Danvil Plans Policyholders: Good News?

NOTICE to ALL DANVIL Planholders:


Info for filing is here: Notice from Danvil Plans


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If you are a policyholder of Danvil Plans Inc., you should already have received a letter from the firm announcing its decision not to proceed with the planned transfer of its pre-need portfolio to Legacy Consolidated Plans Inc.

Well, this is very good news in light of sorry developments in Legacy Consolidated and its parent company Legacy Group. According to news reports, Legacy has filed for voluntary dissolution, including the dissolutions of companies under its management, namely Scholarship Plans Inc., Legacy Card Inc., Legacy Consolidated Asset Holdings Inc., Galaxy Realty and Holdings Inc., Fusion Capital Corp. and Conventional Realty Corp. The parent company Legacy Group itself is troubled due to the financial difficulties of its rural banks, many of which have closed.

Back in June 2008, controversies about Legacy were the focus of my arguments when I talked with Ms. Aurora Dino, assistant vice president and branch manager of Danvil’s office in Makati, about the planned transfer of the pre-need portfolio to Legacy. I’m really very glad now that Danvil did not rush the transfer proceedings back in June.

Somehow, I was not really surprised about the decision and the letter from Danvil because I checked Danvil’s office in Makati from time to time.

Officers of Danvil Plans, may you have more power and opportunities to nurture and grow Danvil. The education and financial well-being of  long-time  planholders’ dependents rely on your success and continued commitment. Just please change drastically your aggressive and oftentimes unethical marketing tactics.


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  1. halo po, ngayon ko palang po nalaman na wala na po pala ang danvil.pano ko po kaya makuha yong per?san po ang address ng danvil?

  2. Hello po sa lahat. Just watched Failong Ngayon and found out na wala na Danvil. Grabe ngayon ko lang talaga nalaman. kabang kaba ako kasi medyo malaki din ang naihulog namin fully paid but maturity is not until 5 more years pa.

    We are based in the UK but can someone please help who to contact re: our plan please! desperate!

    many thanks.

  3. Hi Miss Nora. I’m so glad to have found this site! I’m one of those who have been pressured to get a policy/plan with Danvil nung nasa Manila pa ako. I’m living abroad now at medyo kabado sa mga nangyayari sa mga pre-need companies. I saw the news about Prudential Life on TFC kaya I decided to check Danvil. Ang tagal ko na ring kasing di nache-check ang website nila. And unfortunately, I couldn’t find the site anymore. So mas lalo akong kinabahan. Buti na lang I came across yours at nabasa ang mga comments dito kaya medyo na-appease ako.
    I have 2 plans with Danvil. The 1st one I’ll be done paying in May of this year(2013). The other one will be in June of 2014. I know I’m covered under the termination values with my 2 plans, but my question is, if ever I want to terminate them makukuha ko ba yung equivalent na nasa termination value or 30 or 50% pa nung termination value. Kasi dahil hindi nga stable and mga pre-need companies ngayon e parang mas magandang kunin ko na lang ang pwede ko pang makuha after I finish paying. Sa 2021 and 2022 pa kasi ang mga maturity dates ng plans ko. And what are the requirements if I have someone to represent me? Kasi nga nasa abroad ako.

    Thanks so much for creating this site and for helping so many people like us na malayo sa Pinas. Thanks also sa lahat sa inyo who are contributing here. Mabuhay kayo!

  4. Ms Nors,
    Hello po, my name is Venus Balarbar of Binan, Laguna.

    I am glad there is site like this. My problem is about my Protector NCB. Initially it was Danvil and in 2007 they transferred the insurance protection to Phil Prudential. Since then we have been paying to Phil Prudential Life Insurance. Not until this March 2013 i was told that our plan was terminated by them because Danvil has not provided the minimum participation requirement.

    Based on the contract we signed then Danvil I understand that if this policy did not lapse after 10 yrs of continuous coverage and no claim was made, all premiums will be refunded without interest.

    Everytime i would call danvil they would say it is the responsibility of phil prudential, if i call phil prudential they would tell us call danvil.

    Please help.

    Venus Balarbar

  5. Hi Venus, sorry I cannot help more. I just blogged about Danvil because I was a planholder before. What you can do is to go to the Insurance Commission and file your complaint. Bring your plan (orig and xerox).

  6. Hi Venus,

    We have the same case. My NCB is due to mature on Jan 2014. I live overseas so I request my sister to look after payments which is directly charged to my credit card. I was surprised when my sister said there was no charge on April so I requested her to call PPL. THe line was always busy and she was only able to call today, but they wont give her any info, just that the policy was terminated. They didn’t even say what that meant. So I called them right away and was successful after three tries. I forgot the lady’s name but she said the same thing. She said the required policy holders to maintain the insurance is 75% from Danvil. I asked how many are affected so she said the % went down to 30%. She was pointing fingers to Danvil as well. She said they are not getting the money because Danvil still owns it. So I asked, are you the company that gives the receipts? She said yes. So I said, then your company is getting the money because you give the receipts. She was quiet. She said she didn’t realise she said what she said. I have only had 9 months to go before I get it back without interest. I should have stopped it 5 years ago. I told the lady I know it is not her fault, that I just wanted answers. She told me to call Danvil and gave me 828-1998. So far after 10 tries, the call just ends.
    I just hope that they can sleep at night.

    Please do let us know what happens to your case.


  7. Hi Cherry, it’s really bad — what they’ve done and how they did it. PPLIC is still operating, so planholders can file their complaints with the Insurance Commission. If a big number file their complaints with the IC, write their senators and congressmen, and the President, then the IC might do something.

  8. I’ve got a chance to talk with PPLIC and Danvil today. Our case is same as Venus and Cherry. Our NCB was terminated by PPLIC without information because Danvil cannot sustain the minimum participation requirement. Danvil on the other hand told me that all the payments made since then were all transferred to PPLIC. The other plan aside from NCB will be controlled by IC.
    Ms. Nors, I just want to know if it is rightful for an insurance company to terminate a policy because the other party whom they have an agreement cannot sustain their requirement? Is PPLIC not liable for any of these since all payments were made under their name?

  9. Hi Liezl, you have a good case against PPLIC because PPLIC is an active insurance company. I hope everyone who had this plan will file a complaint at the Insurance Commission against PPLIC and Danvil so that the commission will be forced to look into it.

  10. can you help me as well please… i’ve fully paid my plan and is suppose to mature on Jan 2015..what chance do i have that i will be able to get the matured amount or at least the money i paid to them (Family First/ Danvil)? should i go after them now??

  11. We are all facing the same situation. I am working overseas and also not aware of that termination until I read some threads in the net.Just got copy of the letter after talking to PPLIC rep but I don’t think their reasons are sufficient and just enough to penalize the policyholders on the viability issue. I have drafted the appeal to PPLIC copy furnished the Insurance Commission. Just praying the government will do something about it since the money involved here are not only hundres but in my case over Php100,000. Let’s work on this together. No wonder the credibility of insurance and preneed companies in the Philippines continues to die because of this kind of poor business practices.

  12. Hi everyone,
    My sister told me to call PPLIC because it has been reported that as a goodwill they refund some amount to the planholders. She said it was in INQUIRER yesterday. However, I wasn’t able to check it out.
    I only sent them an email to ask how will the process go. I will let you know when they have replied to my email.
    I did a search and found this link

    Apparent official statement from PPLIC:

    Hope this helps everyone. I guess something is better than nothing.


  13. Hi Cherry. Did you get any information already. I also tried searching for Daily Inquirer’s news archive but I did not find any news about PPLIC. Until now I haven’t got any update from Danvil and PPLIC since I made a follow up email last July 11 (a week after I sent my complaint letter).Let’s cross our fingers that we will still be able to refund because it’s very unfair if only those who are able to go there personally will get something. Will appreciate receiving any news. Thanks

  14. Just called PPLIC a while ago and I raised my concern for not receiving any feedback from them. I also told the PPLIC guy re: the link on PPLIC’s official statement offering refund. He said he will endorse my complaint and follow up and promised me that they will call me to give details about the refund. I will wait within the week. Let’s pray we will be able to get something.

  15. PPLIC rep called me and explain the goodwill offering. It’s only 30% of your total premiums from 2010 to march 2013 and based on their computations I will only get Php18k+ vs. my total payments of Php105k. I said it’s not acceptable and she said she will take note of it. Still waiting for updates after our conversation.

  16. Hi all. I sent an email to follow up on updates last july 30 but up to now I got no answer. Is anyone aware what’s the recent development on our PNCB? thanks

  17. Hello kumusta po. Ngayon ko lang nabasa itong mga post akala ko okey pa yong Danvil. Nandito po ako sa Amerika at may 2 plans ako sa Danvil at tapos na ako magbayad. Mag mamature yon sa 2020. Ano po ba ang chance na ma claim ko at least yong pera ko. Napakasakit naman po ito sa kagaya ko na umaasa na ang pinaghirapang pera ay makakatulong sa kinabukasan ng pamilya ko.Ano po and dapat kong gawin.Salamat po.

  18. @ Anacita: First,call danvil office at 0063 2 828 0468.alamin mo muna kung provider plan ang plans mo or protector no claim bonus plan. kasi ang provider plans under danvil parin.pag tinerminate mo yun before maturity,50% lang ng naihulog mo makukuha mo.Kapag protector plan naman,nasa phil prudential life insurance company na yon.yan yung 30% lang ibibigay nila out of your premium na binayaran from 2010 t0 2013 ONLY kasehodang before 2010 ka pa nagsimulang magbayad. napaka unfair ang ginagawa ng pplic.kung di ka masaya sa 30%,sumulat ka ng complaint sa insurance commission.

  19. at maricel: you should write a letter of complaint sa Insurance commission.Or mag file ng case sa regional trial court.

  20. OMG….di ko masyadong pinansin yung scam ng Prudential na yan not knowing kasama pala ang Danvil dyan? Oh no, mawawaste lang pala yung pinaghirapan ko, my plan will mature on 2014. Please anyone can share what to do? Iam out of the country and my family is in Mindanao.

  21. @Grace: I already filed my complaint letter addressed to Insurance Commision last July 3. I even followed up on the status but until now I have not got any response. How can I file a case in trial court if I am abroad? That is the problem of all OFW policyholders.

  22. @maricel:we are all on the same boat.im also abroad.insurance comm is useless.ive my niece who is acting as my representative contact a lawyer n bring this to court.keep appealling to IC and hopefully kung marami tayong nagrereklamo bkasakaling me gawin ang mga pinapasweldo natin sa gobyerno.

  23. Grace:. You’re right…they are useles. Do you have a group filing the case already? I keep following up with IC but they’re not responding

  24. At maricel:di sila mhanap ng niece ko.nung pumunta xa sa office ng pplic ang sabi sa kanya mostly daw sa group n yun e nag avail n nung 30% goodwill offering.ewan ko kung tutoo yan o taktika lng nila para gumaya n lng kami.my niece is going to talk to the lawyer bukas.i will update u.

  25. Hi guys, regarding the PPLIC No Claim Bonus issue, the insurance commission just e-mailed me yesterday that there was already a resolution of the case, wherein the negotiation between PPLIC & policyholders as mediated by IC was declared as terminated without prejudice to the policyholders to file their cases in the appropriate forum of their choice. For claims P100K & below, cases can be filed with the Insurance commission. I just don’t know how to post the letters..maybe the moderator can teach me how..

    Roland Nicolas
    Protector NCB claimant

  26. Dear All,

    I just find a way to send you Insurance Commission’s resolution of the PPLIC Protector NCB case dated Sept. 2, 2013 (signed by Mr. Chris Rafal of IC) by accessing it from “SCRIBD” document website.. Pls. copy & paste the address below in your internet browser URL window to access the 3-paged document:


    As mentioned in the resolution, there was no agreement between PPLIC & the complainants.. so the mediation was already terminated as mentioned in the “Advisory”..So every complainant now have the liberty to bring their claims in the court of their choice..or file your case with the IC if it is P100k and below..

    I wonder if there was already a “class action” group formed by complainants as of this date..I am willing to join if there is any to save on legal costs..


    Roland Nicolas

  27. Thanks Roland and Grace for the updates. How are we going to file a case if we are overseas? I am also willing to join a group if there’s any.

  28. Mar8cel apparently theres a group formed under a certain doc tamayo.pls read thread under danvil plans other preneed firms updates.

  29. Good day, I’ve been calling the nos 8280468, 8281612, 8281998 since yesterday ,walang sumasagot
    bukas pa ba itong company nato? tnx

  30. Gusto ko lang malaman kung totoong ngayon nalang July 2014 ang office ng Danvils sa may alabang town center, kasi nagpunta ang anak ko at bayaw ko sa office nila doon para to follow-up the 1st P25,000 check na due para sa akin sa taong 2014 at pinababalik nila ang bayaw ko sa katapusan ng July 2014 pero ang sabi nila ay 2 weeks time ay mag-sasara na sila, kaya parang hindi tama, dahil magsasara na sila tapos pag -sarado na sila at saka ka pababalikin, Meron ba kayong knowledge na kung ano na talaga ang nangyayari sa Danvil, baka naman mayroon kayong imfo tungkol dito…Please lang we need some imfo.

    Salamat ng marami Nora,

  31. Hi,Im Gloria,
    Ask ko lang po kung anu new update sa danvil kasi po isa akong planholder at sa 2016 due inaasahan ko sana yun para sa anak ko.baka matulungan nyo ako para magkarun ng contact sa davil t sinu dapat kausapin.thanks

  32. Hi im Gloria,
    isa po ako planholder ng Danvil na dating family first kasi bayad na ang nakuha kong plan at sa 2016 inaasahan ko makukuha ko para sa anak ko meron po ba akong pwedeng makausap o makatulung sa akin please lang po help me.thanks

  33. I enrolled my daughter Emmanuelle Rica N. Leon to Family First Future Provider Plan with Berkeley International Plans Inc.to mature in March 18,2016. May we be included in any group pursuing claims and updated with status against Danvil Inc. who assumed the obligation? We would appreciate any help and information.

  34. Hi Oscar, sorry I don’t know of any group pursuing claims. Google “Danvil Plans Facebook” to read comments.

  35. I wish to get my insurance which will mature in 2017. we’re leaving the country this year, we’ll use the money, what’s your landline number. Thanks, Nick

  36. Can someone help me! Im based in Uk, ive been contacting DANVIL via phone and email but i never got a reply from them. i didnt get any updates where to claim my certificates ( im fully paid 3 years ago). Im very frustrated now at may halong kaba like all of you. I went home last march 2015 to personally claim my certificate but the message i received from them thru email was they were relocating. since then no updates from them.
    Help please.
    Thank you

  37. Hi Rogelyn, there are updates here: Danvil Plans . Xerox the documents that you have. As substitute for your certificate of full payment, xerox your first 3 and last 3 payments and attach to a letter saying you have completed your payments. Then send by courier to the address mentioned in the post. Google Danvil Plans Facebook so you can read updates from other Danvil planholders.

  38. Good day ms Nora, I’m here in liwa abu dhabi, my problem is my BDO kabayan account that forgotten activate before leaving pinas, now’ how can activate my card here in UAE for my savings? Thanks please answer :)

  39. Hi gerald, sad to say, you cannot activate your atm card there in Abu Dhabi or anywhere abroad because there’s no BDO atm there. You can only activate that when you take your vacation here in the Phils. But your account is already active. You can remit to your account (use your account no. in your passbook), and you must remit to it from abroad at least once every 12 months so that it remains a Kabayan account. You can track your remittance here: BDO Remit Status Inquiry You can also enroll in BDO online banking so you can monitor your account online.

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