BDO Kabayan ATM Debit Card — Can It Be Used Outside the Philippines?


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  1. Hi Raquel, is your account balance 10,000 pesos or more? If less than 10k, and you are sure, it has not yet been 12 months (360 days) that you have not remitted, remit asap, so your account type will still be Kabayan and it will not require a 10k-maintaining balance. Or add to your account to reach the 10k balance or more, so it will be safe from penalty even if it is converted to a regular passbook account. After 12 months of no foreign remittance, a Kabayan account will be converted into a regular passbook account, and will require a 10k-maintaining balance. Since you have 10k or more in your account, there’ll be no penalty. Just maintain the 10k balance. You can call BDO toll free: (International Access Code) +800-8-6318000

  2. may i know what is dormant account? bec my last transactions is almost 2 years now and some more months before i will go vacation, so my savings money will be close? i cannot take it back? what is the best thing to do? my family didnt receive any notice from the bank. thank you manuel ebuen from KSA

  3. Hi manuel, dormancy occurs after 24 months without any deposit or withdrawal. How much was in your account on the 13th month of your account? Is your Kabayan balance 10,000 pesos or more? If yes, don’t worry so much, you can reactivate your account in person when you get back with 2 valid photo IDs at your BDO branch. Your money is in your account. No penalties.
    If you had less than 10k, your money has been greatly reduced by below-balance penalties.

  4. Hi debbie, does your Kabayan card not have a Mastercard logo? If none, yes, if you’re in the Philippines, you can request for a Visa debit card. I think if you request for a change from Mastercard to Visa, you’ll pay a replacement card fee.

  5. Can I swipe my card to buy some tablet here at best buy USA using my BDO Kabayan dollar with logo MASTER?

  6. Hi Apol, yes, because your card is linked to Mastercard. Maximum limit is 25,000 pesos per day, if signature-based, and 100,000 pesos, if PIN-based.

  7. Hi Kay, yes, find a machine with Mastercard logo. Maximum withdrawal amount per transaction is 10,000 pesos, so compute the equivalent in your currency there. Consider also the maximum withdrawal amount of the atm there. To be sure, make a balance inquiry first. Fee is 1 US dollar. Withdrawal fee is around 3.50 US dollars.

  8. Can I ask I dont understand about if no remittance abroad my card will be deactivated. I got my kabayan card because of my brother he’s in KSA if he had a transaction bdo online transfer using hisa acct. To mine is that considered as remitance abroad. Is my card will remain active?

  9. Hi wendell, a Kabayan account does not require a maintaining balance as long as it receives at least one remittance from abroad every 12 months. It does not matter whether the remittance is online or through a remittance company, as long as the remittance comes from abroad. An online transfer from your brother’s BDO account to your Kabayan account is not considered a remittance from abroad. If it’s an online transfer from your brother’s Al Rajhi Bank or Bank Al Bilad account to your Kabayan account, that’s considered a remittance from abroad. Have 13 months passed, and your account has not received a remittance from abroad? Call BDO and ask if your Kabayan was already converted to a regular passbook account.

  10. Hi! Im currently here in Saudi Arabia. Can I withdraw 100,000 pesos or 8,500 Saudi Riyals from any ATM machine here? My Kabayan savings account is sufficient. Thank you..

  11. Hi Rodante, yes, if your atm card has a Mastercard logo, and if you withdraw at an atm linked to Mastercard, Maestro or Cirrus. Check also the maximum withdrawal limit of atms there. For BDO, the maximum limit per withdrawal is 10,000 pesos, and the maximum per day is 50,000 pesos. The charge is 3.50 US dollars per withdrawal. It’s good to make a balance inquiry first (1 US dollar) to check if the BDO-Mastercard connection is working.

  12. Can I convert my Debit Card into mastercard? Then if the remaining balance turns less than 10k, when does the below maintaining balance policy take effect?

  13. Hi alpfae, yes, visit your branch with your IDs and your atm card and request for a change to an atm card with Mastercard. About maintaining balance: The 300-peso penalty is applied on the last day of the 2nd consecutive month that your account is below the required maintaining balance. For example, you failed to maintain your account in Oct and in Nov, you will be charged 300 pesos on Nov 30.

  14. Hi good day, im using atm debit card with mastercard logo
    Ive already remmitted in my account but unfortunateley i forgot my pin, can i use it when i go back in the philippines?,thanks in advance,

  15. Can I use my Kabayan Debit Mastercard atm card to fund my online foreign exchange currency trading account carried abroad? If so, how to use it? Just like the credit card? Thanks.

  16. hi, just want to ask today I used my kabayan savings atm to al rajhi bank here in saudi. I withdraw a small amount only emergency,then I was surprised that my balance is already zero. I’m sure that I have 5000 sr saved in my account. I’m confused right now please help. thank u.

  17. Hi April, do you mean 5,000 saudi riyals? Have you checked before through the atm and you saw that your balance was around 5k riyals? You should call BDO 800-863-0011 (toll free no. from Saudi landline). Or KSA’s International Access Code-800-8-6318000

  18. Hi Ninialyn, if your trading company accepts international debit cards, yes, your Kabayan Mastercard can be used. But if your company specifies only US-issued debit cards, then you can’t use your Kabayan Mastercard. You use your Mastercard’s 16-digit card no., expiry date and security code at the back of the atm card.

  19. Hi Adz, yes, anyone, foreigner or Pinoy, can deposit into a Kabayan account. The name on the remittance must be exactly the same as the name in the account. Bank account no. should be correct. If the sender is abroad, he/she should send through a BDO remittance partner. Here’s a list of BDO remittance partners in Canada

  20. Hi Adz, your sender can send through any Canadian bank, but the wire transfer fee is higher and the process takes a longer time.

  21. is my account still kabayan savings even i only deposits cash inPhilippines, through my sister?since i only deposit once here in aborad…thanks

  22. Hi Jerry, the Visa debit card is given when you open a BDO atm-based account (request for Visa if you prefer it over Mastercard), so the maintaining balance is also 2000 pesos. The same with the Mastercard debit card.
    If you mean the BDO Visa prepaid card or money card, there’s no maintaining balance because it’s prepaid.

  23. Hello, I’m Jerson. I just want to ask if how can we check our Bdo kabayan account if all our remitance are already in our account. Both husband and wife working abroad and our ATM is only megalink logo and cannot use abroad.Please let me know how to check our account via online .we work here in Brunei Darussalam. Best Regards Jerson

  24. Hi Jerson, you can check your recent remittances here if you sent through BDO remittance partners: .
    This is how to enroll in BDO online banking while abroad. When enrolling, choose the option “Outside the Philippines”. Register the phone no. that you have there with you, either your international mobile number, or your Philippine mobile number with international roaming so that you can receive your One-Time-Password via SMS. Include country code and area code (if there is area code). No. of mobile phone digits, including country code/area code, should be between 11 to 15 digits.

  25. Hello, I’m Jerson. I just want to ask if how can we check our Bdo kabayan account if all our remitance are already in our account. Both husband and wife working abroad and our ATM is only megalink logo and cannot use abroad.Please let me know how to check our account via online .we work here in Brunei Darussalam.

    Best Regards


  26. Hi Nora. I try to enroll the bdo online banking but when i select the country where i am there is no Brunei Darussalam in the country selection. WE cannot go through the process.



  27. Hi! I have BDO savings kabayan , im not working abroad anymore can i deposit some money here in philippines? Thanks for the reply soon

  28. Hi Belle, yes, but make sure it’s still a Kabayan account, meaning it’s still less than 12 months since you last remitted to it from abroad. And deposit 10,000 pesos and maintain it. If no longer Kabayan (meaning no more remittance from abroad), maintain 10,000 pesos in your account, so that you won’t be charged the 300-peso penalty.
    For easier maintenance, you can open a BDO atm-only account — it’s maintaining balance is only 2,000, and then withdraw your Kabayan balance, and let your Kabayan account close.

  29. Hi ann krisha, does your Kabayan atm card have a Mastercard logo? If it has, your card verification number is the 3-digit number at the back of your atm card (to the right of your signature)

  30. Ms. Nora it is possible to change our kabayan ATM card from Megalink to Mastercard through online banking and request a new atm send abroad. Thanks

  31. Hi jerson, what I know is you cannot and that you need to request it in person at your BDO branch in the Phils with your IDs. And even if that’s possible, you still need to activate the atm card at a BDO machine in the Phils before you can use it. So you really need to wait when you take your vacation in the Phils. But You can call BDO or you can write your inquiry here:

  32. I used to have kabayan account and it is still active since i cam back home to the philippines for over a year now. there is 300 peso service charge monthly, if i request for the account to be closed, do i need to pay the previous months service charges since i am not able to maintain the required adb?

  33. Hi Rhode, no, you don’t need to pay past charges. What you do is you make a balance inquiry asap via the atm, then withdraw all. There’ll be cents or a few pesos that will be left because you can’t withdraw cents or few pesos via the atm. When BDO deducts 300 pesos next week, the result becomes negative, and your account will automatically close.

  34. hello. how much does BDO charge per transaction if I buy online? This was what happened. My balance was php65,806 then I purchased online a total of $1044 in 4 transactions, first transaction $522 (2nd)$505 (3rd) $7 (4rth) $8. When I tried to buy again online, I could no longer make a purchase, so I had my balance checked in pinas, and the remaining balance was only php242. How did that happen? Thanks.

  35. Hi 3js, there’s no BDO charge for online purchases. Are you sure your purchases had no additional charges like shipping, etc.? It now takes more pesos (maybe 48 or more) to buy a dollar, but you should still have a bigger balance. Call BDO: (International Access Code of the country where you are)-800-8-6318000

  36. Hi, Im Rowena and It was my first time going to abroad,Bahrain.I have my BDO Kabayan savings and I started using it when I am still in the Philippines.It was working fine, now that I am here in Bahrain 6 months after having the card, I tried for the first time to remit and the transactions says it was successful according to the bdo teller. unfortunately upon checking my atm balance 2 days after the transaction, the atms nearby doesnt accept my card,it keeps saying technical problem or contact the bank, I went to two atm already, but still the same. will you please give me any possible reason for this or any hint that may have caused the failure.I called the bank already and they keep insisting that it go through my account.What shall I do, I asked for a refund if its possible coz I still have the receipt but they declined and says they dont do refund if the transaction is successful. Im hoping you could help me guys. Thank you.

  37. Hi yna.i just want to ask which bank here in malaysia that i can widraw some holding kabayan atm much is the charge by the way…thank you

  38. hello,how much the minimum balance of bdo kabayan savings atm to withdraw here in saudi arabia?

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