BDO Deposit Accounts — Baka Maubos Imbes na Lumago

Updated May 6, 2014

Monitor your BDO savings and checking accounts, and all your other bank accounts, and make sure:

  • your accounts do not fall below the required maintaining balance
  • you do at least one deposit or withdrawal within one year for checking accounts, and within two years for savings accounts.  This is to avoid dormancy charges.

Dormant accounts below the maintaining balance will be charged 300 pesos for every month starting from dormancy until it is reactivated. Pag hindi ma-reactivate, tuloy-tuloy ang 300-peso monthly charging hanggang maubos ang account balance at ma-close na ang account.

To reactivate your dormant account, you need to present yourself at your branch with your valid IDs.

Accounts falling below maintaining balance for two consecutive months will be charged 300 pesos on the last day of the second consecutive month.

If on the 3rd month, the account is still below the maintaining balance, another 300 pesos will be deducted. The charging of 300 pesos will continue every end of the succeeding months until the account balance is wiped out, or until the account is restored to the maintaining-balance level.

Maintaining balance requirements for these BDO accounts:

ATM peso savings account — 2,000 pesos

Passbook peso savings account — 10,000 pesos

Kabayan peso or dollar savings account — None, but you need to make at least 1 remittance from abroad every 12 months.
If your account does not get 1 remittance from abroad within 12 months,
your account is automatically converted into a regular passbook account,
which requires a maintaining balance of 10,000 pesos).

Junior Savers — 100 pesos

Power Teens Club — 2,000 pesos

Prime Savers — 2,000 pesos

Optimum Savings (Personal) — 30,000 pesos

Direct Deposit Peso Savings — None

Peso checking — 5,000 pesos

Smart Checking (Personal) — 15,000 pesos

Checking Account with Automatic Transfer Facility — 25,000 pesos
(Below-maintaining-balance penalty for this account is 500 pesos)

US Dollar Savings — 500 US dollars

Prime Savers Dollar — 200 US dollars

Direct Deposit Dollar Savings — None

For above US dollar accounts, below-maintaining balance penalty is 5 US dollars.


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  1. hi Rachel, it’s likely that the account has been dormant since 3 years ago. The owner should reactivate the account in person with 2 valid IDs at the branch. Since he’s in Australia, he should email BDO and ask how he can reactivate his account from Australia. Where is he in Australia? He can check this list of BDO remittance partners, and see if he’s near one of them, and mention in his email if he can reactivate his account by appearing in person at the nearest remittance partner in Australia.

  2. just wanna ask, I was charged 300 for falling below the maintaining balance. But even if I’m no longer below the maintaining balance, I’m still being charged 300. i cant go to my bank because I’m here in canada. Can someone enlighten me or let me know how to get in touch with them even if im abroad.

  3. Hi kristine, is this a BDO passbook account? The maintaining balance requirement now is 10k pesos. The increase took effect May 2014. You can call toll-free 011-800-8-631-8000 (Teleglobe) or email

  4. hi I’m Sally from Numancia, Aklan but currently here in Roxas, Mindoro. i just wanna ask if it is possible to apply a debit card with visa logo through online. If possible, what are the requirements and how to process it. Thank you. Sally

  5. may i Ask regarding our dollar account together with my husband. It has been 2yrs without deposit or withdrawal so it’s already dormant, according to BDO. What should we do to reactivate it, as I’m the only one here and my husband is abroad. After reactivation, can i withdraw the money or can i deposit again? Can I deposit a check under my husband’s name?
    Thank you and hoping for your response.

  6. Hi Sally, sorry you cannot apply online for your debit card. You must go to a BDO branch with your IDs and 1 ID picture.

  7. Hi whindycallelero, is your account a joint account and is it an “AND/OR” account? I think you can reactivate it with your 2 valid IDs. If they require your husband to be present, ask another way by which you can reactivate your account while your husband is abroad. Can he appear at one of BDO remittance partners abroad? Or can he mail a scan of his IDs from abroad to your BDO branch?
    About his check: Is that a peso check? If yes, then you cannot deposit it to your dollar account. He can open a Kabayan peso account at a BDO remittance partner abroad so you can deposit his check to that account.

  8. Hi..can I ask something about my husband’s bdo account?it was left dormant for 5 years now.and I’m pretty sure the money in it is already gone since the last transaction left it below maintaining balance,.he is abroad now.and will not be able to appear personally.can I act on his behalf to reactivate it?we need to have a joint account and I’m wondering if its still possible to have it reactivated and make it a joint account.

  9. Hi darl, you’re right, most likely your husband’s account is already closed. And even if it’s active, it cannot be converted into a joint account. You need to both appear at the bank to open your joint account. You must have a valid reason why it needs to be a joint account, but you can open your own account here in the Phils and he can also open his own account at a BDO remittance partner abroad and enroll both your accounts in online banking.

  10. Hello. this week I sent my usual monthly remittance to my mother-in-law to her BDO savings account via my bank here in Canada. My remittance bounced back to my account because of “closed acct”. My mother-in-law might have withdrawn over the maintaining balance in September, but she was not notified that her acoount is now closed. is there a way to re-open it in cases like this? If so, can you please walk us through w/ the best way to deal with this issue. Thanks

  11. Hi Nelda, if your mom-in-law has 2 valid IDs, she can open her own BDO Kabayan account (plus 2 ID photos and a receipt of remittance from you). If you send to this Kabayan account at least once in 12 months, this account does not require a maintaining balance. If you’re near a BDO remittance partner there, you can ask if they’re offering a BDO Remit cash card so you can apply for it and then have it sent to your mom-in-law. This is a cash card so it doesn’t require a maintaining balance, but there must be at least 1 transaction every 12 months, so it doesn’t get closed. It can contain up to 100k pesos. BDO remittance partners in Canada

  12. Hi, I would just like to know if I can use my bdo debit card for Lazada Shopping online? my debit card has no master card or visa logo. thanks

  13. Hi jay, sorry, no, your card must have Mastercard or Visa logo. You can go to your branch and request for a card with Mastercard logo.

  14. Hello Ms Nora I had a BDO Savings Account ATM only. My account was left with 500pesos last june with a minimum balance of 2k, It’s already November and my account is probably closed, Would it reactive if I just withdraw some money like 5k to it? what will happen to my 5k if it won’t reactive if i withdraw? my atm was very active from february to may this year, it just happened i had some troubles and i accidentally left the card from june till november this year.. can i still reactive it by withdrawing? i don’t mind at all if it tries to get those 300 months penalty that it failed to get because it was like 0 balance for 3 or 4 months , i just want to know if it will reactive simply by withdrawing.

  15. Hi Xinyuiyin, your atm account is most likely closed, so you can no longer deposit or withdraw. You can open a new atm savings account. If you’re abroad, find a BDO remittance partner that offers opening for BDO Remit card or Kabayan account.

  16. Hi im just wondering i deposited money in my passbook and that makes my saving at around 11k. I wascharged of 300 pesos since July every month. After i deposited last month i was shocked when i found out i was charged again of 300.based on record the deduction happened same day i deposted the money. How is hat happen? I already put above minimum and yet i was still charged.

  17. Hi ana, you should call BDO and ask them so they can explain using exact numbers and dates. The 10k maintaining balance is computed monthly, and if your account falls below for 2 consecutive months, then you will be deducted with 300 at the end of the 2nd month, 3rd month, and so on, until you maintain your required balance for the whole month.

  18. Hello. I hope u can help me. I sent money from bahrain to phil in my kabayan amt with the amt of 10k. After I checked online. It shows only 9900k I rcvd. Is there a deduction of 100pesos everytime I send money in my acct? Thanks

  19. Hi michelle, yes, BDO is deducting 100 pesos or more. I myself received money from Korea and BDO deducted 192.23. You can email BDO and ask them if the 100-peso deduction is a remittance fee, so BDO will get more emails from customers about the fees.

  20. Hi. What if the 2000 maintaining balance has turned to P1997. Will there be a charge? Deactivated? Even if within 3 days, somebody will send money to my account? And if it needs activation, do I need to go to the bank? Or the deduction of 300 is automatic? Thank you

  21. Hi, I’m applying for a passbook savings account. what should be the best amount for an average employee to have the advantageous interests possible…. how much does it increase and how often in a year or a month..

  22. H Kate, will your account balance be 1997 pesos for only 3 to 5 days? And will there be a deposit of at least 500 pesos before the end of the month? No, there would be no charge. It will still be active.

  23. Hi jason, I’m glad you have decided to save and to choose the passbook-only account. Deposit immediately 10k pesos and don’t touch it, as this is the maintaining balance requirement. Then deposit to it every payday. Make it your commitment. Interest rates for savings accounts are low, but don’t mind it. What’s important is you are saving. When you’ve accumulated 110k, withdraw 100k and then put it in time deposit, which has higher rates. You might also like to save through Pag-ibig 2 or MP2. This has higher rates. You can get it after 5 years.

  24. Hello I have the atm Bdo and the passbook. Today I withdraw using my atm card and the remaining balance is 4 thousand. My question is: will I pay something because I wasn’t able to maintain the minimum balance of 10k? How many days or months should I deposit again to maintain my minimum balance?

  25. I have just learned from my sister in law that the money for P6000 to maintain a balance for about 3 years now is now only P4800. We have been remitting money from the US at least twice a year, but always maintain the P6000. She said the balance was increased to P10000. My sis in law was shocked that they took out fees without notifying her of the increase in the maintenance balance. I think it’s unjust for BDO to just take fees without informing the account owner. What kind of recourse do we have to recover the fees? Yesterday we just remitted P10k for Christmas. I’m inclined to close the account.

  26. Hi Maricor, based on what you said, I figure that your passbook account is a regular passbook account. You can close this account and ask your sis-in-law to open a BDO Kabayan passbook account, bringing some remittance receipts and her IDs. A Kabayan requires no maintaining balance as long as it receives a foreign remittance at least once every 12 months.
    About the deductions, you can email BDO and complain about the penalties deducted without notice. The maintaining-balance increase from 5k to 10k started in May 2014. It was announced many months before May 2014 on their website. But I agree that they should have notified all their passbook account owners through email. You can also explore sending money through XOOM. It’s what my US employer uses to send my salary.

  27. Hi Nora, same with other OFW, I was charged P300/- monthly without prior notice. My only concern is whatever changes to be done by BDO should be implemented to the new bank account owners/holder (those who applied from may 2014 onwards and agreed with that charges). We opened our account in BDO because of the service such as for OFW we can keep it and not worry to be closed even with 0 balance. I can say my account is active as I always do transactions almost every month. How we can get our money back?

  28. Hi Nora, I transferred an amount from my Paypal last 27.Nov to my BDO Peso Savings Account (Passbook+ATM), and the process would take 2-4 business days. However, I found out earlier today that there were system-generated charges which resulted to my account having zero balance. Will I still be able to receive the incoming deposit from Paypal? If not, what would happen and what would/should I do? Hope to get an answer soon. Thank you!

  29. Hello nora, my husband has a checking acct. With atm question is, if for instance we fall below the ADB. How many months after should the charges start and if ever the bank charges us 300 pesos for 4 months of not maintaining the adb, is there a way that the acct. Will be closed? Thank you

  30. Hi max, is the balance 0.00? Because if it’s 0.00, the account is usually automatically closed. Try making a balance inquiry at a BDO atm machine, and if it gives you a balance, and does not say account is closed, then your Paypal money will be credited to your account. If already closed, you can ask BDO if you can reactivate your account. If not able to reactivate, ask them too if they’re returning money to Paypal if the receiving account is already closed.

  31. Hi Venus, if your account is Kabayan and if you have been doing transactions almost every month, you should have not been charged the 300-peso penalty. The rule for Kabayan is that its balance can be zero as long as it receives at least 1 foreign remittance every 12 months. You can email BDO and request for a refund of all the penalties charged. Tell them that your account is Kabayan and you have been remitting to your account many times every 12 months, and hence, you should not have been charged. If your account is not Kabayan, you can tell them that you did not receive any notice that the maintaining balance requirement has increased from 5k to 10k pesos.

  32. Hi arlene, the first below-ADB penalty of 300 pesos will be charged on the last day of the 2nd consecutive month the ADB is not maintained. Then again on the last day of the 3rd, the last day of the 4th month, and so on, until the account is restored to maintaining-balance status. To prevent account closure, you need to deposit 300 pesos plus some more pesos (like 310 or 320 pesos) every month so that the account will not fall to a balance of 0.00 or negative balance.

  33. Hello Nora. I just want to ask if I will be charged 300 pesos by the end of December. I have a savings account at BDO that requires 2000 pesos for the AVerage daily balance. From Nov 26, 2014 until December 2, 2014 my balance has been 20 pesos only which obviously meant I fell below the minimum ADB. Now, December 2, 2014 I deposited 2000 pesos and others deposited too making the balance 2170 this Dec 2. Will I still be charged of the 300 or more since there were 6 days I did not comply with the ADB policy? Thank you. :)

  34. Hi Anna, if your ADB from Nov 1 to 26 was 2k, and your ADB from Nov 27 to 30 was 20 pesos, then you fell below the balance in November. But if you can comply this December, you will not be charged, since the penalty is charged after falling for TWO consecutive months, so comply this December. Don’t touch your 2170, so you will be able to comply this December, and so you won’t be charged.

  35. Thank you so much Ms. Nora for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate it. God bless you. :)

  36. Hi ms nora this is michelle again. After I replenished my account, its still keep on deducting me 300pesos. The amt is more than 10k. How come?

  37. Hi michelle, you mentioned before that your account is Kabayan, but based on your note that you were deducted 300 pesos, it means your account is no longer Kabayan and has been turned into a regular passbook account, requiring a 10k average daily balance (ADB). Did your 10k+ stay in your account for all the 30 days of November? To compute your ADB for Nov, add up all your daily balances for the 30 days of November…like 9,900 + 10k + 10k + 10,100 + etc. Then divide by 30 days. If the answer is less than 10k, then you fell below the required ADB. This December, make sure your ADB will be 10k or more, so you won’t be charged again. If charged, you email or call BDO and complain.

  38. Too much! I thought all along that if I maintained the required balance, there’ll be no deduction. My 5700 is now only 3600. What I saved in Saudi turned to waste. Bdo, I’m disappointed

  39. Hi Zeta, you can try. But you can withdraw all your money through the atm, and your account will automatically close when the balance reaches 0.00 or negative (after the cents or few pesos left will be wiped out by maintaining-balance charges).

  40. Hi nora, i only have passbook, can i still close it in any branch? i have below maintaining balance, can i just withdraw all my maintaining through teller? 300 every month is being deducted in my account. i’m not informed of the new policy last May and i haven’t check my account so that’s why this happened.

  41. Hi russel, sad to say BDO increased its maintaining balance requirement for passbook accounts in May 2014 from 5k to 10k. You can email BDO and request for refund of the penalties as you were not notified of the increase. Just try, and see what they’ll say. BDO announced the increase on its website many months before May 2014.

  42. Hi Zeta, you can try. Some branches allow interbranch withdrawal, and there could be a fee. If there’s a fee, or if not allowed, withdraw all your money through the atm. If there’s a remaining balance (less than 100 pesos), you can swipe your atm card at SaveMore or SM to pay for something so you can get the remaining pesos.

  43. Hi reynaldo, if it was just closed, ask your branch if you can reopen your account so you can receive your remittance, and ask how much would be your penalty. But if no longer allowed or if the penalty is too much, ask your spouse to go back to where she made her remittance and request for a change in her remittance — change from Deposit to Account to Cash Pickup over the counter at BDO.

  44. Hi Gio, I think you cannot. You have to open a new account in person together with your co-account owner at a BDO branch.

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