BDO Deposit Accounts — Baka Maubos Imbes na Lumago

Updated May 6, 2014

Monitor your BDO savings and checking accounts, and all your other bank accounts, and make sure:

  • your accounts do not fall below the maintaining balance
  • you do at least one deposit or withdrawal within one year for checking accounts, and within two years for savings accounts.  This is to avoid dormancy charges.

Dormant accounts below the maintaining balance will be charged 300 pesos for every month starting from dormancy until it is reactivated. Pag hindi ma-reactivate, tuloy-tuloy ang 300-peso monthly charging hanggang maubos ang account balance at ma-close na ang account.

To reactivate your dormant account, you need to present yourself at your branch with your valid IDs.

Accounts falling below maintaining balance for two consecutive months will be charged 300 pesos on the last day of the second month.


If on the 3rd month, the account is still below the maintaining balance, another 300 pesos will be deducted. The charging of 300 pesos will continue every end of the succeeding months until the account balance is wiped out, or until the account is restored to the maintaining-balance level.

Maintaining balance requirements for these BDO accounts:

ATM peso savings — 2,000 pesos

Passbook peso savings — 10,000 pesos

Kabayan peso or dollar account — None


(But you need to make at least 1 remittance from abroad every 12 months.


If your account does not get 1 remittance from abroad within 12 months,


your account is automatically converted into a regular passbook account,


which requires a maintaining balance of 10,000 pesos).

Junior Savers — 100 pesos

Power Teens Club — 2,000 pesos

Prime Savers — 2,000 pesos

Optimum Savings (Personal) — 30,000 pesos

Direct Deposit Peso Savings — None

Peso checking — 5,000 pesos

Smart Checking (Personal) — 15,000 pesos

Checking Account with Automatic Transfer Facility — 25,000 pesos


(Below-maintaining-balance penalty for this account is 500 pesos)

US Dollar Savings — 500 US dollars

Prime Savers Dollar — 200 US dollars

Direct Deposit Dollar Savings — None

For above US dollar accounts, below-maintaining balance penalty is 5 US dollars.


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  1. Hi Nora!

    Is this accurate?

    “Accounts falling below maintaining balance for two consecutive months will be charged 300 pesos on the last day of the second month.”

    I have a passbook savings acct (but later a banker added an ATM to it so I don’t know what it’s called now). Does the above rule apply to my type of acct?

    THANK YOU! :)

  2. Hi Daisy, if you have a passbook and your account is not Kabayan, your maintaining balance requirement is 10k because your account is a regular passbook account. Your penalty is 300 pesos if you fall below the maintaining balance for 2 consecutive months. But if your account is Kabayan, the requirement for you to be exempted from the maintaining balance is for your account to receive at least 1 remittance from abroad every 12 months.

  3. Hi, just want to know what is the initial deposit in opening a debit card account in Bdo? Thanks

  4. Hello ma’am. Yung bago ko pong account na debit card sa bdo may megalink po na nkalagay sa likod pero po sa harap ng atm card wala. Eh minsan po kasi hinahanap nila may visa o mastercard sa harap ng atm debit card… Pano po bang malalagyan yun ng visa or mastercard sa harap ng atm??? Thnks po

  5. Hi Aizer, if you like, go to BDO and ask if you can replace your atm card with one that has a Mastercard logo. Maybe they have certain balance requirements for atm cards with Mastercard.

  6. Good Morning Ma’am Nora.. hindi nmn po sya related kung may Credit card ka sa BDO.? akala ko po kasi pag may Credit Card sa BDO tsaka kalang mag kakaroon ng mastercard logo sa debit card. sa east west bank lang po kase ako may C.C. God bless po

  7. Hi Ms Nora, good evening! i just want to inquire since I’m quite bothered about opening an account in BDO recently. when im filling up the form, they are trying to retrieve my old accounts and they found out that there’s a credit card account which i have unsettled balances way back 6 years ago.. Just want to ask if they’re going to touch or deduct my savings to pay the unsettled balances? pls help. thank you & more power.

  8. Hi jill, yes, it’s possible that BDO will deduct from your savings account. The credit cards that I have, BPI and Metrobank, they have that rule that they can get funds from my bank accounts with them to pay balances in case I become delinquent.

  9. hi ms. nora.. ask ko lang about sa bdo junior savings account. nung april 30, 2013 pa kasi yung last time nmen nag deposit dun. hindi kaya siya madeactivate kasi almost a year na siyang hindi nahulugan? ilang months o year ba syang pwedeng hindi mahulugan bago madeactivate yung account?

    thankyou. :))

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