BDO Deposit Accounts — Baka Maubos Imbes na Lumago

Updated May 6, 2014

Monitor your BDO savings and checking accounts, and all your other bank accounts, and make sure:

  • your accounts do not fall below the required maintaining balance
  • you do at least one deposit or withdrawal within one year for checking accounts, and within two years for savings accounts.  This is to avoid dormancy charges.

Dormant accounts below the maintaining balance will be charged 300 pesos for every month starting from dormancy until it is reactivated. Pag hindi ma-reactivate, tuloy-tuloy ang 300-peso monthly charging hanggang maubos ang account balance at ma-close na ang account.

To reactivate your dormant account, you need to present yourself at your branch with your valid IDs.

Accounts falling below maintaining balance for two consecutive months will be charged 300 pesos on the last day of the second consecutive month.

If on the 3rd month, the account is still below the maintaining balance, another 300 pesos will be deducted. The charging of 300 pesos will continue every end of the succeeding months until the account balance is wiped out, or until the account is restored to the maintaining-balance level.

Maintaining balance requirements for these BDO accounts:

ATM peso savings account — 2,000 pesos

Passbook peso savings account — 10,000 pesos

Kabayan peso or dollar savings account — None, but you need to make at least 1 remittance from abroad every 12 months.
If your account does not get 1 remittance from abroad within 12 months,
your account is automatically converted into a regular passbook account,
which requires a maintaining balance of 10,000 pesos).

Junior Savers — 100 pesos

Power Teens Club — 2,000 pesos

Prime Savers — 2,000 pesos

Optimum Savings (Personal) — 30,000 pesos

Direct Deposit Peso Savings — None

Peso checking — 5,000 pesos

Smart Checking (Personal) — 15,000 pesos

Checking Account with Automatic Transfer Facility — 25,000 pesos
(Below-maintaining-balance penalty for this account is 500 pesos)

US Dollar Savings — 500 US dollars

Prime Savers Dollar — 200 US dollars

Direct Deposit Dollar Savings — None

For above US dollar accounts, below-maintaining balance penalty is 5 US dollars.


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  1. Hi Metziku, I think no, you won’t be charged, based on your statements. You said you restored it to above minimum the next day so it’s most likely your average daily balance for the month still went over the maintaining balance. Besides, the penalty is charged only after 2 consecutive months of falling below the maintaining balance. And because it seems you were able to maintain your required balance for the past months, I think there’ll be no charge.

  2. Hi Nanding, since your child’s account is Kabayan Savings, there’s no maximum limit to how much you can send to that account per remittance. Remittance fees depend on the agreement between BDO and its partner. BDO says it charges 200 pesos for inward remittance that that uses Swift system.

  3. I have a Kabayan Account, and just today I have checked my account, BDO deducted 300 pesos system service charge to my account last March 31, 2016. I received remittance from abroad several times a year. So, I really don’t know what’s that deduction specifically for.

  4. Hi Nora, I learned that my bdo savings account is dormant since Feb 2016. I went to Phils. last Feb for my grandmas burial in Dumaguete and then was hoping to visit my bdo branch in Taguig to reactivate my account but it was holiday at that time :( So I left Philippines without settling the issue.Now am worried that my savings will be wasted. I have 40k in my account, are there any deductible charges now that my account is dormant? I hAve both atm and passbok with me. I dont know how long till I can go back to the Philippines. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

  5. Hi Katie, it’s good that you have 40k in your account. That amount is much higher than the 10k maintaining balance requirement. It means you should not be penalized for anything. Your account should only be put on hold, but not penalized. See BDO’s statement here: You can write your inquiry here: Ask if there’s a way you can reactivate your account while you’re abroad.

  6. hi, question lang. I have an account with bpi. maintaining balance is 2k or 5k. my father opened it for me. 1 year I have not deposited due to a financial problem and then weve decided to reactivate it, is there a fee I need to pay? or should I pay 1 year of dormancy to activate the account? thanks

  7. Hi kelvin, most likely your account is already closed, and it’s not practical to reactivate it, as you might be required to pay 300 pesos x 12 months or more. You can open a new account at BPI (maintaining balance is 3k for atm account) or BPI Family (maintaining is 1k for atm account)

  8. Good day. I have a bdo time deposit that matured last March 23, 2012 but unfortunately I misplaced the certificate so forgot all about it. I just found it now and i was hoping I can claim my money. Do I have any penalty or do I have to pay anything? Hope for your reply. Thank you and God bless.

  9. Hi Lalaine, wow, it’s just like you have a windfall! I wish your time deposit was auto-renewal and continued to earn time-deposit rates. If not auto-renewal, your time deposit most likely has been turned into savings, earning savings interest rate (much lower than time deposit rate) and has been dormant (without transaction for 24 months). But anyway, with your IDs and your time deposit certificate, you should be able to claim your money immediately without any penalty.

  10. I haven’t deposit yet,i open my account last June 2015…it is still okay to deposit now..i mean it still activate my account?thank you

  11. Hi Rhoda, is this Kabayan account? If yes, it might still be open, as the requirement for this account is remittance at least once every 12 months. To be sure, ask your family tp deposit 100 pesos to your account over the counter, and if the deposit is accepted, it means your account is active. Another option is to call BDO or inquire here: BDO contact page

  12. How is this? My balance decreased to 5k, then I deposited 7k so it turned 12k. When it was still 5k, I got deducted 300 then when I deposited 7k, there was another deduction. Why is it like that? Do I need to inquire with BDO or they really deduct 2 times? pls help

  13. Hi Marie, it depends on the dates you deposited. Basically, you should maintain at least 10k in your account all days of the month. If there are days that the balance becomes less than 10k, the other days should have balances much more than 10k so that when the average daily balance is computed, the result is 10k or more. For example, your balance on March 1 to 20 is 5k, then you deposited 7k on the 21st, your ADB is still less than 10k, so you’ll still get the 300 deduction. The best way is to open a BDO atm-only account, which requires only a 2k maintaining balance, then close your passbook account. A BPI Family atm-only account requires only 1k. How to compute average daily balance for the month.

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