Danvil Plans Policyholders: Good News?

NOTICE to ALL DANVIL Planholders:


Info for filing is here: Notice from Danvil Plans


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If you are a policyholder of Danvil Plans Inc., you should already have received a letter from the firm announcing its decision not to proceed with the planned transfer of its pre-need portfolio to Legacy Consolidated Plans Inc.

Well, this is very good news in light of sorry developments in Legacy Consolidated and its parent company Legacy Group. According to news reports, Legacy has filed for voluntary dissolution, including the dissolutions of companies under its management, namely Scholarship Plans Inc., Legacy Card Inc., Legacy Consolidated Asset Holdings Inc., Galaxy Realty and Holdings Inc., Fusion Capital Corp. and Conventional Realty Corp. The parent company Legacy Group itself is troubled due to the financial difficulties of its rural banks, many of which have closed.

Back in June 2008, controversies about Legacy were the focus of my arguments when I talked with Ms. Aurora Dino, assistant vice president and branch manager of Danvil’s office in Makati, about the planned transfer of the pre-need portfolio to Legacy. I’m really very glad now that Danvil did not rush the transfer proceedings back in June.

Somehow, I was not really surprised about the decision and the letter from Danvil because I checked Danvil’s office in Makati from time to time.

Officers of Danvil Plans, may you have more power and opportunities to nurture and grow Danvil. The education and financial well-being of  long-time  planholders’ dependents rely on your success and continued commitment. Just please change drastically your aggressive and oftentimes unethical marketing tactics.


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  1. Good day…I’m so frustrated that I did not receive any information about Danvil. Me and my husband is a plan holder that will mature on 2018 and 2022.
    Since we are busy with our work, we are confident that Danvil will do there part to inform every plan holder of any changes. Unfortunately we recieve none.
    I check it Feb. this year(2016), we called the office in Alabang but the number does not exist anymore I start browsing the net and find out that the last filing was last July 2015 for us to claim our Pre need plan.

    My concern is can we still file our claims? me and my husband is an OFW since we start getting a plan and the money that was took from us came from our hard earned money abroad. The money that we are waiting is for the tuition fee of my second child.

    Please help us on how to proceed.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Nerly, yes, you can still file. Initially, they posted July 30, 2015 as the deadline for filing, then they released another notice saying planholders can still file as long as their names are in the masterlist. So file ASAP. See the list of required documents here http://www.workingpinoy.com/pre-need/danvil-plans/ including the address where to file. If you’re currently abroad, you can send copies of your documents through a courier.

  3. Good day! My case is same with Nerly…My husband & I were both living abroad…we are fully paid & just waiting for the maturity date in 2-3years time..I didnt know that Danvil is not operating anymore…I just randomly checked on the internet as my husband ask me what’s going on with my plans in Danvil…
    Please help us on how to file for claims..Thank you very much!

  4. Hi Lav, file asap. If you’re abroad, you can authorize someone in the Phils (with SPA) to submit your documents, or you can send your documents through a courier like DHL, FedEx or LBC. You can submit all photocopies, then present the original copies when it’s time to get your check. The list of documents required and the address where to file is here: Danvil Plans

  5. Iam also a plan holder and only today I have learned about Danvil. I have certificate of Full payment and due on Jan. 27, 2016. I’m about to visit today the last office I knew which is in Megamall. But unfortunate when I search this now the news. Im calling the telno. in their office at 2nd plr PPTA bldg1 Banaue st corner Quezon ave. QC. but no one is answering. May you help me how to claim.
    Thank you and God bless!

  6. Sa mga readers ni Ate Nora, may latest update n sa insurance commision, feb 2016…..

  7. Ate Nora, lapit n matapos ang Danvil saga ko……
    Sa awa nang Diyos, naibigay naman yung full payment yung isang plan ko, after 2 installments….okay na rin para may reason ako magbakasyon sa Pinas….
    Waiting for dun sa isa ko pa…..maturing 2017…..pero mukhang premiums paid na lang ang makukuha ko….as said 100% …… okay na rin……quits lang ako r2, lugi lang sa value ….
    Nice to see lawak na nang blogsite mo……
    Keep up the good work…..

  8. Hi Mrs Nora.I am also Danvil planholder.I just knew what happen to Danvil today.I am fully paid already and the maturity will be this coming July 6, 2016.I am working abroad and I’m going to the Phils. this coming July.I hope that I will be able to claim the whole amount.I will e mail the scanned papers needed to expedite my claim.

  9. Hi Gina, I hope so too that you can get your money in July. But they have schedules for releases, and the 2nd batch started just last week. They also announced that for those whose plans have not yet matured, what they will release is the full amount of premiums paid, not the maturity value. I’m just not sure about their cutoff date, whether 2013 or 2015 or 2016.

  10. Thank you very much Ms. Nora for your reply. I already e-mailed Atty. Togonon last week and cc it to Danvilph.com together with the scanned documents that is mentioned on the list.Unfortunately, I did not receive any reply from them. I sent them again another e-mail yesterday for follow-up.i am still waiting for further advice.

  11. Hello Gina, it might be better if you also send photocopies of your documents by mail or courier because that’s their instruction — File either personally, thru a representative or by mail or courier. It’s sad but maybe they don’t have time to print your attached documents.
    2nd Floor, PPSTA Bldg. 1
    Quezon Avenue corner Banawe Street, Quezon City

  12. Thanks again, Rolly, for sharing your experiences and for encouraging others. I’m really glad you got your cheques. I wish you the best. Hope you visit from time to time…for other topics.

  13. good day my wife was a plan holder finished last 2012 with maturity period on 2020 but suddenly danvil disappear my wife submit her documents in ppsta bldg. banawe last year , unfortunately never heard anything about it , I was the one who paid for those monthly dues for 7 yrs , we hope we can still recover it

  14. Hi Ms. Nora.I would like to ask you if you know if I can still get the money that I paid to Family First. It was taken over by Prudential Life Insurance. I’m almost fully paid but I’m here abroad and I have no idea where should I go. Im going home this August and I want to follow it up. Where should I go. Is Prudential Life Insurance still existing?Thank you very much.

  15. Hi ma. Nora , my late uncle was a plan holder of family first and he listed me and his sister as his dependents. I am not sure though what kind of insurance plan he signed into. But my uncle died sept of 2014 after battling with cancer. My aunt says , his insurance proceeds are not yet to be withdrawn until the year 2018. I would like to confirm informations. Was wondering po if you happen to have any idea on how to contact the insurance company? Or any contact details i could possibly reach? Hoping you could help me. Thanks ms Nora

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