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Here are some tips when reactivating your Philhealth membership, based on what we recently experienced.

If you’re a former OFW who paid membership fees when Philhealth was still called Medicare, most probably your record is no longer with Philhealth.  So when you want to be a member again, you will be applying as a new member.

You will use the new membership form, and you need to bring your birth certificate, your marriage certificate (so you can include your spouse as your dependent), and birth certificates (so your children will be enrolled as your dependents).  Bring original and xerox copies.

If your spouse is a former Philhealth member, he/she can’t be enrolled as your dependent even if he/she has not paid his/her membership fees for more than 12 months. This was my case. I was rejected as a dependent even if I haven’t paid for more than 12 months.

What I should do, according to Philhealth, is to write a letter informing them I haven’t paid my premiums for  many months and ask them to allow my husband to register me as his dependent.  I hope Philhealth will address this issue in the coming months, so this type of letter is not needed.

Anyway, I wrote the letter, telling them I’m already inactive, and now I’m a dependent of my husband, who’s a former OFW and now an Individually Paying Member.

Here are the offices of Philhealth:

Main Office:
Citystate Centre,  709 Shaw Boulevard,
Pasig City
Trunkline: new number is 441-7444 (as of July 2011, no longer 637-9999)
Office Hours: 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Update as of August 12, 2010: Starting September 1, this branch will hold office at DAP Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, within the vicinity of SM Megamall. To be sure if the branch has moved before or on schedule, call the office before going there.

Las Piñas Service Office
471 Editha Building, Alabang-Zapote Road,
Las Piñas City
Telephones: 5565374, 5565687, 8015256

Manila Service Office
Marc I Bldg., 1971 Taft Avenue,
Malate, Manila
Administrative – 5216776
Claims – 5232819
Collection – 5233959/5213610
Membership – 5217724/5239842

Caloocan Service Office
Remcor Bldg., Rizal Ave. Extension
between 10th & 11th Ave., Caloocan City
Tel Nos: 3652012, 3652014

Quezon City Service Office
F.R. Estuar Bldg., 880 Quezon Avenue,
Quezon City
Office of the Branch Manager – 3323022
Collection Section – 3323024
Membership Section – 3323132

Rizal Service Office
The Brick Road Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
Cainta, Rizal
Tel No: 6815111

Makati Service Office
ITC Building, 337 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue,
Makati City

Tel Nos: 897-1598, 897-2759, 897-6329, 897-3337, 899-4506

For those in the Alabang area, the Philhealth office is near SM Southmall.  If you’re coming from Alabang, it’s to your right, after passing Southmall.

The minimum membership payment is 300 pesos (payment for one quarter, 100 pesos per month).  You can pay for 6 months or more.


Effective October 1, 2010, Philhealth premiums for professionals with a family income of more than 25,000 per month will increase to 600 pesos per quarter, or 2,400 per year, and then further increases to 900 pesos per quarter, or 3,600 pesos per year starting in the second year of the implementation of the premium increase.  See Philhealth Premiums for Professionals.

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  1. Hi al tan, if your wife worked for at least 10 years before in the Phils, it’s possible that she has accumulated at least 120 contributions to Medicare (now Philhealth), and therefore qualified for free Lifetime membership. If she’s qualified, you can be her dependent. If it’s less than 120 contributions, she can continue paying as Individual Payor (200 pesos per month) to accumulate 120 contributions. Your wife will request for this form from GSIS:

  2. hello po ask ko lang po kung maka avail po ako ng maternity benefits dito sa philhealth yung last contribution ko po kc 2007 pa kng papaactivate ko po ulet yung number ko ano po gagawin ko and magkano po kaya babayaran ko?due date ko po ng july this year.thank you po

  3. Hi vangie, register as Individual Payor-Informal Sector and pay Apr to June 2014. Para mas sure, pay Apr to Dec 2014. 200 per month.

  4. hello po c vangie po ulet to ate,nggling na po ako sa philhealth pero po 3months lang po pinabayaran sken im just confuse po baka po kc hnd ako maka avail ngthank maternity benefits kc lagi ko pong nbbasa na required po na 9months po kelangan bayaran e yung sa case ko po last ko 2007 tpos po yung latest 3months lang po pinabayaran sken.mkkaavail pa po kaya ako?thank u po

  5. Hi vangie, 3 months na lang kasi ang required ngayon for Individual Payors, pero dapat 3 months within the 6 months prior to delivery. Due mo ba sa July? If not yet, bayaran mo rin in July ang for July, Aug or Sep, or the months before your due.

  6. mam,,, tanung ko lng po,,, tagal n po akong ofw,lagi ko pong benifeciary ang parents ko, then ipinagamit ko po ang ang phoil health ko sa mother ko,, ng tingnan po ng hospital wala po ang name ng parents ko,,, sa beneficiary,,,

  7. Hi Nilo, is your mother at least 60 years old? If yes, the hospital should have asked for your birth certificate. If the hospital did not deduct Philhealth coverage, you can make an appeal with Philhealth and file directly with Philhealth.

  8. I’m a former OFW, I’m in US now but not working,, the first and last contribution ko sa philhealth ay oct 2010, i paid 900 pesos for 1 yr as a OFW member then. After that hindi na ako nkapagbayad ng contribution ko, now I want to continue my contribution. Ano dapat ko gawin? Thanks

  9. I’m a former OFW. The first and last contribution to philhealth was when i paid 900 pesos for 1 yr as a OFW member. After that i no longer paid any contribution. now I want to continue my contribution. Thanks

  10. Ms can we pay the months we have not paid? October 2014 til now. Can I use Philhealth as I’m pregnant and due to give birth aug or september? I want to continue paying philhealth. thank you!

  11. Hi Jc, you are not allowed to pay after deadlines. Pay asap for Apr to June, and then in July, pay for July to Sep, so you can avail.

  12. good day ms nora. I haven’t paid since november 2014 until now april 2015. do I need to pay all my lapses from november to april 2015? if I pay those months, can I avail this may 2015 for my surgery? what do I need to do to activate my philhealth accnt? thank you.

  13. Hi janine, you can no longer pay for past quarters. Go to Philhealth with your ID and update your data (PMRF form) and get your new MDR. Pay for April to June. You can avail in June, if it’s okay to postpone your surgery.

  14. regarding my live in partner member of philhealh and she was pregnant but she has not paid her philhealth. due date is october. can she avail of her benefits. what should she do?

  15. Hi po. What should I do? I was last employed july 31,2015. Now pregnant and due this nov 28, 2015. Now that I don’t have work, how can I avail of philhealth’s maternity benefits. Thanks po sa reply

  16. Hi shie, go to Philhealth with your ID, fill up the registration form, pay for July to Dec (600 pesos), get your receipt, MDR and card.

  17. Hi shie, yes, there’s a Philhealth Express desk at the Muntinlupa City Hall. I hope their services are complete. The nearest branch is near SM Southmall. If you’re going there from Alabang, pass by Southmall a little. Opposite side. You can see the Landbank signage.

  18. Hi Alena, yes, sure. Just go to the nearest Philhealth branch or Express desk with your ID and 600 pesos (for 1 quarter). Fill up the registration form. Check “Informal Sector” and “No Income”. You will get your MDR, card and OR.

  19. Hello po. I went to philhealth in muntinlupa and because they were offline, I filled up a form and was told to pay at the bank. I paid at the bank P1200 for july-dec. I was given a receipt but it was not validated by Philhealth because the bank was offline. Is that okay? I worry because I’ll be giving birth soon. thanks po.

  20. Hi shie, yes, that’s okay. You will present your bank receipt to the clinic/hospital. Xerox it. But you need to get your MDR form. The hospital also requires that. Did Muntinlupa Philhealth tell you to get it from them? They should also give you your Philhealth card, but in case they don’t have this card, just bring any ID in case the clinic/hospital requires an ID.

  21. Hi po I haven’t paid Philhealth since March 2015. Can I make payments for March till September po so my payments are complete till at the moment?, or my payments from Oct 2008 till Feb 2015 are useless and I should make a fresh start?

    thanks po

  22. Hi Hanilette, today, you can pay for July to Sep. So pay asap today. Tomorrow, Oct 1, you’re no longer allowed to pay for July to Sep. Yes, past-years payments have no more use. Pay every quarter so you’re always covered. Requirement for Philhealth eligibility is payment of at least 3 months of the 6 months before hospitalization. Confinement month is counted in the 6-month period.

  23. hi po. I haven’t paid my philhealth last 2014 when i was still overseas. Can i still pay for that or i need tomregister again as a new member?

  24. Hi Leah, if you’re now staying in the Phils, you update your data at Philhealth by filling up registration form (Check For Updating) and check Informal Sector (if not employed). You’ll get a new MDR. Pay for Oct to Dec 2015. You can no longer pay for past quarters.

  25. hi can i ask po my duedate is nov.2nd week but i paid philhealth only for june.august. Can I use it at a lying in where I plan to give birth? Do I need to pay Oct Nov? Thanks po

  26. Hi analiza, yes, you need to pay Oct and Nov. Check the lying-in if it’s Philhealth-accredited. Ask about their Philhealth maternity package.

  27. Can I request for a new id in my married name? I need an ID. last aug 2014 was my last payment. now po my husband is an ofw.

  28. Hi tintin, because you will become a dependent of your husband, do not renew your Philhealth membership. Philhealth does not allow a person to be a member and dependent at the same time. Ask your husband to email you an authorization letter and a scan or photo of his ID, then you go to Philhealth and update your husband’s registration data (PMRF form). Write yourself as his dependent. Bring your marriage certificate (orig and xerox) and ID.
    You said in your other question that you need an ID. You can apply for the new postal ID at your local post office. Get first a barangay certificate for postal ID application

  29. hi po, can my live-in partner and I continue paying Philhealth? We stopped paying; we paid only 3 mons or 6 mons.

  30. Hi Ria, yes. This November, you can pay for Oct to Dec 2015. In Jan 2016, you can pay for Jan to Mar 2016. You can pay at Bayad Center or SM Business Center. If your MDR is not clear or not updated, you can pay at Philhealth with your ID so you can request for your new MDR (fill up registration form; check FOR UPDATING).

  31. gud ev, I’m Miss Corazon T. IBardolaza, philhealth member and already paid for 1 year. what should i do because I misplaced my receipt and PMRF form. All I have is the OEC form as evidence that I paid for 1 year as I’m OFW. How can I get a philhealth id?? please need answer. thanks

  32. Hi corazon, email an authorization letter to your representative addressed to Philhealth with a scan of your ID and your OEC form. Authorize her to request for a cert of payment for dates paid to replace your lost receipt and to request for your Philhealth ID. Your representative should bring her/his own ID and a printout of your email, ID and OEC.

  33. hi my previous agency got for me my philhealth and pagibig no. but they did not give me a copy. can I get a copy from any branch? or do I register again?

  34. Hi jojo, you can get your Philhealth no. at any branch. Bring your ID and request for your MDR. To get your Pag-ibig MID no., do it online. Go to Here’s the process: How to Get your Pag-ibig MID. No. You can do this registration process even if you already have a Pag-ibig MID no. After Pag-ibig sees that you already have a Pag-ibig MID no., it will give you the same Pag-ibig no.

  35. Gud am po just want to ask po if it’s been a long time we stopped paying philhealth; me and my husband but I started to work again so the office has started paying Oct.2015. can I use it if my child gets hospitalized? tnx po. God bless

  36. Hi Grace, yes, your child can be your Philhealth dependent if he/she is under 21, unemployed and unmarried. Your child’s name should appear in your Philhealth MDR as dependent.

  37. Is Philhealth at brickroad sta lucia east open? thank you. It’s only now that I have free timw ko to process the update on my status. thanks

  38. Hi Kim, I hope you went there already. Most mall-based branches are open on Saturdays. I’m not sure about that branch. They say Philhealth’s branch in Ali Mall is open on Saturdays.

  39. hi, my husband had 10yrs contribution but is now inactive. Is there ipc to reactivate membership? our son will undergo colonoscopy (outpatient), how soon can we avail philhealth upon reactivation with ipc? or if no longer available, what’s our best option? we’ve also read 3 mos contribution, he’s outpatient if ever. thank you in advance.

  40. Hi jack, if colonoscopy can be delayed, you can pay Jan to Mar 2016 asap, so you can have the colonoscopy in March and be covered. But ask first your surgeon if you can use Philhealth and if the clinic/hospital are Philhealth-accredited. To be sure also, ask the hospital if your Jan to Mar 2016 premium payment will make you eligible. Here’s a list of Philhealth coverages for colonoscopy

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