BDO Deposit Accounts — Baka Maubos Imbes na Lumago

Updated May 6, 2014

Monitor your BDO savings and checking accounts, and all your other bank accounts, and make sure:

  • your accounts do not fall below the required maintaining balance
  • you do at least one deposit or withdrawal within one year for checking accounts, and within two years for savings accounts.  This is to avoid dormancy charges.

Dormant accounts below the maintaining balance will be charged 300 pesos for every month starting from dormancy until it is reactivated. Pag hindi ma-reactivate, tuloy-tuloy ang 300-peso monthly charging hanggang maubos ang account balance at ma-close na ang account.

To reactivate your dormant account, you need to present yourself at your branch with your valid IDs.

Accounts falling below maintaining balance for two consecutive months will be charged 300 pesos on the last day of the second consecutive month.

If on the 3rd month, the account is still below the maintaining balance, another 300 pesos will be deducted. The charging of 300 pesos will continue every end of the succeeding months until the account balance is wiped out, or until the account is restored to the maintaining-balance level.

Maintaining balance requirements for these BDO accounts:

ATM peso savings account — 2,000 pesos

Passbook peso savings account — 10,000 pesos

Kabayan peso or dollar savings account — None, but you need to make at least 1 remittance from abroad every 12 months.
If your account does not get 1 remittance from abroad within 12 months,
your account is automatically converted into a regular passbook account,
which requires a maintaining balance of 10,000 pesos).

Junior Savers — 100 pesos

Power Teens Club — 2,000 pesos

Prime Savers — 2,000 pesos

Optimum Savings (Personal) — 30,000 pesos

Direct Deposit Peso Savings — None

Peso checking — 5,000 pesos

Smart Checking (Personal) — 15,000 pesos

Checking Account with Automatic Transfer Facility — 25,000 pesos
(Below-maintaining-balance penalty for this account is 500 pesos)

US Dollar Savings — 500 US dollars

Prime Savers Dollar — 200 US dollars

Direct Deposit Dollar Savings — None

For above US dollar accounts, below-maintaining balance penalty is 5 US dollars.


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  1. GUD PM PO MS NORA, is it allowed to have 2 ACCOUNTs in the same BANK? I have an account with BDO. I wish to open a second one. Thanks

  2. Hi shirmyn, yes, but open another product or type. If you already have the atm savings account with maintaining balance of 3k, open the regular passbook account with maintaining balance of 10k or the optimum account with maintaining balance of 30k. You can open several cash card accounts — total monthly combined load limit is 100k.

  3. My aunt opened an account at BDO on January 12, 2014 and hasn’t made any transaction up to this day. Is her account considered dormant already or can we still do something about it today? It has been 24 months and 7 days since she opended the account here in the Philippines. She works abroad.

  4. Hi Grace, was your aunt’s initial deposit equal to the maintaining balance requirement? If initial deposit was 100 pesos (BDO Kabayan), or if initial deposit was less than 3k (atm-only account), her account is most likely closed. What type is your aunt’s account and how much was her initial deposit?

  5. Good day ms.nora
    Dec 2015 nabawasan ko po ang maintaining balance ko na 2,000 at ang naiwan po ay 500… Pero by jan 12, 2016 nag deposit po ako ng 2k…pero nkpag widrow ulit ako 3 days after…. Kahapon nag deposit ako ng 2,500 ulit and may balance ay 3,217 pero ngayon pag check ko online less na ng 300… Lagi na ba ako babawasan ng 300.? .. Thanks

  6. Hi julia, you were charged 300 because you did not maintain 2k in Dec 2015 and this Jan 2016. This Feb 2016, maintain 2,000 or more in your account everyday, from Feb 1 to 29, so you won’t be charged 300 at the last business day of the month. You should not fall below the 2k maintaining-balance for 2 consecutive months.

  7. Hello today i checked my acct through online banking and 300php was deducted and its stated the it was for service chg i cant ubderstand what it was for i have maintained my balance of 5000 php for the last few months for my passbook with atm account.please clear my mind on this matter.thanks

  8. Hi Jane, the maintaining balance requirement is 10,000. It was increased from 5k to 10k in May 1, 2014. Deposit another 5k so your balance starting Feb 1 is 10k or more. If you’re not able yet to maintain 10k, open an atm-only account – maintaining balance is only 2k (BDO) — and then withdraw all what’s in your passbook (will close when balance becomes zero or negative) and deposit to your atm account.

  9. Hi, good day! Can I still use my bdo ATM card which was overdrawn last January 7. The amount left, 300, was used up for service charge on January 29. totally 0 balance. I’m planning po to deposit or put money back on the card so it won’t turn dormant but it will be on Feb 15 that I’ll be able to deposit. Or is it already closed since it’s already zero balance? Or can I still use my account will the 300 fee be deducted on my next deposit if ever? Hoping for a response, thank you po in advance. God Bless!

  10. Hi Elna, your account is most likely closed already. You can try making a balance inquiry at a BDO atm machine so you can check if it’s still active. Usually BDO does not reactivate accounts. But you can visit your branch and ask if you can reactivate. If you’re allowed to reactivate and you’re able to maintain your balance this February, you won’t be charged. You can consider this account, if you like:

  11. Hi Good afternoon! I opened an account here at Dubai last 2013, but I didn’t know that if you didn’t deposit any amount for a yr, it will be converted into personal account, just now I knew that if I didn’t deposit 300 pesos will be deducted from my savings every month, but the problem I am facing now is that, I did not deposit any for the last 2 years, and I read somewhere that if this things happen your account will be closed and consider as donation. Please let me know if I can still use my account or passbook? Or It is better to open a new Kabayan Account? Looking forward for your immediate response. Thank you very much.

  12. Hi Kristy, I think your Kabayan account is already closed. You can apply for another account. The maintenance requirement for Kabayan account is to send money from abroad to this account at least once every 12 months. Another maintenance option is to maintain 10,000 pesos or more in your account so that your account will still be active even if you don’t send to it once every year. But remember to deposit or withdraw at least once every 24 months so that it does not become dormant. God bless too.

  13. Good pm Ms NORA, I opened my savings account w/ ATM and passbook on Aug. 15, 2013 with maintaining balance of P5,000; in 2015, when I was about to close my account, it was already closed; I felt so disgusted because I was not aware that the maintaining has been increased from P5,000 to P10,000 in May, 2014; all I knew is that the maintaining balance of P10,000 shall be applied only to new accounts effective May, 2014; old accounts in 2013 must maintain P5,000 balance; If ever I knew the BDO ruling, I have to close my accounts in May, 2014. My last w/drawal was in July, 2014 in the amt. of P500; if the maintaining balance was increased to P10,000 in May, 2014, why have I w/drawn when my balance then was only P5,500? At my senior age of 65, with hypertension as high as 240/100, the amount of P5,000 is a great help to poor citizens like us; please help me with my accounts. Thank you very much. God Bless and more power.

  14. Hi Isabelita, so sad about your account. Was the first 300-peso deduction made on June 30, 2014? I wished you noticed that your balance decreased by 300 when you made your July 2014 withdrawal. It’s such a waste and so frustrating that your money all went to penalties. I don’t know if this works, but if you want to pursue it, write a letter to the manager of your branch and request the return of your money. Cite the BSP law that I will give you the link later. Xerox your letter. Go back to your branch, and talk with the manager, presenting your letter. If the manager does not return your money, ask him to sign your letter Received or Noted. Then write a letter to the BSP; attach a copy of your letter to the BDO manager telling BSP that you have talked with a BDO manager.

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