SSS Membership — Start with 110 Pesos for Your Family

Updated August 2014:

Are you earning money every month? At least 1,000 pesos every month? And you’re NOT YET an SSS MEMBER?

Be an SSS member. This is for you and your family.

In early 2011 in Makati, 10 construction workers fell to their death, and when their families were interviewed on TV, and the issue of benefits came up, they said their husbands did not have SSS.

If these workers had SSS, their wives and small children could have been helped by pensions. They could also have claimed funeral benefits.

You can be an SSS member if you are a farmer, fisherman, sari-sari store owner, direct seller of products, vendor, tricycle driver, jeepney driver, sales agent, etc.

Your category would be SELF-EMPLOYED because you don’t have an employer.


1.  Prepare your birth certificate (original and xerox), if you do not yet have an SSS no.

2.  Prepare at least one PROOF of source of income (original and xerox).

What are valid proofs of source of income?

– Notarized Affidavit of Source of Income
– Receipts of Sales Commissions
– Direct Marketing ID or certificate
– Business Permit
– PRC License
– DTI Registration
– Mayor’s Permit
– SEC Registration
– Franchise Permit as Transportation Operator, with Vehicle Registration Certificate
– Others

Be ready to answer questions about what you do to earn money. The SSS officers want to be sure you’re really earning money, and not just receiving money from someone else.

3.  Go to the SSS branch nearest your house or your work/business.

4.  If you don’t have yet your SSS no., fill-up E1 Form.

Submit your filled-up E1 form together with your birth or baptismal certificate (original and xerox).

5.  After getting your SSS no., fill up RS1 Form (Self-Employed Data Record), the form for Self-Employed applicants.

This is a sample RS1 SELF-EMPLOYED DATA RECORD form.

6.  Submit filled-up form. Answer questions, such as what do you do to earn money? How much?

7.  You will receive a stamped/approved copy of your RS1 form.

8.  After your RS1 form is approved and stamped by SSS, you can start paying your first SSS contribution. Use RS5 form.


The minimum SSS monthly contribution is 110 pesos. This is for those earning between 1,000 to 1,249.99 per month.
The next contributions are 165, 220, 275, 330, 385, and so on.

Here’s the new Table of SSS Contributions.

Do not worry that you cannot pay your contributions every month. Just do your best to contribute every month.

Become an SSS member. You and Your Family Will Benefit. 


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  1. hi po,gud day!mam,2007-2009 active po ang pagbabayad ko ng sss sa dati kong company..nahinto po after ng trabaho ko bale 5yrs po ngayon,pwede ko pa po ba hulugan yun ulit o magreregister po ako ng voluntary o ofw?ma avail ko din po b dun yung maternity benefits?

    isa pa po mam..

    yung bf ko 1st job nia s sm,3mons lng po xa dun pero kinuhaan sila ng e1 di daw po siya sure kung nahulugan tlg..e1 lng po un,pwede p din po b nia un hulugan?

    we r currently here in taiwan..

    Thank you..

  2. I’ve worked for 4 to 5 month, but I found out our employer didn’t remit our contributions. I want to pay my contributions. thanks

  3. Hello po, ask ko lang po. May makukuha bang benepisyo ang mama ko nagwork siya sa Dole ng 4yrs at 4yrs din contribution niya. 2x lang niya nagamit ang maternity niya.never nakapgloan si mama ko po. After 4yrs ngstop na cinttibuiin kasi umalais na sa Dole. 66 na po mama ko now. Tapos c papa ko din 5~6yrs nagtrabho sa DOLE after that nagstop na contribution never po siya nakapagloan with in 5~6yrs na conttibution niya nong nasa DOLE po siya.edad ni papa ko now is 65. Salamat po sana masagot niyo po katanungan ko.

  4. Hi Myrna, yes, both your parents can file their retirement claims to get their benefits. But it would be lump sum amounts, and not pension because they didn’t reach the required 120 contributions. Their money should have earned interest because they could have claimed their benefits when they turned 60. Here’s the retirement claim form.

  5. hi good day mam/sir magtatanong lang po ako kung paano gagain ko dati na pong akong naghulog sa sss ko i think 6months continues.pero nahinto ng i think 8-9years.gusto ko pong ituloy na un ngayon nakakapagtrabaho na ko dito sa ibang bansa.paano po ba gagawin ko.meron napo akong sss number.tulong naman po
    eto po ang aking email address

  6. hi ..just wanna ask about my sister..she resigned because she got pregnant. She likes to continue her SSS contributions so she can file for her maternity benefits. july 2014 was her last she self employed? She has no proof of self employment. thanks

  7. hello po,tanong ko lng,gusto ko po sana hulugan sss ko kasi never pa po syang nahulugan,ang trabaho ko po ay nagtitinda ng gulay sa bangketa lng po,pwd po ko mag-apply na self employed?

  8. Hi esperanza, you can ask a certification from your barangay that you are a vegetable vendor, then go to SSS with your ID and fill up RS1 form.

  9. hi good morning. may i ask, i have sss # but i have not contributed because i don’t have a job yet kc. can i pay even if i don’t have work? voluntary? how do i get an sss id unified because i plan to work abroad after graduating. need your answer please. thanks.have a nice day.

  10. Hi maria, you should start as self-employed. You cannot pay as Voluntary because you did not pay SSS previously employed. Submit RS1 form and proof of income to SSS. Please read the instructions above. You can sell beauty products (Avon or Personal Collection) while studying so you can present proof of income. You can apply for a Unified ID after at least 3 contributions are posted and after you get a Date of Coverage.

  11. good day. may i ask how many years are we going to pay our SSS contributions. I started last year as self employed. tnx

  12. Hi Maria, if you plan to receive pension after you turn 60, pay at least 120 contributions. If less than 120, you won’t qualify for pension, you get a lump sum.

  13. This is ronel, how can a self employed jeepney driver apply for an SSS loan> What are the requirements? How long is the processing and how much can I get for my first loan?

  14. Hi Ronel, I’m glad that you’re an active SSS member. You can apply for a loan if you’ve been actively paying SSS for the past years. Have you paid 36 monthly contributions? Are these already posted? You can go to SSS and ask. Or register at, so you can check your contributions and your salary loan eligibility. You can also apply online for a loan. The check is processed within 2 weeks and the delivery by registered mail takes another 2 weeks. Can be faster in some cases.
    How much is your first loan? If your total no. of monthly contributions is less than 76, your first loan is the same as your average salary credit for the past 12 months. For example, if you’ve been paying 660 for the past 12 months, your average salary credit is 6000 — this means your first loan amount is 6000.

  15. Hi I want to register my mother who is 50 years old with sss but she has no work. My father is an sss member but he is no longer employed so it’s most likely my mother can not qualify as non working spouse, am I right?

  16. Hi Cheng, you’re right that your mother cannot apply as a non-working spouse because your father is no longer employed or self-employed. Your mother should think of a way to earn income (sari-sari store, Avon, buy-and-sell, etc) so she can apply as self-employed.

  17. hi. Can I avail of maternity benefit for my 2 kids, 8 yrs old and 3 yrs old. Before, I wasn’t able to apply for maternity because my e1 was missing, then I saw it yesterday while I was cleaning…after 8 yrs. Can I still avail?

  18. Hi vei, yes, you can still claim if you have paid your contributions for the required months. See this chart: Another requirement is that you should have filed your MAT1 form before giving birth, but if you have your ultrasound report or cert of pregnancy from your ob-gyne, you can try. Include a letter of explanation. Sometimes they accept; other times they don’t. Documents required

  19. Hi Ms Nora,69 years old na po ako at tumatangap na po ng pension sa sss,pwede po ba akong mag invest sa Flexy Fund.Ano po ang mga requirements?

  20. Hi Cessprin, if you’re already working or self-employed, yes, you can register with SSS. First, apply for your SSS no. using your birth certificate. After getting your SSS no., if you’re self-employed, present proof of your self-employment or source of income.

  21. Hello good morning, can i ask? last year 2012, i was self-employed and paid from January to March. After January and March, I wasn’t able to pay, as my livelihood was farming. Last year po 2014 I worked at a company and the company continued my SSS payable. This year 2015 I want to have my SSS ID. The problem is I had contributions in 2012 from January-March as self-employed and they need my receipt of my payable from January-March 2012. But our house got burned, including the receipts of my SSS payable. What should i do now; the teller told me to have my SSS payments in 2012 deleted, and I did not agree because I worked hard for those payments. What should I do so I can get my ID? This is my SSS no. 09-3405322-0
    Thank you po and more power!

  22. Hi Edsel, did you submit an RS1 form plus proof of source of income in 2012 before you paid your contributions for Jan to March? And was it approved? If not, your contributions in 2012 were not valid, and this is the reason SSS cannot post your Date of Coverage (DOC). DOC is important for an SSS member. This is the date you were formally registered with SSS. Now that you’re employed, your DOC will be the date your employer first reported you to SSS and paid your first contribution as their employee. But SSS cannot post your DOC in your record because there’s the Jan to March 2012 issue. What to do? You write a letter to SSS requesting them to delete your Jan to March 2012 contributions because you did not know you need to register using RS1 form before paying and to refund them to you. List the 3 amounts, months paid and applicable months. Explain that you cannot attach ORs because your ORs were burned when your house got burned on __. Request SSS also to post your DOC as employee of __ since ___. Submit your letter to SSS.
    Then register online at so you can check if your DOC is already posted. If you have already a DOC, you can apply for your ID. Always remember your online SSS username and password and change it every 6 months before expiry date.

  23. I wish to register with sss. I don’t have a job but I have a small sari sari store and my husband is abroad. what are the requirements

  24. Hi glaisa, yes, you can. If you don’t have yet an SSS no., get first your SSS no. Go to the nearest SSS branch with your birth certificate, local registry or NSO (original and photocopy) and apply for your SSS no. (E4 form) After getting your SSS no., fill up RS-1 form, and submit together with your ID and your store’s business permit. Check this table of SSS contributions, and decide how much you’ll contribute every month. See the corresponding salary credit, and that’s what you write as your monthly income (multiply by 12 to get annual income). I hope your husband is already an SSS member. You can process E4 and RS1 the same day if you have complete papers.

  25. Hi good pm. As of now I have chickenpox and my doctor said I have 2 weeks leave. How many days does sss approve for this case? Thanks

  26. Hi pacita, sorry no. It’s only the original pensioner who can request for an advance of the first 18 monthly pensions. And the pension advance option is offered only once — only for the first 18 pensions.

  27. hi po ma’am…tanung quh lng po kung panu po mag apply sa SSS first time quh lng po kc mg aapply…anu po b ang mga kailangan dalhin…txtback asap…kc bkas na po sna aq mg aayus pra sa SSS…

  28. Good Day po. I have a live-in partner and we have a child. He does not have SSS No. or E1. Fishing is our livelihood. We wish to pay my SSS for our child. Can we apply?

  29. Good Day po! I’m living in with someone and we have a child! He’s not sss member. He wants to pay for my sss contributions. Is it allowed?

  30. Hi good am.I want to register my mother who is 50 years old to apply sss membership. Can she still register even if she’s already 50 years old?

  31. Hi rubielyn, yes, your mother can apply. But she needs to present proof that she has a source of income, like sari-sari store, or buy-and-sell, or independent work like insurance agent or real estate agent. Use SSS RS1 form.

  32. Hi Sharmaine, will you be a new member? Meaning you were not an employed SSS member previously? If not employed before, register first as self-employed. Fill up SSS RS1 form and show proof of your source of income (sales commission receipt or direct marketing ID). You will not be allowed to apply as a non-working spouse member (if your partner is an employed SSS member) because you’re not yet married.

  33. Hi Sharmaine, fishermen are allowed to register and pay as SSS members. You and your partner should first apply for your SSS no. by going to the nearest SSS branch with your birth certificate or baptismal certificate. You use the E1 form to apply for your SSS no. To save time, before going to SSS, it’s wise to first request your barangay or your fishing association for a certificate that you are a fisherman. If you have this certificate, you can apply to be a self-employed member immediately after getting your SSS no. (isang lakaran na lang). You use the RS1 form to apply for membership as self-employed. After your RS1 form is approved, you can start paying your contribution.

  34. Hi lyn, did your employer deduct SSS contributions from your salary and did not remit to SSS? If yes, you can go to your former employer and ask them to remit your contributions immediately. You can also file your complaint at SSS Diliman. Bring your payslips and employment papers. If you worked for this employer only for a short time, then it might be better to just move on and find a better employer.

  35. Hi good day po. I just want to ask if it is possible for me to have an sss if i’m unemployed but my husband is a member of sss and working abroad? Thank you po.

  36. Hi Sha, sorry the non-working spouse category is for the spouses of locally employed members only. What you can do is to find your own source of income, like buy and sell, or direct marketing like Avon, or sari-sari store, and then register as self-employed. Fill up SSS RS-1 form and show proof of income.

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