OFWs Can Send Money to the Philippines Thru BDO Remit


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  1. Hi Karen, if through Moneygram, your recipient can get the money immediately if for Cash Pickup. If for deposit, it will take several hours or the next day. If through other remittance firms, the process can take 1 to 6 days.

  2. Hi how many ids are required to receive money through moneygram? Can we receive money through moneygram? thanks

  3. Hi Jayson, yes, you can receive money through Moneygram at BDO, Allied Bank, Cebuana Lhuillier. One valid ID should be enough, but if the amount is big, they usually ask for a second ID. Know your reference no., sender’s name and location, and expected amount.

  4. I have a BDO account and my sister will send money from korea. What korean bank is possible to send money from my bdo?

  5. Hi! I’m Gina. My Husband sent me a amount last other day in my account but Ti’ll now I didn’t receive from my account. BDO Bank Company I need your help. From Switzerland to Philippines

  6. I need your help BDO Bank Company.My Husband sent amount for me but 2 days ago till it didnt show the amount He sent.From Swiss to Philippines.ASAP

  7. Hi Gina, if your husband sent through a bank that is not a BDO correspondent bank, it might take longer for the money to get posted in your account. Call BDO 631-8000

  8. My uncle send me money from california remittance wire transfer through my bdo checking account its been 6 days till now nothing he send me the receipt but until now nada He send the money throgh lucky money

  9. hi..i just want to ask if how much is the fees to send money from germany to phil through bdo kabayan..
    thank you..

  10. Hi mayette, make sure the sender wrote the correct account name and no. Call BDO or visit your branch if it’s not yet credited on the 3rd day

  11. Hi, just want to know what ID needed to claim my remittance in Philippines, since my sister has only 1 ID (voter’s ID)and they ask for at least two valid ID’s.. it takes three week before she can take another ID… is there any proof that I can send to BDO manager that they can release my remittance to my sister? thanks

  12. Hi val, usually banks require 2 valid IDs if the amount is big, maybe 20k or more. You can call BDO (Intl. Access Code) +800-8-6318000

  13. Hi mary joy, usually the next day. Remittances can be credited within an hour, within the same day, the next day or within 2 to 5 days, depending on the remittance company used.

  14. hi my husband has bdo account and he plans to send money thru remittance via door to door. about how many hours for the remittance to be delivered to my house?

  15. Hi aice, delivery depends on the remittance company used by your husband abroad. According to BDO’s website, door-to-door delivery might take 1 to 2 days in Metro Manila, 1 to 3 days in other big cities, and 4 to 7 days in provinces. In my case, the ones sent through banks abroad to my Kabayan account are usually deposited the next day. If sent through Moneygram or Xoom, I can pick up the cash at BDO within minutes

  16. Hi jhoy, yes, your friend can send money to your BDO cash card, but note that there’s a maximum balance for cash card (10k and 25k). Your friend can also send money to you, through cash pickup at BDO.

  17. Hi warren, it depends on the remittance company your client used? Could be credited to your account within the same day to 3 days. Wire transfers take longer, could take 7 days.

  18. just want to ask, my friend send me a money thru Bdo wire transfer from Dubai.. how many days will it be credited to my Metrobank account?

  19. Hi jean, do you mean your friend has a BDO dollar account and BDO online banking? It might take 5 days or more. Next time, if your friend is using online BDO banking, she can use the “Send Money” service, so it will be sent the same day or the next day.

  20. Hi margie, if that’s the only identification you have, you can try, but if you have others, bring them. In case BDO does not accept your IDs, ask them if you can use postal ID (the new digitized ID), and if they say yes, then get your postal ID (you need 2 docs: your birth certificate and barangay certificate or bill). The postal ID costs around 400 to 500 pesos.

  21. hi!can you please tell me when i will receive the money if someone will send me today thru bdo tabuk saudi arabia.many thanks

  22. Hi gezel, it depends on the remittance company used. It can be today or tomorrow (usually) or in 3 days.

  23. Hi! My buyer from riyadh sent an amount last october 29 to my bdo account. until now, I have not received it. what do you think is the problem po? The acct # and name are correct. Thank you in advance

  24. Hi Rose ann, ask your buyer the remittance reference no. and remittance company so you can mention this when you call BDO 631-8000 and inquire. You can also check the remittance using the reference no. here: BDO Remit Status Inquiry

  25. Can someone please help me? My boss was supposed to send me money today through xoom but then received an error saying that my BDO account is invalid because it states there that the account digit is limited only from 10 to 12 and my account number reaches up to 16 🙁 I don’t know why though

  26. Hi Karl, did you copy the 16-digit number on the front side of your atm card and you thought that’s your account no.? That is not your account no. If your account is an atm-only account, look for your account no. in the deposit slip given to you when you opened your account. It should be 12 digits (00……….) and 10 digits if not counting 00. You can also visit your branch and ask for your account no. Bring your IDs.

  27. HI, I drop by to BDO to get the cash remittance and I was disappointed because the amount they give to me is smaller on the expected amount of my cash remittance. Is there any hidden charges to the receiver?

  28. Hello po. My aunt sent money to my account ko from malaysia. A while ago I checked my account, the money was not yet there. But she told me it was confirmed it was already sent. Where should I claim it? over the counter or atm machine po any branch? I haven’t tried this before so i have no idea po. I hope you can help me. Thanks

  29. Hi Ms. Nora..i have bdo kabayan savings account..i just want to ask if how much is the maximum amount of money I can transfer through Bdo cash pick-up..im using the bdo online.

  30. Hi Jayr, do you mean you’ll use the Send Money service? The maximum limit per day is 50,000 pesos. If you enter 50,000 (or any amount more than 10,000) and is not processed, there might be a limit of 10,000 pesos per transaction.

  31. Hello! My father sent money through the kabayan savings account last night from saudi but when I tried to inquire this morning, it isn’t available yet. When will it possibly be available for withdrawal po?

  32. Hi Ronalyn, try again tomorrow. The speed of remittance depends on which remittance service your father used to send money.

  33. Hi fe, the amount varies from bank to bank or remittance company, from 7,000 to 30,000 per month. I’ve read that the maximum limit for certain banks is 20,000 to 25,000 riyals per month. Maybe it’s lower if you use an exchange or a remittance company. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency has a rule that if you carry 60k riyals in cash out of Saudi, you must declare it at point of exit, so maybe the maximum is around this amount. If you won a lotto prize, it might be best to spread it over a few months.

  34. Hi My friend sent money from a remittance in Canada and will send thru my BDO cash card, Its been 3 days now and the money hasnt been credited in my account..I inquired from a teller here in our branch and informed me that i cannot accept remittance from outside the philippines thru bdo cash card, for it only receive local deposit only. Is that true. What will I do then ?furthermore the BDO cash card no. is the 16 digit number in front of my card right?

  35. Hi Neena, I haven’t read if BDO changed its policy about the use of cash cards, but cash cards can receive foreign remittance. Maybe what happened was that your sender sent more than your cash card’s maximum limit. Is your name embossed on your cash card? If not embossed, your card can contain only up to 10,000 pesos. If your name is embossed, your card can contain up to 25,000 pesos. If this is the case, ask your sender to go back to the remittance company and amend her/his remittance to Cash Pickup, so you can just claim your money over the counter at BDO using a reference no. that will be given to you by your sender. Yes, the cash card no. is the 16-digit no. on your card

  36. Hi Ms Nora. if I send money through Pickup at BDO branch, does my recipient need to have a BDO account to be able to claim the money at BDO? or they just show the reference no. through mobile SMS? i have bdo kabayan savings account. Thanks 🙂

  37. Hi Jen, if you send money to your recipient for CASH PICKUP at BDO, your recipient can get the money even if she/he does not have a BDO account. He/she just presents IDs and your remittance reference no. If the amount is bigger, usually they ask for 2 IDs. Do not write your bank account number so they will not think you are remitting to your bank account. Specify cash pickup at BDO.

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