sure you can start a viable business there. You need capital, even for a very small business. But you can survive well in the province if you have a house, some land and if you know how to plant vegetables for your own consumption, or how to raise goats, chickens, pigs or cows. Actually, you can be healthier in the province if you enjoy living there, and you know how to use available resources. If you decide to resign, try your best to continue paying your SSS contributions as Voluntary so you can avail of sickness benefit or salary loan or partial disability, and to pay your Philhealth premiums for some coverage. About your SSS loan: if your company is complying with SSS rules, your total loan balance will be deducted in full from your last payment. If your company does not deduct, try to pay off your loan as Voluntary, as the interests and penalties will accumulate and will become bigger. Loan balances will be deducted from monthly pensions if unpaid. I hope you’re also reading about health foods that can help you heal. Pray always. I’ll get back if I have something more to add.

  3. How is it if previously I have an sss no. but I wasn’t able to contribute. What will happen? I wish to activate. What’s the process?

  4. Hi Sihayleen, the best way is to find a job, so your employer can report you to SSS, and your employer can remit your contributions. But if you want, you can start your small business (buy and sell, sarisari store, Avon, insurance, real estate, tricycle) then register as Self-Employed. Show proofs to SSS that you’re earning income. Fill up the RS1 form and have it approved, stamped and signed by SSS. After your RS1 form is approved, you can start contributing. Keep your RS1 form for future use.

  5. hi, is it possible for me and my spouse to register as self-employed, even if we don’t have tin? We’re both vendors/merchants at the wet market and were instructed to get a barangay certificate as proof of our business/source of income. thanks

  6. Hi Cesar, there’s a post I’ve written about PESO, comparing it to Pag-ibig’s MP2 savings program. This is about SSS PESO Fund. PESO requires that you have paid at least 6 consecutive months within the past 12 months, and if you’re Voluntary or Self-Employed or OFW, you’re required to pay the maximum regular SSS contribution (1,760 pesos), as you save with PESO. Minimum monthly PESO savings is 1,000 pesos. If employed, your regular SSS contribution need not be maximum; it will depend on your monthly income. To start with PESO, you need to register at these branches: Alabang, Diliman, Cubao, San Francisco Del Monte, Pasig-Shaw, Makati-Gil Puyat, Taguig, Pasay-Roxas Boulevard, Legarda. PESO will be offered at other branches later on.

  7. Hi Olga, in the SSS RS1 form, you need to write your TIN. You can now get your TIN online free of charge. It’s called eTIN. Just go here: . You will enter your: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Extension Name, Birth Date, Email, Civil Status, Gender. Make sure your email address is valid — this is where BIR will send your eTIN. I’m glad you’re registering with SSS.

  8. good day. last week po I was paying at SSS as voluntary member. I asked po how much should I pay monthly. I was told to pay how much I can — 220 or 330. so i decided 220 as it’s affordable. After that, I was told to pay at bayad center to pay for month of september. I was given a list for monthly contributions and I saw there’s an amount lower than 220. there’s 110 and 165. Can I pay 110 as my monthly contribution without going to SSS to update my account with SSS office? Direct payment to bayad center?

  9. Hi Chi, were you employed before? and your employer remitted your contributions to SSS? If yes, your status is Voluntary. Yes, you can change from 220 to 110 or 165 without going to SSS. You can directly pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. If not employed before, you should register as self-employed using an RS1 form and proof of source of income, like barangay certificate of source of income. After SSS approves your RS1 form, you can continue paying at Bayad Center/SM Business Center. You can also change from 220 to 110 or 165. When your income increases, it’s good to increase your contributions to increase your benefits.

  10. Dear Ate Noors, I am an OFW present working in Singapore, I just read about the SSS peso fund, it quite good and interesting, so during my last vacation in the Philippines, I tried to register as a member of this SSS peso fund, but when I talked to one of the desk staff inside the SSS office, he told me that SSS peso fund is not applicable to OFW, instead he offered me the SSS flexi fund. I just read in one of your previous topic, that OFW can also join this SSS peso fund? by the way I applied in Baliuag Bulacan Branch. Regards, Amira

  11. Hi Amira, the SSS officer should not have flatly said that the PESO is not available to OFWs. PESO has no restrictions on membership type. What the officer should have done is to explain to you that for OFWs, the Flexi-Fund is much better than the PESO fund. So now I suggest to you that the Flexi-Fund is a better choice for you as an OFW. This Flexi is available only to OFWs, so you are privileged. Why is Flexi-Fund better for you? It’s more flexible, meaning you can get your savings in partial or in full, and have the rest for later years. Flexi also earns more as aside from the regular dividends, there’s an annual incentive. Registration and payment is also simpler. While here in the Phils, you can file OW-1 form with your OEC or any proof you’re OFW. If already abroad, you can mail or email the OW1 form from abroad. Payment is done at the same time with the regular SSS. Pay for example 3000, and automatically, 1,760 will go to your regular SSS, and then 1,240 (3,000-1,760) will go to your Flexi. If you pay 5k, 3,240 will go to your Flexi. You can increase/decrease your payments, as long as your payment is at least 1,960 (1,760 + the 200 minimum Flexi payment). If you also want to save with PESO, just say you’re already a Flexi member, and you want the features of PESO. Just comment again if I missed some things. Some Flexi-Fund info

  12. Hi Ms. Nora, my husband is a construction worker but there are times that they have no project, meaning it is not regular, is he eligible for Self Employed? Previously he works as a riceman in one of the fastfood chain when he was single, does that mean he will continue as voluntary automatically?
    please enlighten us since we would like to continue the sss payments with the lowest amount(that is what we can afford).

  13. Hi Merille, was there a time that your husband’s employer reported him to SSS, and he had contributions remitted by this previous employer? If yes, then he can continue paying as Voluntary. But if he was never reported by an employer, he must register as Self-Employed using RS1 form and get approval before paying. If he is not sure, he should go to the nearest SSS with his ID and verify his status and previous contributions. He should ask if he has a Date of Coverage — this means he was reported to SSS correctly. If he needs to register as Self-Employed, he should bring some proof that he is earning money from construction as Independent Contractor, and not Employed. Proof can be payment of construction service.

  14. Hi gud morning po, my father lacks 36 mos to complete the required 120. this year 60 he will turn 60. Can he claim for pension?

  15. Hi maryrose, if he decides so, he can continue paying for 3 more years so he will complete the required 120 contributions and claim for his pension after 3 years. He can go to SSS and ask how much he can increase his contributions. But if he likes to get his SSS benefit now, he can file for his lump sum, which is equal to the total of all his SSS contributions plus interest.

  16. Hi Ayessa, yes, as long as you qualify for both. For salary loan, you should have at least 36 contributions, including 6 contributions within the last 12 months. For maternity benefit, you should have at least 3 contributions within the 12 months before your semester of delivery.

  17. Thanks Nora! This really helps. I have another question though, If salary loan and maternity benefit will be applied at the same time, will my maternity benefit be reduced by the loan?

  18. Hi Ayessa, no. It’s only when a member has a delinquent loan that SSS deducts the delinquent loan from maternity benefit.

  19. hello ms nora, ask ko lang if i have two employers (1 full time, 1 consultant/part time), both paying my sss contributions for me. Is there a conflict with my total contributions monthly? same thing with my pagibig and philhealth. thank u po

  20. Hi dheng, what I know is that SSS posts the total of the monthly contributions from both employers. The problem arises when the total exceeds 1,760 (current maximum). I’m not sure now if SSS still puts the contributions on hold for the month, or puts on hold only the excess. I hope you already have your online SSS account, so you can observe how SSS now posts dual/multiple contributions. You should be able to see how your contributions in 2015 were posted. If your contributions were not posted because they exceeded 1,760, or only one was posted, but it was less than 1,760, you can file for consolidation of your contributions due to multiple employers (maybe you can do this yearly).
    For Pag-ibig, there’s no problem because there’s no maximum limit for P1 contributions. Keep your records so you can check later on if your total contributions were correctly posted. When you have time, you can go to your Pag-ibig branch and ask for a copy of your TAV so you can check. For Philhealth, I think there’s no problem because if ever there’s a need to use it, you just ask for a cert of applicable premium payments from your full time employer.

  21. My wife was born in feb 1960. She’s sss voluntary member po since 2007. Her monthly contribution is around 110. This apr-jun 2016 she increased po her contribution to 550 monthly and she plans to increase further to 990 and increase again in the next years. She increased by 8 brackets. Is that allowed? Can she claim after 60 so she can increase her pension?

  22. Hi Wills, you said your wife is a voluntary member since 2007. Did she work previously? I mean, was her first SSS contribution paid as employee? Does she have an SSS ID? I asked because a member cannot start paying as a voluntary member. Or did she file RS1 as self-employed in 2007? If not sure or if she does not have an SSS ID, she should go to SSS with her ID (any ID) and fill up a verification slip to verify her Date of coverage (DOC) and to make sure all her contributions are valid.
    About increase in contributions, SSS had changed its policy — now, any member less than 55 years old can increase his/her monthly contributions to any amount, by any number of brackets, by any number of times. By age 55, one can increase by only one bracket per year. Your wife is now past 55 so here’s the SSS circular about increase in SSS monthly contributions.
    About continuing to pay past age 60: yes, because she started paying when she was younger than 55.

  23. i have an sss number since 1998. but as of now i did not pay my contribution. i decided to pay it now. it is possible when im applying as a self employed? coz i have monthly income 5000.00, to take care my nephew,his mother work in dubai. i want to pay my contribution on my own.i bring my affidavit of source of income.

  24. my husband is a construction worker.we were same situation about our sss number. he decided to pay his contribution now.his payroll weekly is enough to bring it to sss branch as a proof of his income?we’re planning to be a self-employed member of sss.

  25. i have a additional question if you dont mind. how much is notarized the affidavit of source of income?

  26. Hi aileen, if you have the copies of the affidavit, find a notary that charges only 100 or 150 pesos. Ask around if there’s a lawyer-councilor in your city hall offering free notary service.

  27. Hi aileen, your husband’s affidavit should state that he’s working as an independent construction worker, not an employee. He states that he works on contracts in different construction projects. If the SSS officer senses that he’s an employee, the officer will tell him to ask his employer to report him as employee. It’s the same with your situation. SSS requires household employers to report and pay for their helpers/caregivers. If you have other sources of income, mention them, making it appear that you earn from babysitting per agreement, and buy-and-sell. Sometimes SSS officers prefer certification from your barangay about your sources of income. Ask for 2 certificates, one for you and one for your husband. I’m glad that you’re making efforts to become active SSS members.

  28. im turning 37 of age this year. im planning to start paying my contribution in sss. how many months i would pay the contribution to become completely my contribution?

  29. hi mrs nora, thanks for your response.does sss honor if im going to write personally our certificates and then i will bring it to the public attorney’s office for notarization?

  30. Hi aileen, after your SSS RS1 form is stamped and signed by SSS, you can pay your first monthly contribution (for May 2016). If you write 5,000 as your monthly income on the RS1 form, your monthly SSS contribution will be 550. If you write 3,000, your contribution will be 330 pesos. Pay again in June and every month thereafter. You can try applying for your SSS ID maybe in July or August when you are given your Date of Coverage.

  31. Hi aileen, basically, yes. If you’re an independent worker or contractor, you’re not an employee, so you can register as self-employed. SSS does not want employees to register as self-employed; they want the employers to report their employees to SSS.

  32. Hi Po, almost 16 years that I’ve been a member of sss. and have loaned 2x. I’m new in this company and was just regularized. Can I file a loan? they’ll just started paying for my sss contribution this month. thanks po

  33. Hi Mylaine, do you mean your new company did not pay for your SSS while you were on probation? To qualify for the loan, SSS requires that you have paid at least 6 months within the last 12 months prior to loan application. Enroll in online SSS so you can check if you’re eligible to apply for a salary loan. You can also apply online if your employer has an online SSS account.

  34. Hi Mrs Nora. My friend is a government employee and also a member of SSS ? She’s now 61 yrs old and completed her 120 months SSS contributions but still employed with the government. Can she now apply for her retirement claim with the SSS although still employed?

  35. Hi Mrs.Nora naging Self Employed SSS member po ako noong March 2012 (unang apply ko sa sss) nagdecide po ako na mag.apply as self employed sa SSS dahil naging Private Duty Nurse po ako for 3 years at nasasayangan naman ako sa panahon kung wala akong SSS until now naman okay ang hulog ko but i decided na mag.apply na sa iba so my question is if ever matanggap po ako sa pinag aaplyan ko ano na pong mangyayari sa hinulugan ko as a self employed sss kasi pag sa company na po diba cayegorize na EMPLOYED na po ang huhulugan? So ano po ang mangyayari papalitan ko po ba ang SSS ko from self employed to employed or okay na syang ganyan …salamat po at God Bless

  36. Hi Shammy, it’s great that you started paying in 2012. Sayang nga naman yong panahon. Did you apply using RS-1? And was it stamped-approved before you paid? And have you enrolled in SSS online service? I hope so. About self-employed to employed: Ok nang wala kang gagawin. It will be your employer who will report you to SSS within 30 days of your employment. After your first contribution as employee is remitted, dapat yong member category mo is automatically changed to Employed. Pero sometimes immediate ang change; sometimes after several contributions as Employed.

  37. Hi ms nora,gud evening po ask ko lang po magkano ang 1st loan sa sss ng ofw 550 pesos ang buwan na hulog.salamat po mam.

  38. Hi Lolita, 5,000 ang salary credit ng 550-peso contribution. Kung meron ka nang 36 or more contributions but less than 72 contributions, one-month loan pa lang ang puede mong i-loan, meaning makaka-loan ka ng 5k pesos.

  39. Hi Iza, puede nang magbayad diretso as Voluntary, kasi you were Employed before, as long as you’re sure your employer remitted your payments to SSS noon. Important kasi na your first payments to SSS were valid. Wala nang additional process to change member category from Employed to Voluntary. Pag na-post na ng SSS yong payment mo as Voluntary, automatic na magiging Voluntary na ang member category mo.

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