Philhealth Payments — Where to Pay Premiums or Contributions

Aside from Philhealth offices and branches, where do we make our Philhealth payments or where do we pay our Philhealth premiums or Philhealth contributions?


Allied Banking Corporation
Asia Trust Bank
Asia United Bank

Banco de Oro
Bank of Commerce
Bank of the Philippine Islands (E-Pay for Employers Only)
Bank One Savings and Trust Corp.

Century Savings Bank
China Banking Corporation
ChinaBank Savings (added May 2011)
Citibank NA
Citystate Savings Bank

Development Bank of the Philippines
Export & Industry Bank
Land Bank of the Philippines
Maybank Philippines
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Some Branches Only)

Philippine Business Bank
Philippine National Bank
Philippine Postal Savings Bank
Philippine Veterans Bank
Planters Development Bank
Premiere Development Bank

RCBC Savings Bank
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Robinsons Savings Bank
Security Bank
Union Bank of the Philippines
United Coconut Planters Bank


Asian Hills Bank, Inc.
Bukidnon Cooperative Bank
Century Rural Bank, Inc.
Country Rural Bank of Taguig, Inc.
Enterprise Bank, Inc.
Green Bank of Caraga
Gulf Bank (Rural Bank of Lingayen, Inc.)
Money Mall Rural Bank, Inc.
One Network Bank, Inc.
Peninsula Rural Bank, Inc.
People’s Bank of CARAGA
Producer’s Rural Banking Corp.
Progressive Bank
Rural Bank of Bambang (NV), Inc.
Rural Bank of Sta. Catalina (Negros Oriental), Inc.
Rural Bank of Jose Panganiban (CN), Inc.


Araneta Post Office
Kalookan Central Post Office
Manila Central Post Office
Makati Central Post Office
Marikina Post Office
Muntinlupa Central Post Office
Novaliches Post Office
Parañaque Post Office
Pasay Central Post Office
Quezon City Central Post Office


CIS Bayad Center, Inc.
Philippine Postal Corporation in Regions 2, 4A, 4B, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12
LBC Express Inc.
MLhuillier Phils. Inc.  (Region 6 only)


Quezon Province:  Calauag, Catanauan, Guinayangan, Perez, San Narciso, Tagkawayan, Unisan
Palawan: Taytay
Leyte: Leyte, Bato
Northern Samar: Laoang
Misamis Oriental: Calamba, Initao
Bukidnon: Kibawe
Cotabato: Banicilan



Overseas Branches of:
Development Bank of the Philippines
Philippine Veterans Bank

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  1. Hi, I stopped contributing for 1 yr (last contribution was aug 2013) then I updated to become a voluntary member. I paid for july-sept 2014. Am i eligible to use philhealth when I give birth last week of sept or 1st week of october?

  2. Hi I’ve paid for first quarter this year.. Jan to march, but haven’t paid april up to now august Can I pay for these months I missed? Is there a penalty? Thanks

  3. To Mam Nora
    Hi po good evening po tatanong LNG po Ako tungkul sa PAG Hulog sa philhealth.nito LNG pong May 2014 nag pa rehistro po.sabi po Kse pwd quarterly.ngaun po due date n dapat ngaun katapusan ng august.d ko n hulogan…panu po yon.pwd ok po b Sya hulogan ngaun buwan ng sept 15″nAgluluto po Kse Ako sabi nila Hindi raw po pwd magbayad sa Bayad center kapag unang Hulog.dapat raw sa pinakang office,d ok nman po alam..anu po b dapat ok gawin…sLAmat po..

  4. To Mam Nora
    Hi po good evening po tatanong LNG po Ako tungkul sa PAG Hulog sa philhealth.nito LNG pong May 2014 nag pa rehistro po.sabi po Kse pwd quarterly.ngaun po due date n dapat ngaun katapusan ng august.d ko n hulogan…panu po yon.pwd ok po b Sya hulogan ngaun buwan ng sept 15″nAgluluto po Kse Ako sabi nila Hindi raw po pwd magbayad sa Bayad center kapag unang Hulog.dapat raw sa pinakang office,d ok nman po alam..anu po b dapat ok gawin…

  5. Hi Rose Ann, when you registered at Philhealth, did you get your MDR and Philhealth card? If yes, then you can pay at Bayad Center. But if you did not get these docs, pay first at a Philhealth branch. In Quezon City, it’s along Quezon Avenue. Ask the jeepney driver.

  6. Mam month of June to August I have no pay..if Kung pwd po Sya bayaran ngaun buwan ng sept..sorry po kng makulit,,m,Gaya nong Kay mam Ivy..

  7. I paid contributions to Philhealth until Aug2014 then I resigned. I filed as voluntary member. Where can i pay for Sept-Dec? Can I avail of benefits for my delivery this Nov?

  8. Hi Alexis, it’s already Oct, so what you can pay is Oct to Dec. Pay at Philhealth so you can get your MDR and Philhealth card. You also need to get a certification of premium payments from your former employer, so you can show at least 3 monthly payments prior to your delivery.

  9. Hi Ms. Nora, I applied for Philhealth i think 2012 but never again paid because of personal reasons. But now i’m planning to pay from Oct 2014 to Oct 2015 so I won’t spend the money for other things. Is that possible? Thanks

  10. Hi Wenda, yes, that would be good. Before paying, update your data by filling up the Member Registration Form (check “For Updating”) so you’ll get your MDR and Philhealth card. Bring your ID.

  11. Hi Ms Nora Im paying for my sisters and brother philhealth .I paid their jan-july . Can I still pay the aug-oct?or is it okey to pay aug-dec?thank you:)

  12. One more question Ms Nora. My friend is 21 years old; she gave birth this oct. Her father has philhealth but he’s abroad. Her name was not written as dependent. They borrowed to pay the hospital so she can be discharged. Is there a chance she can still claim or reinmburse? What can she do? Thank you

  13. Hi ana, it’s good to know of a sister paying for her siblings’ Philhealth. You can no longer pay for Aug and Sep. You can pay for Oct to Dec.

  14. Hi ana, if your friend turned 21 before she gave birth, then she can no longer be a dependent of her father. And even if she was still younger than 21 when she gave birth, she can no longer claim because Philhealth no longer accepts direct filing from members. She can only claim a refund from the hospital if the hospital accepted her incomplete Philhealth papers and then promised to refund 5k or 6750 if they submit the missing document from her father.

  15. Hi renee, the deadline for Nov is Nov 30. If you’ll pay quarterly, the payment deadline is the last day of the quarter. For Oct to Dec, the deadline is Dec 31. If you pay on the deadline, check in advance if Bayad Centers are open.

  16. hi ms.nora I resigned from work 3 yrs.ago. I’d like to continue paying my contributions. Can I pay at bayad centers or do I need to go to the main office. and what should I do? Thank you

  17. Hi vanessa, go to Philhealth with your ID, fill up member data form, submit form, then receive your MDR and Philhealth card. Then pay 600 pesos for Oct to Dec 2014. For next payment, you can pay at Bayad Center.

  18. Hi maritess, when you renew your OEC. If paying Philhealth only, you can pay at the Philhealth desk at POEA, or any Philhealth branch. Present proof you’re OFW. If abroad, you can pay through the remittance partners of IRemit and Ventaja.

  19. Hi ms. Nora I-ask where and how i can pay my philhealth. my father was hospitalized and was operated on the eyes and he’s my dependent so i was able to use Philhealth and paid only a little. so how can i pay philhealth? thru bank or at philhealth branches here in our place? thanks

  20. Hi Renato, you can pay at Bayad Center, SM Business Center or at any accredited bank. Quarterly payment deadline is the last day of the quarter.

  21. im self employed and wanna avail the benefit of philhealth for my maternity. il be giving birth on march 2015 and planning to pay my quarterly contribution thru lbc because philhealth office is far from us. how long is the posting if not direct payment to philhealth? And how to confirm payment has been posted. don’t want it to affect my contribtuion and i might not be able to use it for my delivery

  22. Hi She, posting is within a few days. You will show the LBC receipt to the hospital. If you give birth in March, you should have paid for 3 months within Sep 2014 to Feb 2015

  23. Good Day.I registered with Philhealth last June as Individually Paying. I paid for April until June 2014. Wasn’t able to pay Second Quarter which is July until September. Now for OCtober until December I missed paying. Can I still continue paying Philhealth for the coming quarters? Thank you.

  24. Hi Lynde, yes, you can continue paying even if you missed the last quarter. This month, you can pay for Jan to Mar. The deadline for quarterly payments is the last day of the quarter.

  25. Hi can I pay my contribution at lbc or byad center for dec.2014; this is the only month in 2014 that I have not paid so I can avail of philhealth for my delivery this month. thanks

  26. Hi jen, if you missed only Dec 2014, you can avail of Philhealth this month. You can pay for Jan 2015 asap if you’re paying monthly.

  27. Hi ms. can I pay my husband’s philhealth here in the Phils? He’s OFW; do I need to bring anything like IDs? thank you

  28. Hi lenie, you need to bring any proof that he’s currently an OFW (OEC copy or receipt of latest remittance from abroad) and your ID.

  29. Ms,I registered with philhealth on july 9, 2014. But did not pay. Can I pay for 1 year so I can use it by March? Thanks

  30. Hi,my last payment was december 2014,i did not pay till this month,my daughter was confined in the hospital today,can i pay it tomorrow so i can avail of the philhealth benifits?

  31. Hello, I have my philhealth already but I just pay for september lastyear how months I need to pay more so I can use it june or july

  32. Hi mary rose, note that if you get your OEC, OEC charges Philhealth for 1 whole year. If you’re not getting your OEC and you want to pay Philhealth, it’s advisable that you pay for a certain longer period, like for example, June 7, 2015 to Dec 7, 2015 (6 months) or June 7, 2015 to June 7, 2016. This is because OFW eligibility is different from other Philhealth member’s eligibility. OFW hospitalization is covered if the confinement dates are within the validity dates in your premium payment receipt. For non-OFW members, their hospitalization is covered if they paid at least 3 monthly premiums within 6 months prior to confinement — this is why quarterly payment is more fitting for non-OFWs.

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