Philhealth Payments — Where to Pay Premiums or Contributions

Aside from Philhealth offices and branches, where do we make our Philhealth payments or where do we pay our Philhealth premiums or Philhealth contributions?


Allied Banking Corporation
Asia Trust Bank
Asia United Bank

Banco de Oro
Bank of Commerce
Bank of the Philippine Islands (E-Pay for Employers Only)
Bank One Savings and Trust Corp.

Century Savings Bank
China Banking Corporation
ChinaBank Savings (added May 2011)
Citibank NA
Citystate Savings Bank

Development Bank of the Philippines
Export & Industry Bank
Land Bank of the Philippines
Maybank Philippines
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Some Branches Only)

Philippine Business Bank
Philippine National Bank
Philippine Postal Savings Bank
Philippine Veterans Bank
Planters Development Bank
Premiere Development Bank

RCBC Savings Bank
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Robinsons Savings Bank
Security Bank
Union Bank of the Philippines
United Coconut Planters Bank


Asian Hills Bank, Inc.
Bukidnon Cooperative Bank
Century Rural Bank, Inc.
Country Rural Bank of Taguig, Inc.
Enterprise Bank, Inc.
Green Bank of Caraga
Gulf Bank (Rural Bank of Lingayen, Inc.)
Money Mall Rural Bank, Inc.
One Network Bank, Inc.
Peninsula Rural Bank, Inc.
People’s Bank of CARAGA
Producer’s Rural Banking Corp.
Progressive Bank
Rural Bank of Bambang (NV), Inc.
Rural Bank of Sta. Catalina (Negros Oriental), Inc.
Rural Bank of Jose Panganiban (CN), Inc.


Araneta Post Office
Kalookan Central Post Office
Manila Central Post Office
Makati Central Post Office
Marikina Post Office
Muntinlupa Central Post Office
Novaliches Post Office
Parañaque Post Office
Pasay Central Post Office
Quezon City Central Post Office


CIS Bayad Center, Inc.
Philippine Postal Corporation in Regions 2, 4A, 4B, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12
LBC Express Inc.
MLhuillier Phils. Inc.  (Region 6 only)


Quezon Province:  Calauag, Catanauan, Guinayangan, Perez, San Narciso, Tagkawayan, Unisan
Palawan: Taytay
Leyte: Leyte, Bato
Northern Samar: Laoang
Misamis Oriental: Calamba, Initao
Bukidnon: Kibawe
Cotabato: Banicilan



Overseas Branches of:
Development Bank of the Philippines
Philippine Veterans Bank

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  1. Hi Camille, yes, you can pay for 1 year in advance. Look for Bayad Centers here: USSC (Western Union) 169 McArthur Hiway Dau, VILLARICA at Stall D, PG Bldg., McArthur Hiway, Dau. There’s also USSC at Robinsons Starmills.

  2. Can I still use my Philhealth benefits since my mother was already using her Senior Citizens’ benefits during hospitalization? Thanks for your usual reply. joy

  3. Hi joy, are you asking if you can use your Philhealth for your mother’s hospitalization? If this is your question, no, for one and the same hospitalization, only one Philhealth membership can be used. If your mother has already used hers, she can no longer use yours.

  4. hi ms. nora. can I refund the 4400 (philhealth’s coverage for doctor’s fee) because I was required to pay 8000 in cash. I’m ofw dependent and was confined at a hospital for miscarriage. I had D&C, and 6600 was deducted from my hospital bills. I was told by the philhealth representative that the coverage is 11000 (6600 hospital bills and 4400 dr’s fee). tnx and God bless

  5. Hi Gie, yes, wait for your benefit payment notice from Philhealth, then present your notice, hospital bill and OR to the hospital and ask for your refund of 4400. If they tell you later on that the PF is 8k plus 4400, tell them they should have posted 12,400 as PF in your hospital bill. God bless too.

  6. hello, from may 2015-december 2015 hindi pa nababayaran ng company namin para sa mga employee, ngayon po may cheque na kami total amount from May-dec included ang penalty, how can we fill up the payment at the bank, monthly din ba like SSS..?thanks

  7. Hi Erl, sorry I’m not familiar with company Philhealth remittances, but what I know is that for late remittances, you have to pay at your Philhealth branch, so that they can check your penalty computations. I think forms are filled up from applicable month to applicable month, so you can compute the total remittance for each month and the total penalties for each month. will get back if I see something

  8. Hi Joann, yes, you can pay for him. Have your father-in-law’s Philhealth no. If you need to get his MDR, pay at Philhealth so you can get it. To be sure that they’ll give the MDR to you, bring his ID and authorization letter.

  9. Hi Ms. Nora, I wonder if I pay my monthly contribution through banks, is there any proof of payment (aside from bank receipts/bills payment slips). I learned these payment proofs are presented to the hospitals whenever you try to use your PhilHealth benefits. How can I prove that I have already paid my contributions for the last 3 months if I paid through a bank? Please respond…

  10. Hi Johnny, banks vary in what they use: some use their own bills payment slips; some use the Philhealth premium payment slip (PPPS) form, and some issue their own bank receipts. Just make sure that important data are on the document: your name, Philhealth, Philhealth no., date paid, amount paid and applicable dates. Xerox your receipts because some machine marks disappear after several days.

  11. Hi. I just want to know how soon can I use my Philhealth benefit/claim after paying mg premium. Thank you.

  12. Hi Jen, as soon as you have paid 3 months including current month. This March is a good time because you can pay this March for the months of Jan Feb and March, and then you’re able to use it also this March, starting from the day after you paid until May or June.

  13. Hello! Can I just download the PPPS form then pay my contribution in any accredited banks? Thank you..

  14. Hi melissa, sorry I have not paid through banks. What I know is that most of them use their own bills payment form to collect payments. Bayad Center uses its own Transaction Form while SM Business Center uses its Philhealth Payment Order Slip and then issues its cash machine receipt. But yes you can download the PPPS form and print it if your bank requires that form.

  15. My last contribution is Nov.2015.. If I pay the Jan-Mar contribution, can I use my philhealth benefit for my son’s hospitalization?.. Thank you..

  16. Hi Jengay, yes, you can use it starting from the next day after your payment this March to April or May.

  17. Hi, Nora. I just wanna ask if is it possible to pay my contribution at any branches? Or do I need to go to the main office near quezon city since I stopped paying last October 2014 up until now March 2016. I wanted to pay the 7 months to activate my philhealth so that I can use it anytime. What do I need to bring? Please advice. Thank you.

  18. Hi Meshill, you can pay at any Philhealth branch or any Philhealth mall office. Bring your Philhealth no. (if you know) and ID so you can get your new MDR after payment. Pay Jan to Mar today (deadline is today) so you can be covered starting Apr 1. Pay also Apr to June. So all in all, pay Jan to June (600 pesos). Payment deadline for every quarter is the last day of the quarter

  19. hi my last payment is may 2015. im an ofw can I pay my contribution to any bayad center for the months june 2015 tillnow april 2016? or I need to go to philhealth center? i will use it for my daughter’s hospitalization. pls reply tanx

  20. Hi nor, you should pay at any Philhealth branch. Bring proof that you’re an active OFW, like passport, OEC or job contract.

  21. Hi. I registered my mother under informal sector. I already got her PIN. My question is when to pay the contribution and how much is her contribution?

  22. Can we get health care coverage for my sons girl friend in Surigao City and how much would it be for a year.

  23. Hello, I have paid my Philhealth contribution from April 2015 up until March 2016. But I haven’t paid yet for the 2nd quarter of this year. MY question is if I pay it this week will I still be able to avail the benefit when I deliver my baby in June or July? thanks a lot.

  24. hi nora i just want to know if i can avail the philhealth benefits if i will pay now and give birth for 3rd months of october to first week of nov.

  25. Hi jen, if you pay for July to Sep, you’ll be covered for your delivery in Oct or Nov. But you should also pay for Apr to June, and Oct to Dec, so you’ll be covered starting June up to Feb 2017.

  26. Hi Lorraine, yes, ask the girlfriend to go to Philhealth with her ID and fill up the Philhealth registration form. After she gets her Philhealth number and MDR, she then sends the number to you and you can pay for her at Bayad Center or Philhealth. 600 pesos per quarter or 2,400 per 12 months. In case the girlfriend needs to use Philhealth, she needs the payment receipt.

  27. Hi Christine, the quarterly payment is 600 pesos. Payment deadline is last day of the quarter. For this Apr to June quarter, you can pay this month or next month, so she’ll start being covered in June.

  28. Hi mary, sorry no more. Payment deadline for every quarter is the last day of the quarter. Ask others too

  29. Hi ! I registered my Philhealth thru online last feb .but I cant pay my 1st contribution . Can i use my Philhealth benefits this july? If i pay only April to Sept ? Can i pay in bayad center ? Or I need to go to Philhealth branch ?

  30. Hi Charisse, yes, you can use it in July. It’s better that you go to Philhealth and pay Apr to Sep there so you can get your MDR and card. Bring your ID.

  31. Hi Ceni, ask your sibling. If she’s a regular individual payor, she should be paying 600 pesos per quarter (200 per month). If she registered as professional earning 25k or more a month, her premium is 900 pesos per quarter (300 per month). If she’s employed earning 24k to 24,999, she pays 300 and her employer pays 300 for a total of 600.

  32. Hi Mrs Nora. how can i verify my philhealth membership contribution online? Thank you

  33. Im am ofw here in jubail saudi arabia and i want to continue my philhealth membership but i dont know where to pay my contribution.

  34. Hi Arnel, you can pay your Philhealth at Skyfreight and other partners of Ventaja and Landbank.


  36. Hello how can I avail of philhealth? I’m OFW. my previous PHILHEALTh, the first time I went ABROAD, I have not paid it. This is my 2 TIME. EXPIRED last MAY 20. Can I pay VIA BANK? Thanks po

  37. Hi Maria Victoria, yes, you can continue to pay. Are you in Jordan? Bring your Philhealth no. and pay at JORDAN AL SAMHOURI EXCHANGE, SWEIFIEH AMMAN, HAMRAH ST. or KHALIL AL?RAHMAN EXCHANGE CO. at 2ND CIRCLE BELLEVUE HOTEL Amman. Pay for 1 year (2,400 pesos). You can use it anytime within your validity dates in the receipt (from date of payment to the 12th month).

  38. good day maam/sir i would like to ask i signup for online account in philhealth online services so we can monitor our contribution, and it says SUCCESSFUL and check your email to complete the registration , but im not receiving any email notification, how long will it take? thanks in advance for your help

  39. Hi anna mae, maybe their system had a glitch. I hope you’ll get your reply soon. Anyway, just remember to pay your quarterly payment on time so you’re covered all the time.

  40. hello. i have some concerns about my philhealth. i stopped paying for a year when i started working abroad. now i want to continue paying. How do I start again? do i need to pay the months I did not pay for, or start anew? and if i need to start anew, do i need to go to a philhealth branch or okay at bayad center? thank you.

  41. Hi Quico, if your current MDR shows you’re Employed or OFW, it’s better that you pay at Philhealth so you can get a new MDR and your Philhealth card. Fill up the registration form. Check FOR UPDATING. Bring your ID. Pay for April to June on or before June 30 so you can be covered starting the day after payment. You don’t need to pay for the past quarters you were not able to pay.

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